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  1. U.S. Marines are on the ground also. Spending their Veterans Day helping others.
  2. The schools with the lowest graduation rate for athletes is the SEC (Southeastern Conference) or Big 12.
  3. Does Your Church Have Ultraconservatives? Well, they've got me:)
  4. When I was at OSU we had a football player in a freshman Geology class. I noticed he showed up to class, once in a while, but he was never there when we took tests. The Prof. had a grad assistant hand out the test and collect them. He didn't even show up. When grades were posted this player always had a passing grade. I know they were sending in someone to take the test for him. Noone would know. There were nearly 100 students in the class. I'm sure that and worse goes on everywhere. Most colleges have less that a 50% grad rate for student athletes. Oregon lost to Stanford. OSU should move up to #3.
  5. I live fifty miles from Zanesville. I think you would agree that was a rare case.
  6. Parents should be grateful they live in Oregon. On my drive to Florida I passed several large billboards advertising a restaurant with nude waitresses. If they were in Florida he would probably be taking them there.
  7. Here's the breakdown on the $95,000 dollar award. Each of five plaintiff's received three thousand each. The ACLU and a group called Freedom From Religion divided the other eighty thousand. Nice thing they've got going there. There's a school near us that call themselves the Blue Devils. I wonder if I could get something out of that:lol:?
  8. It's not just exotic pers that are in trouble. In our county seat they put a ban on owning a Pit Bull. What shocked me was even if you already had the dog with no reports of trouble, it still had to go. One man had his dog for six years. No only was there no problems, the neighborhood children played with him daily. It still had to go. I wonder if that would survive a court challenge if someone had the money to fight.
  9. I must be old. I have a blue hymn book we still use for Family Home Evening and I showed Johnny Lingo in priesthhood meeting two weeks ago:(
  10. Too bad. You must be so sad. BUT, I remember when it was the big two (OSU & UM) and the little eight. UM has fallen on some bad times. I 'm old enough to remember the Woody & Bo era. Great games. Maybe again some day.:) It's now twenty straight for Urban Myers.He becomes the first coach in history to have twenty games winning streaks at three different colleges.
  11. The third and fourth graders liked this one. A string was walking down the street. Realizing he was hungry he went into a Rally's Hamburger restaurant. At the counter he ordered a hamburger and coke. The man behind the counter asked, "Aren't you a string?. We don't serve strings here. You'll have to leave". The string continued down the street. Still hungry he entered a Burger King. At the counter he asked for a hamburger and coke. He was told again strings were not served there. Now he is really hungry. Maybe if he changed his appearance he may get served. So, he tied himself in a knot and frayed out his top to make it look like hair. Then he arrived at McDonald's. He ordered a hamburger and a coke. The young woman behind the counter looked him over and asked, "You're a string aren't you?", to which he replied "I'm a frayed knot".
  12. Watching all three play I think you may be right. Never can tell. When OSU won the National Championship against Miami, the sportswriters were saying OSU may as well stay home. Anyone can be beaten on any given day. This week at least six (or more) of the top 25 teams lost, including a few in the top ten.
  13. Now it's nineteen straight wins for OSU. I'm sure there are some BYU fans here. They won a close one by one point. I've only been to one BYU game. It was years ago. Not sure what year, but I met Sen. Jake Garn. Our Bishop told us we shouldn't go because we wouldn't be back for in time for Church Sunday because it was a night game in Philadelphia against Temple. We told him we would be there Sunday morning. We drove all night and walked in during the opening hymn. He just shook his head. The good news is BYU is playing at Cincinnati in 2016. We're making plans already.
  14. Ohio State University (my alma mater) has the nations longest winning streak. Currently ranked fourth by the AP. Another undefeated season should get them a shot at the national championship game. Any Alabama, Clemson or Oregon fans here?
  15. The Choir was in Ohio this summer. We planned to go until we were told tickets were seventy five dollars. So, I'll have to be content to watch them on TV each Sunday morning at 6:30 a.m.:)