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  1. I want to discuss a topic, statistically 50% of new LDS members leave the church or become inactive within two years of joining, this is not me saying, it is official statistics,,, why do you think this happen and how can this be treated ?? I remember asking this question to missionaries before joining the church, and they confirmed the fact, saying that the church puts more attention to investigators much more than it does to new members, when I was an investigator almost every member knew me by name and greeted me, when I'm leaving some one always volunteered to give me a lift, I always told the missionaries I cant wait to get out of the spot light, I just want to be confirmed and be just another regular member, because I was sure this luxury won't last, and felt sorry for investigators who got spoiled and used to being in the spot light . During my investigation period I saw 3 confirmations, two of them already stopped attending now !!! after my confirmation I was giving many books to read through, I don't know which one to start with, missionaries who used to call me every day, don't call any more now, I found out that I only know most members by their last names and faces, same did they, my only real friends were the missionaries who keep on rotating and never last, and being a single adult meant that I will hardly fit with families . I know myself very well, I will keep on trying again and again until I fit in, and make good friends. because I know that every new convert has a big role, and it is his responsibility to work hard and secure his place in his ward, but don't you agree that the strategy should be changed, and that new converts should be given some assistance for the first year or 6 months, don't you think that being very friendly to an investigator just because he is an investigator and then not being friendly any more after he is a member is offending and annoying ?? Is it really our role as members to make sure that an investigator join or to make sure that converts stay ?? I guess both are at the same level of importance, whats the use of new converts if they wont last ??
  2. LittleWyvern, applepansy, darrel, Giant_Son, Maya, Thank you all for your comments and support :)