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  1. Let me be clear here: I don't want a girl to work out just for me. She should be doing it for herself. I think everyone should want to stay fit for their health, physically and mentally. If either one of us, for some reason, puts on weight, fine. That happens; however, it should be everyone's goal to look and feel their best.
  2. I've noticed this problem among some of the artsy types I've known. I think LDS people are less drawn toward professions in the Arts. They stick to boring business and science careers. Especially the guys. It may just be a problem of geography. There's fewer members on the East Coast so its less likely there's male artists there. Move to Cali! It's sunny and warm and there's plenty of artsy types there :)
  3. Yes, but there's more of a chance that a stick who has good health habits won't put on as much weight.
  4. Perhaps it's a side effect of my wrestling years. Perhaps it's my genes. But my whole life I've had a psychological aversion to fat. I work out 5 times/week to stay in shape. I love it! So I've dated slender girls who enjoy working out and living healthily. Fortunately, Utah is blessed with many such people, but since moving away from Utah I've found a dearth of young members who have any kind of desire to maintain such a lifestyle. As a result, I haven't dated many LDS girls out here. I'd hate to be out biking, climbing, hiking, etc, and my wife not participate in those activities with me. It seems to me that non-LDS girls in their mid-20s are more physically active. I've spent the last two years trying to figure this out. Here are a couple of my ideas: 1. LDS girls generally leave the state to go to BYU. Most of the exercising girls get married at a young age. The heftier girls return home with a degree and maturity (both great things, but not everything). 2. Non-LDS girls may be more sexually promiscuous and put a higher value on physical appearance. Anyway, I've been vilified in the single's ward here. They think all I care about is how a girl looks. They're right to a point. Usually, a girl's looks reflect her level of physical activity. Maybe it's unrealistic to expect a girl to exercise every day. But I don't think it should be. What do you think? Am I just being shallow? Should I look for a Sweet Spirit? A fertile vessel who will be a loving mother? If exercise is important in my life, shouldn't it be important in hers? And why do girls outside Utah and California not care about physical fitness?