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    Atonement: Literal or Allegorical?

    How was Jesus Christ exalted without a body? Why couldn't we all have been if we are truly brothers/sisters with him? Weren't we all immortal before earth life, by definition? How did he get a throne and exaltation before his earthly probation? If God came to this earth then it would be possible for him to die. According to Talmage, Jesus could have lived forever without dying. He had the power to choose to die or not. That would make him NOT mortal IMO. Maybe that makes him half and half by LDS doctrine. But, this doctrine makes it so that Jehovah God HAD to be murdered or commit suicide for the plan to work. That is just not a plan of happiness to me. I do not want to kill my God or bathe in his blood or torture him. I can't reconcile that with the admonition to love him with all my might, mind and strength. Anyway, I have a feeling that my thoughts are offensive and so I will end with that.
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    What does "For ever" mean?

    Do you have any proof that the word "for ever" has been incorrectly translated in these instances?
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    Atonement: Literal or Allegorical?

    So it was a human sacrifice? Alma claims it was not a human sacrifice. That mean Jesus was not human. Alma claims that a human cannot spill his blood for the sins of another so does the Law of Moses. So, this being the case, Jesus was either God OR the infinite atonement was not wrought by him....OR??? And if Jesus was God then he would have to have been an exalted being.
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    What does "For ever" mean?

    The Levitical quote is actually speaking about a special day-the seventh month and the tenth day. We do not honor this particular day as a Sabbath. We don't afflict our souls and the priests do not make atonement for us. The Passover was also to be kept on a specific day (days) of a specific month. It goes on to say it is to be kept as a feast for ever. The sacrament is not a feast. We eat a piece of processed leavened bread. The scriptures are pretty clear that the bread should be unleavened. I believe it was unleavened bread that Jesus broke and ate with the twelve.
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    Atonement: Literal or Allegorical?

    HAHAHA! Love it! I can make a baby. THAT is the biggest proof of miracles there is. Ahhh, to see a baby born. To me it's the regular stuff that IS the miracle.
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    What does "For ever" mean?

    There are Christians who do observe Passover. Passover (Christian holiday) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Atonement: Literal or Allegorical?

    Jehovah...Eternal Father. See it all gets very messy in the scriptures. I could point out many scripture to support that Jehovah is God the Eternal Father. Jehovah had the power to lay his life down and raise it up again. That doesn't sound mortal to me. If he was mere mortal it would have been a human sacrifice. It is reported as NOT being a human sacrifice in Alma. If Jesus Christ was God/Jehovah before he came to earth then he was also an exalted being. Where did the atonement happen? In the garden or on the cross?
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    Atonement: Literal or Allegorical?

    Yes, there are members of the church who do not believe God required a blood atonement or blood sacrifice. I am one and I know of others in the online community. I think there are many layers to the meaning of Christ and Godhood and all the stories surrounding them. And they mean different things to us at different times in our lives. I believe God is better than us. He doesn't kill or require killing. Humans do. Part of the evolution of humanity took us from human sacrifice to animal sacrifice to the sacrifice of Jesus which allowed us to evolve beyond blood sacrifice. Humans evolve. Maybe God does to. Or he is the same yesterday, today and forever which leads me to believe he never did want blood. I have a much easier time accepting the blood atonement of Christ with him as my Father. It makes more sense to me that way. I can relate that to how a mother goes through the valley of the shadow of death to bring us into this physical world. The symbolism is beautiful, in a way. I cannot believe that God the Father asked us all to condemn to death our Godly brother in order for us to live with him again. Shouldn't I want to spare my beloved brother from pain and suffering caused by me? No greater love is there than to lay down your life for a friend. Shouldn't I have that kind of love? Christ redeems us through life not blood. Think about it. He who bathes in Christ's blood will be left with his blood on their hands. How can blood ever make us clean? Christ teaches us how to conquer death. I love the symbolism of baptism where we die to sin and are spiritually born. We take up the cross and take up the name of Christ. Anyway, I could go on and on. The symbolism is rich and glorious and where I find meaning.
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    Atonement: Literal or Allegorical?

    I'm gonna vote symbolic. I'm pretty sure the historical Jesus was crucified. However, I don't think he planned to come here to atone for our sins by blood sacrifice. I don't think God needs blood to forgive people.
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    Book of Mormon in 16 Days

    That sounds really cool. I do think the story flows better when read at a quicker pace. it is different than studying it by topic (which I really like to do).
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    Egypt During the Flood

    Hi Justice. I'm just curious what you believe regarding the order of creation. Of the accounts we have as endowed LDS members there are a few conflicts in regards to the order. Which one do you believe is literal and which do you believe to be inaccurate?
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    11:11 ....Elevens

    I believe sacred geometry can be found in temples (ancient and modern). I believe Joseph Smith and at least one other modern prophet studied it. I'll see if I can find a source for you on that. :) ETA: My bad. Wilford Woodruff had what he called a "Mnemonical Table." I thought it had to do with sacred geometry (which maybe it does) but it seems it is more of a Quabalah thing. If you are uncomfortable with sacred geometry that is okay. But it is not anything to do with witchcraft or fortune telling, etc. Here is the wiki on sacred geometry.
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    11:11 ....Elevens

    mom25, I forgot to say-WELCOME to the board!
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    11:11 ....Elevens

    Have you looked into 11:11 in relation to sacred geometry? I have become interested in sacred geometry lately. The number 11 is said to govern visionary and mystical states of mind. It's often associated with consciousness. I would say that the message will be unique to you, whatever it is. Although, symbols seem to be pretty universal. If impressions or inspiration are following the 11:11 symbol I would pay special attention to them and write them down (I keep a spiritual journal). If you feel impressed that any symbol has a certain meaning, write it down.
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    RE: Why should you get into God's Kingdom?

    I don't have a different answer. Thanks for sharing that. I do think it is by the merit of Christ that we'll get into the Kingdom of Heaven.
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    11:11 ....Elevens

    I have not, but it sounds cool. We just had Veterans Day on 11-11. Was that one of the times you noticed it? Do you feel like you are at a time of spiritual awakening in your life?
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    LDS endowed members: What would you do?

    This reminds me of a stake leadership meeting I sat in several months ago (spring?). It was put on by the regional leadership and they had a nice power point from SLC. I took notes, but I specifically recall the statement being made that if the bishop asked for your car that we were all under covenant to give it to him. (the example was say you have 3 cars and someone in your ward has no car. The bish has authority to ask you to give your "extra" car to that person) I don't have a house, so I can't really give a genuine answer. I would be one that would greatly benefit from the LoC.
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    Priority: Worshipping or Working?

    LOVE Sometimes it seems like work to love and it is an act of worship. It all boils down to love.
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    Bible as Metaphor

    Oh my goodness, that was so cute!
  20. TruthSeekerToo

    Who Wrote Mark? Hint: Not Mark

    Thank you for taking the time to post all that. Facinating!
  21. I agree, there are issues to be resolved in the present. I just have no idea what it must feel like to be married to someone who has been married before. The sealing cancellation may only provide temporary relief for the underlying issues.
  22. I think the ex is still alive. He is sealed to them both. Civil divorce, no sealing cancellation. Is that right?
  23. I know a woman who was told no sealing cancellation unless she has a prospective DH to take to the temple. I also will add that even if the sealing is cancelled there is no gaurantee that it won't be redone post-mortem. Actually, I'm 99% sure it will be done by proxy by someone later on. That is why we go back to the principle of agency. I am sorry your sister is struggling with this issue, though. It sounds like it is very tough for her.
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    What did the lions eat?

    Moksha you are hilarious!!!!!!!!
  25. TruthSeekerToo

    What did the lions eat?

    More possibilities: *All the animals went into some kind of hybernation mode during the voyage. I saw this idea on a flood site that talked about how many tens of thousands of creatures would have been on the boat. *The story is not meant to be understood at a literal level. The message is symbolic. This way I don't have to worry about what they ate or who had to shovel all that poop. Vort, I think the "seven" number is had by 3 couples and a spare. The spares were all sacrificed when they got off the boat. That's the only thing that makes sense to me.