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  1. jameslentz

    It's Official...I'm Past It

    I'm 35 until January 18th....so 18 more days I guess, and i'll start the downhill slide to 40.
  2. jameslentz

    God? But I Love The Gospel!

    i look at God knowing all as being this....He knows every possible choice and outcome there is....every different way that we could choose, and because He knows us He knows which choice we will make but that doesn't mean that we are forced to choose it. He is ok with us making whichever choice we want because He loved us enough to give us our agency. So just because He knows all the choices and outcomes doesn't mean the choice isn't still all yours. There is a talk by Jeffrey R Holland called Remember How You Felt - it talks specifically about spiritual experiences and how the adversary attacks that feeling....i read it every so often to remind myself to always remember, when i feel disheartened, those times when I was full of the feeling that comes when we need it most.
  3. jameslentz

    KSFI traffic moment

    I was forwarded this email that had this audio clip in it....so i found a website you can listen to it on. Is it possible she is a member??
  4. jameslentz

    His Waffle Wedded Wife

    that was great!
  5. jameslentz


    that is awesome....welcome to the site and good luck with your baptism. let us know if u have questions or need help with anything!
  6. jameslentz

    Another lds net get together

    and if you account for MST (mormon standard time) it won't really start until 7:45PM
  7. jameslentz

    Temples Visited

    Atlanta, GA Provo, UT Columbia, SC and i was sealed to my parents in the Washington, DC temple when i was 3 if that counts :)
  8. jameslentz

    Law of chastity - what is breaking it?

    From LDS.org Gospel Topics: Chastity ...emphasis added by me...There are more references to talks by GA's on the subject but here is one i always remember: Serious Questions Serious Answers - Richard G Scott I believe that the Law of Chastity is one of those things that we all can agree is under constant attack by the adversary. It is important that those who struggle with it stay on guard at all times and are honest with themselves and with the Lord. Rationalizing sin will not make it ok on the day of judgment. Besides if she has been to the temple she knows how serious Chastity is. My heart goes out to her because there is nothing easy about controlling this if it is a persons weakness. But the Lord make your weak things strong. I hope this helps.
  9. welcome to the site. we love that you found us and we will all do everything we can for you.
  10. jameslentz

    Pam's Birthday!

    I heard a rumor that Pam was the secretary that wrote the Declaration of Independence for the founding fathers...what an honor that must have been. Happy Anniversary!!
  11. jameslentz

    Appropriate Gift for Partner for Valentines

    how about a nice heart shaped locket on a necklace with a picture of the two of you, and inscribed with your favorite scripture...that makes it religious, beautiful and personal but not obviously any denomination. also i hear baptisms are good presents....
  12. jameslentz


    apparently you are pretty good with English too!!! Welcome!!
  13. i love all of these but would have to say this is my favorite Gummi Bears
  14. jameslentz

    Not even sure what to title this

    There does seem to exist this huge stigma in our culture that the age gap is very important as to the approval of outside parties. Too often I think in all areas, not just relationships, people let the opinions of others get in their way. If this man happened to be one of the someone's you could have been eternally happy with then what does the age gap matter. My main question in all of this is: In the eternities, is age [here on earth] going to matter? I know there are still problems that go along with a relationship that includes people from different generations...sometimes those things can cause very big problems...but if you are happy then what is wrong with it. You have to do whatever makes you comfortable and we each have our limits but an age difference that is over 10, 15 or even 20 years, while significant, doesn't mean it's a deal breaker. I have a friend in my ward that is in his early to mid thirties and married to a girl that is 22 or 23. I guess all i'm trying to say is that each person has their limits and every persons limits are valid, but don't limit yourself based on others opinions.
  15. jameslentz

    Missionary Work Conundrum

    i too had similar experiences on my mission...tracted a man who setup an appointment to return only to find out he was a minister and was prepared when we returned. I was not comfortable and there was nothing of value that came from it. I still think about it from time to time and wonder if there was something else I could have said or done but the truth is people that feel and believe that way have either made their eternal decision or at some future time will allow HF's attempts to reach them succeed. On a funny note, a recent missionary in my ward had a saying for people who rejected their message harshly, he would say "Have fun being a star!" Not sure if he told them that but it seemed to help him remember to let it go and continue searching.