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  1. 🤣 Sometimes the truth hurts.
  2. pam

    President Nelson vaccinated

    Are you saying I need to shave?
  3. pam

    President Nelson vaccinated

    Let me give you the evil eye.
  4. What is something good that happened to you today? Big or small. Let us celebrate with you.
  5. pam

    Current Event - Stairs strike back

    This thread is closed. We had put a stop to any political conversations until further notice.
  6. pam

    Apostle or GA in trouble??

    I don't see anyone talking trash about apostles. You must be reading a different thread than I am.
  7. pam

    Apostle or GA in trouble??

  8. pam

    Apostle or GA in trouble??

    When I first got married I was living in a studio apartment with a twin bed. We got married and after a week of 2 of us trying to sleep in that twin, we got a bigger apartment with a much bigger bed.
  9. pam

    Apostle or GA in trouble??

    It about kills me anytime I link to a Salt Lake Tribulation article.
  10. pam

    Apostle or GA in trouble??
  11. pam

    Church account help

    Nothing that any of us here can help with that but you might want to try and contact their help section.
  12. pam

    How has everyone been?

    Welcome back. So how are the talks with the missionaries goes? And what part of Texas are you in?
  13. If it's a guest user it means they asked for their account to be deleted.
  14. Serious? You had to go back 11 years to find a way to insult me?
  15. I wanted to invite all of you to join a new facebook group that I started today. It will be a great way for all of us to stay connected away from the forums. It's called Latter-day Saint Hangout
  16. pam

    New facebook group

    @Just_A_Guy This page could be used for discussion.
  17. pam

    Why is taco seasoning so bad?

    I'll have to write them down. I've made them enough that I don't really have a recipe.
  18. pam

    Youth Fireside - Sinking Titanic

    Haven't read it.
  19. pam

    Youth Fireside - Sinking Titanic

    There is actually an Ebook from him regarding this:
  20. pam

    Why is taco seasoning so bad?

    Must be where you live and what you eat. I make some pretty darn good enchiladas and tamales. I even rate them higher than some of the Mexican restaurants I've been to.
  21. pam


    I had closed the thread and then noticed that JAG gave everyone a friendly reminder not long ago. Let's keep politics out of the conversation or the thread will be locked.
  22. 2020 for me personally wasn't that bad and 2021 started off really good for me. Right from January 1st.
  23. pam


    I've closed this thread as it has to to with politics.
  24. This thread is closed as we had announced earlier that for now there will be no political discussions.