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    An Invitation To Dream Analysis

    There was a radio talk show here in Utah years back that analyzed dreams as people called in. I found it very interesting that they seemed to be able to get so much insight into a persons being just by a dream. Okay so I'm being somewhat sarcastic in saying that. I too don't take a whole lot of stock in dream interpretation. As I sit and try to analyze any dreams I might have had...they always seem to be an exaggeration of something that happened that day or within days. Something I might have had on my mind when going to bed. Nothing more. If you are upset that you were scorned by will have a dream that that is the basis. Just my opinion. I've never studied psychology or dreams of the sort and don't confess to be an expert of any kind. Actually I would never confess to being an "expert" at anything. An "ex" is a has been and a "spert" (actually spurt) is a drip under pressure.
  2. pam

    A Poem To My Kids

    That was awesome.
  3. pam

    Democratic Debate

    I personally get disgusted with elections. Now mind you I know they are needed and part of our freedom to choose who we want to lead us. I just get tired of all the he said/she said....should of/could're bad/no I'm not....Did he inhale? I guess basically I get tired of all the mud slinging. Just get down to the issues at hand. I'd much rather hear a politician voice their stand on issues. It completely turns me off from what those issues might be when all they can do is degrade another candidate. Now I realize that has now become the foundation of all elections (whether local or national). But I get sooooo sick of it.
  4. pam

    I'm Blessed

    Let's see....why did I choose pam? Hmmm....well perhaps it's because of my first name. Or Pammy (there you go Dr. T) It does suit me. What makes me special? Well..because I just am. I used to use the phrase Halfheimers all the time. Could only remember half of anything. Still jokingly use it somewhat. My dad has Alzheimers so probably not quite as much.
  5. pam

    History Lovers?

    I have to admit I too am a history lover. Very interested in 1500 and 1600's. We've been able to trace family history beyond those dates. I have ancestors who were involved with "housing" Mary Queen of Scots for several years. It's interesting to read history books and see mention of names I see in my own lineage. Perhaps that's why I have such a dream to visit England someday. To see some of the places that are mentioned. Okay as a side note. If I come from a lineage of the nobility with wealth....why by the time I came around are we so poor?
  6. To me all the child support in the world doesn't make up for a parent not being involved in their children's life at all. I've been divorced for 8 years and during that 8 years, 2 of my 3 kids have not seen their dad at all. Only recently he agreed to have one son come live with him. Temporarily of course and has now decided it was more than he bargained for. When we separated he moved 2000 miles away and has made no attempt at seeing the other two kids. Child support is great financially....not being a part of their life is extremely emotionally abusive to those kids. Knowing their dad has chosen not to see them takes a toll.
  7. pam

    Let Heat Things Up!

    I used to like Rosie. She went from the "Queen of Nice" to the "Queen of Mean"
  8. pam

    Mothers Day

    That is exactly what I have asked for myself. Down to the letter.
  9. pam


    Always hard to judge weather in Utah. You could be 80 degrees one day and snow the next. But I'm happy to announce that for the weekend will be in the low 80's. Hooray!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!
  10. pam

    Stem Cell Research

    This is such a difficult subject. There are pros and cons to both sides. All comes down to what is ethical and if it is done correctly. There are reasons I am for it. I'd done much reading on stem cell research and how it could relate to those with Alzheimers. To be able to regrow or replace some of the brain cells that cause this horrible disease is completely amazing. Won't happen with my father who is too far along. Nancy Reagan has been a big supporter of this of course with her husband President Reagan. I just wish this had been approved years ago when so barely new. Atrify of brain cells that could be replaced would help so many people and hopefully put an end to the sufferring that not only the patient goes through but the entire family as well. It's not a "patient" disease it's one that affects the entire family. But only if this is done in a completely ethical manner. I would not want several lives taken for the sake of one in this way. Of course this is just my opinion and I'm sticking to it.
  11. pam

    Online Friendships

    One of these days Ben we will have the opportunity to meet. We've been friends "online" for 9 years and have driven (even stopping at Jamba Juice right down the street) through each other's cities yet always seem to miss each other. Others I have "met" online I would probably never want to meet. I have met quite a few in person from ldstalk. Some good experiences some bad. The internet can be a good and a bad place as everyone knows. Just need to be careful out there.
  12. pam

    Stem Cell Research

    Yeh what is his position on it. I have my own opinion of stem cell research. Just curious what Orin Hatch's is. Okay I just "googled" Orrin Hatch and Stem Cell Research. Everything I can find states he is all for stem cell research.
  13. pam

    Everyone Please Welcome Palerider

    I've known Pale for 7 years now. Be quiet Pale. Thought I would be nice in here. hahahahaha
  14. pam

    Favourit Carols !

    I have two favorites. Oh Holy Night. The version by Josh Groban just gives me chills. I also love "Mary Did you Know? The version by Donny Osmond
  15. pam

    Today's Music

    I as well am trying to bring my teenagers up to listen to good wholesome music. I've learned to appreciate alot of the music they listen to today and vice versa. However, even with the guidance I provide I find them listening to music that I find beyond the standards I have tried to give them. Most of the time they are singing along and when asked if they know what the words are...they don't. They just like the beat. Once aware of the words they then have to make their own decision as to whether to listen to it. I can't monitor 24 hours a day.