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  1. What section is this referring to?
  2. Dallas Jenkins is his son. Jerry B. Jenkins was one of the authors of the series.
  3. Has anyone ever read the Left Behind Series? While it was written with the mainstream Christian beliefs concerning the rapture I thought it was an excellent series. Fictional mixed in with biblical of the last 7 years. It did go right along with the Bible and revelation.
  4. Yet I can see the similarities. Noah warned the people and they didn't believe him or they didn't heed his warning. So they went about their business like nothing was happening or going to happen and then the rains started. They probably thought it was just the usual thunderstorm going through. But we know it wasn't. We have been warned and many will not believe it or will fail to heed the warning. They will go about their regular business. So yes... I see the similarities from that time with Noah to the time Christ will come again.
  5. I definitely need to get the book. This subject is one that really interest me. I'm glad it was brought up.
  6. This is what I keep watching for. I know that we have at least 3 1/2 years. That's how long they will be preaching at the wall.
  7. Oh I totally agree. I can't even imagine what those in the future will have to endure. Covid 19 was definitely just a small drip of water in the bucket.
  8. I was at dinner with my sons over the weekend. Now mind you they both have nothing to do with the Church any longer. But we were talking about pandemics and such and how COVID had pretty much died down. One son said he expects there will be another major pandemic in his life time. I told him, unfortunately there are going to probably be many things such as that and much much more during his lifetime. My life is winding down and I don't expect to have too many more years on this earth. But I feel sad for the things that my kids will have to go through. I just wish they had not left the Church.
  9. The book that Mirkwood recommended is actually one that I have wanted to read myself. Made me think that it would be fun to have an online book club in this forum.
  10. Welcome to the forum. I look forward to reading further from you.
  11. *Putting my admin hat on* This is a very sensitive topic but an important one. While I can respect opinions from both sides of this, we need to remember to remain civil and refrain from shooting personal attacks back and forth. I am also going to move this to the General Discusion discussion.
  12. Public Square Magazine (owned by More Good) just published an article today on qualified immunity.
  13. I'm going to open this up to the general group. I've been tasked to write an article for Third Hour on a subject that I really don't know anything about. It's to be titled: 10 Ancient Connections to Modern Day Temples I can start a google doc and share it with anyone that is interested in helping. BTW, they want it ASAP. Like next week. Here are a couple of references we can use: Also a ChatGPT: Initiation - Endowment Christianity and Mormonism are two of the most prominent religious movements in the world, each with a rich history and unique traditions. One area of overlap between these two faiths is the initiation ceremony or ritual that marks the beginning of a person's religious journey. In this article, we will compare the similarities between the early Christian initiation ceremony and Mormon temple rituals. Early Christian Initiation Ceremony The early Christian initiation ceremony, also known as the sacrament of baptism, was a symbolic act of purification and initiation into the Christian community. The ritual involved the pouring of water over the head of the individual being initiated, symbolizing the washing away of sin and the rebirth into a new life. This ceremony was performed by a priest or bishop and was accompanied by prayers and hymns. In addition to baptism, early Christian initiation also included the sacrament of confirmation, which involved the laying on of hands by a bishop or priest, and the receiving of the Holy Spirit. The newly initiated Christian was then welcomed into the Christian community and given access to the Eucharist or Communion. Mormon Temple Rituals Mormon temple rituals are a series of ceremonies that are performed within the temple and are designed to help individuals progress spiritually. These rituals include baptism for the dead, endowment, and sealing. Like the early Christian initiation ceremony, these rituals are symbolic and are performed by priesthood leaders. Baptism for the dead is a unique Mormon ritual that involves the living being baptized on behalf of deceased ancestors. This is done to help the deceased gain access to the blessings of the gospel. The endowment ceremony involves symbolic clothing, instruction, and covenants with God, while the sealing ceremony is a marriage ceremony that binds families together for eternity. Similarities between Early Christian Initiation and Mormon Temple Rituals One of the most significant similarities between the early Christian initiation ceremony and Mormon temple rituals is their symbolic nature. Both involve the use of physical acts, such as baptism or laying on of hands, to represent spiritual rebirth and initiation. Both also involve the use of prayer and hymns as part of the ritual. Another similarity is the involvement of priesthood leaders in the initiation ceremony. In both the early Christian and Mormon traditions, priests or bishops play a significant role in performing the initiation ceremony and leading the individual through the process. Finally, both early Christianity and Mormonism place a significant emphasis on the importance of the family unit. The early Christian initiation ceremony welcomed new members into the Christian community, while Mormon temple rituals are designed to strengthen familial relationships and ensure that families are united eternally. Conclusion Despite the differences between early Christianity and Mormonism, there are significant similarities between the initiation ceremonies of both religions. Both involve symbolic acts of initiation, the involvement of priesthood leaders, and an emphasis on the importance of the family. These similarities demonstrate the universal human need for spiritual initiation and the importance of community and family in religious traditions. Regenerate response Is anyone interested? I would just need your email address to send you an invite to edit the document. I can do the final clean up on it once we have what we need. Thanks in advance.
  14. I have never seen an entire episode of TBBT but lately I've seen so many clips of it, the show looks brilliant. I think it's going to be one that I binge watch.
  15. The only time I've seen Jason perform was when Led Zeppelin was being honored. I think it was the Kennedy Honors. Ann Wilson from Heart sang Stairway to Heaven and Jason performed on the drums for it.
  16. I've seen numerous high school friends of mine stating they are boycotting BL and AB. But at the same time most of those same friends aren't the type that would go to a concert with Alice Cooper and Gobsmack. Not I'm not saying there is something wrong with going to those concerts. There's not. Just not the thing for many in my generation. We enjoyed a lot of soft rock. Though we did throw in a bit of Led Zeppelin.
  17. The thing for me it has now become demeaning to us who were actually born women and have lived a life as a woman. I feel like we have taken so many steps backwards when it comes to our roles and how women are perceived. Another thing for me is the whole issue with gender neutral bathrooms and locker rooms. I'm sorry but having a young teenage girl in the same locker room and shower with another who still has male genitalia for all to see is just wrong on so many different levels. Not to mention the whole competing in sports thing. Plus videos of men (wanting to be women) doing videos of how they went shopping for tampons. For what? A video of Dylan Mulvaney doing an exercise to the chant, "We must, we must, we must increase our bust." What bust? You are a male. The most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. One of the things that sickened me with the Dylan Mulvaney thing was one of the commercials he (yes he) did for Bud Light. Acting all stupid with "I know it's a sport but I'm such a silly girl I don't know anything about what sport and what they do." Is that what their marketing department really thinks about women? That we are just stupid silly girls that don't know a thing about sports. Well I'm here to tell you that I know a heck of a lot more about sports than many of the men out there. Also with Dylan Mulvaney he always talks about being a girl. Not a woman. That is just strange to me. If someone wants to change sex more power to them. But I won't be forced to have to accept that they can enter a bathroom or a locker room at the gym when I'm there. I won't be forced to have to use pronouns just because that's how they identify. People have actually been getting fired from jobs for refusing. People can disagree with me. I don't really care. Just saying you identify as a female doesn't make you a female. Or identify as a male when you are a female doesn't make you a male. I'm just sickened and disgusted over all of this and it feels like it just escalated so quickly.
  18. I'm not sure that those that used it in the examples you gave actually know what it means or use it correctly. Dog whistler is basically someone trying to frame their words to garner support from one side by not offending the other side. Kind of like how only a dog can hear the high pitch of a dog whistle.
  19. This world has gone crazy.
  20. Eric Weddle who played pro football most of his career with the San Diego Chargers, made it a point to at least attend Sacrament meeting when at home and on the road during football season whenever he could. He found it made him a better person and a better player.
  21. My understanding was that King Charles wanted a more scaled down version than what his mother and previous monarchs have had.