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    London Temple Cross Stitch Pattern?

    Hey everyone, not sure if this is the right place to put this, but im looking for the London Temple cross stitch pattern... Ive asked in my distribution centers if they could help, but apparently the cross stich book with the london temple pattern in is out of print If anyone has a copy they can scan and send i would be eternally grateful as i would love to do it as a wedding present. Thanks in advance :) - Leanne xXx
  2. Loopylooloo456

    Hey everyone! I'm new :)

    Aww thanks guys :) I can tell your all so sweet xxx
  3. Hi everyone, I hope im not being completely idiotic and posting this in the wrong section or thread, But i just joined this forum, as my mum thought it would be great for me to meet new members, and what better way that to come on here and meet all you wonderful people from all over the world. Right, so about me (I'll try and keep this short I promise ) Ive been going to church since i was 2, im 19 now, I'm Single and I love the church and think its the most amazing thing ever! It helps me so much, and i have such a strong testimony, i have a calling as a Primary teacher for the younger class, which goes from 5 - 8 in my ward. My ward is tiny, but my stake is HUGE! One day i would love to go to Utah, and its always been a dream even when i was little, and i love to sing and dance, and even auditioned for the X -Factor in 2007, which for anyone that doesnt know what that is, its kinda like the American Idol show. other than that, nothing more to say :) Gosh that was an essay haha, hope i didn't bore you all to tears! Can't wait to meet y'all :)