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  1. not_ashamed

    It's Been Good

    Good luck Mliff, it takes a strong person to search for truth. I see nothing wrong with taking a break if thats what you need. I truly wish you well.
  2. not_ashamed

    Ding Dong Ditch

    I was trying to see the video but because I have dial up here under my rock, I could not get it to load. I remember playing this ALL the time as a kid. I may even *cough* occasionally play it now. Its a shame that the game of making the person inside walk to the door as we stand on the side of the house and giggle, could now be a criminal offense??
  3. not_ashamed

    A question about modesty

    Sadly, yes people do make assumptions and have misunderstandings of who you are based on appearance. Not all that long ago I was totally in to body piercing, I still like them but choose to no longer wear them. It was always kinda funny to me how people would judge my character based off body piercings and sometimes not so conservative hair colors. I think it says a lot about how judgemental we are as people.
  4. not_ashamed

    Elf for Notashamed lol

    OMGOSH the most beautiful elf EVER!!!! I lover this elf
  5. not_ashamed

    Elf for Notashamed lol

    wow Pam and I thought we had a connection
  6. not_ashamed

    Elf for Notashamed lol

    ummm thank you for the elf shac, but is she for you or for me???
  7. not_ashamed

    Elf for Notashamed lol

    Thank you , Thank you, Thank you. I have needed/wanted an elf for a very long time. WOOHOO , is this a wedding gift for me a bug??? I'm so excited, my little elf can polish my toenails , braid my hair, massage my feet.........
  8. not_ashamed

    Favorite names ?

    My kids names are Mikyla ( NOT mikayla), Zoe and Reece. I love their names but I also have some other faves. Layla Lilly Apple John Spencer
  9. not_ashamed

    Past sins, New relationship

    I think the past is just that. It's the past and something we can't change. Our past is a part of who we are. If your boyfriend doesn't want to know about it, keep it to yourself. I think knowing about a person's past is important when entering a serious relationship, however I also believe that who the person is at the present is much more important. Knowing a persons past makes understanding who they are much easier.
  10. not_ashamed

    Applepansy Lovefest

    I love Apple, she makes me smile and is so frakin sweet. Lover you apple :) Oh and about the french dude, even perverts need love
  11. not_ashamed

    Flying Other Flags on July 4th

    I completely agree with Hemi, there is nothing wrong with flying the flag of your homeland. However, do it along side the flag of the country in which you live. Its about respect to the citizens and the country. I think it's important that people are proud of their heritage and mindful of just where it is they come from. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your culture, as a matter of fact you should be. Just look at me, I'm a backwoods country girl. I live in a town where the local high school has drive your tractor to school day and MOST kids actually have one to drive there. This is where I was raised, it's where i'm from. I take pride in that. As difficult as that can sometimes be
  12. not_ashamed

    Flying Other Flags on July 4th

    [ I wouldn't say that -- sounds pretty smug to me. I will admit that is a weakness of mine, I can be quite smug at times. However, that would still be my response. I was lucky enough to be born American. I think of all the people who work so hard for that, they leave their homes, their families everything they have ever known for a chance to become an American. Our soldiers fight for the freedoms we hold dear. To have someone fly a flag from another country on independence day is offensive at best. I could understand flying an American flag as well as your flag from your homeland but to fly only the flag from your homeland, especially if that flag is not normally flown and only done on July 4th is much more smug than any comment I could make to them.
  13. not_ashamed

    Flying Other Flags on July 4th

    Few things truly irritate me. Not celebrating the independence of a country you live in and allows you the freedom to fly any flag you so choose is one of them. However, it seems to me your neighbors are trying to get a reaction and I would certainly not give them the satisfaction. If anything I would probably tell them their flag was pretty and wasn't it so nice to live in a country they were free to fly it in. PS. Thank you to every soldier who daily gives of themselves so that myself, my children, my friends and all my fellow Americans can enjoy our freedom. That is something many of us take for granted, but today we remember and recognize your sacrifice.
  14. not_ashamed

    Are there greater Gods out there.

    That's a darn good question. One I have been wondering about myself. I remember as a kid, in a different denomination than Mormonism, i asked my preacher once where God came from. He told me I would go to hell for asking such questions. I was so relieved to find the Mormon church and realize it was okay to ask questions about divinity. As for this question, I've never found anyone with a clear answer.
  15. not_ashamed

    Temple Garments?? HELP

    I have come to the conclusion that there just isn't a comfortable garment. Mine seem to always get in the way, they are hot and extremely uncomfortable. Trouble is that when I don't wear them I feel even more uncomfortable.