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  1. at a very short age kids do believe in santa, I think is naive to be thinking that telling them santa is real when they are 3 or 4.. is lying. It's something kids look forward to, when I was about 6 It was common for us to discuss wheter Santa Claus was real or our parents were the ones that left our presentes. eventually kids discover the "awful" truth, but to them it doesn't matter as long as they received the presents, it's exciting to think some guy will bring u stuff.. well, for kids, may be parents don't find it exciting due to the expensive stuff kids wanna have nowdays.. anyways, not many years before I received santa's presents haha, of course I didnt believe it, I just loved the presents, even when I was like 16 still left my "letter" cause my little brother did.. =)
  2. yeah, yeah , my point wasn't to be exact about the dream or the font, that's why I said pentagon LIKE .. hexagon, octagon, etc. look alike, but due the fact that my friend told me about the dream, where she described a scenario so similar to the temple made me think if that was what i was supposed to talk to her about, and I had the impression that I had to, since a long time ago, when a member of her family died, it's a long story
  3. well, honestly I think I was doing my job, I gave them the reference to my friend, in other case I would just go and try to teach her my way. It's only that it puzzled me that the missionary seem soooooo uncomfortable, and my friend asked in different way the question, clearly she meant that if there was another place where really evil people go, since the degrees of glory, even the telestial has the privilege to have the holy ghost. I know that in order to become son of perdition one person must fight against God knowing is true and stuff like this. then I thought that the elder didn't get my friend, so I willingly to SUPPORT him added my comment but when I saw his reaction I didnt try anymore to discuss this thing, but after he left my friend asked me "hey.. why didnt he wanna tell me about that thing u said?
  4. Yesterday this missionary and I went to my friend's house, she is investigating the church, and they were teaching her about the kingdoms, degrees of glory, and my friend asked the missionary where all the bad people go so he answered to the Telestial Kingdom, and she said if there was another thing like hell, so I though "Oh she's talking about sons of perdition" and so I said it, but the elder gave me a look like saying "shhhhhhhhhh" I tried to explain myself and he gave me another look now almost saying -- shut up like I was messing up this conversation and he seemed uncomfortable and said oh nooo, that's something else. and changed the subject, my friend noticed this and she asked me later why the elder didnt wanna talk about it, I said I dont know. Are there any doctrinal issues or something that missionaries are not supposed to talk to? cause I talked to my friend about proxy baptisms because she had a dream of this baptismal font shaped in a pentagon like figure and stuff so I told her, but now Im afraid these are some of the "forbbiden" aspects of the missionaries talks...
  5. Because it is easier to talk about the gospel than living it, I often see people giving some very "touching" talks in church and they don't do it, I remember this brither that even cried because he loves going to the temple , he said it in a conference and everyone was like "oh yeah.. he is right" turns out that the brother didnt go to the temple this trip... anyways, I think it's easier to talk and listen than do the actual work.. It's easier to stay at home resting than going and visit people that needs us, it is easier to stay in our comoftable every-day life than trying to see what God wants us to do.
  6. Ok.. I think I should talk to the BP again, even though he says he doesn't have much experience on this... Plus he encourages me to marry my bf instead of going to a mission, he says it's my choice. but I want my boyfriend to go as well, I don't want to get married yet, the mission president told me some months ago that I will be blessesd in this life and the next if I could serve on a mission and my future husband as well.
  7. It is kind of difficult, the mission offices are in this city it's 4 hours from where I live, and without an appointment the trip will be in vain. I had talked to the president once but it was some months before and he told me some advice, but he said he was looking forward for a next interview..
  8. Ok, thanks everyone I had an interview with the branch president and he says he thinks I can go, We don't have a stake here, so the next authority is the mission president, he only comes here for district conference (every 6 months) so the next interview will be with him, but this is done when I get all the medical stuff and everything else ready, I know because my brother has been a missionary for 3 months and his interview with the mission president was only till he finish everything else, even got the permission from the university to go for 2 years. It will be hard to do this and then find out if I can or can't go .. Is there a way I can know If i can still go ?
  9. ok, the question is if having problems with the LofC may keep someone from going on a mission? what time is supposed to pass after the last time someone commited this sin? I have heard that 1 year but then I heard that breaking the LofC disqualifies for a full time mission, no matter what time passes after the last time it happened. I'm confused, and no local priesthood leader knows the answer , they just say to submit the papers and then wait for the mission president interview, but then it might be losing time if the applications is turned down at the end. Oh and if I need to take some meds for allergies everyday and I have an immunization treatment that is supposed to take 2 years, will this disqualify for the mission? or are missionaries allowed to buy medicines and get the shots? I'm asking because in three months I would b sending the papers , after doing all the medical stuff, but I dont want to do it and then be told that I can´t
  10. come, come ye saints o my father and I dont know the titles in english asombro me da 118 para siempre Dios esté con vos 89 Yo se que vive mi señor 73
  11. I find some latinos the best looking man, and some americans too. . I'm not very superficial but clothes are really important and brands .. i dont know why. a bad habit i guess.
  12. I'd been thinking about this, and I came to the conclusion that it might be true, that he is not really supporting me, and he says that he is been forgiven because he wants to avoid the consequences and because as a melchizedek priesthood holder he is afraid that my dad will find out, cause he is in the district presidency (and the BP can't take decision upon the melchizedk priesthood, or something like that) anyways, right now Im confused about us, and our future. I want to progress and serve a mission, he says he also wants this but he is not doing anything to make it possible, and his excuse is that his family isn't LDS. t in the last weeks he is becoming aggresive, he grabs my hand when he gets mad, and he hurts me, he said it wasn´t on purpose but then said I kind of deserved it. I am afraid this will get worts in the future, but I can't understand why he does this . I am trying to b indifferent and he noticed it and now says he is getting depressed because of me
  13. thanks , u all had been very helpful. I see that most of you tell me that I have to go and talk to the BP or MP about what happened (cant go to the District President because of my dad) I wasn't sure about it, because I've read before that after confessing a sin there was no need to go and confess it again, I think it was Brigham Young who said it,.. but I guess it's different because this happened again . am I right?
  14. thanks for your advices . I really need to hear some Opinions. I would go to the BP but the first time he seemed kind of ucomfortable and he even said he didn´t know how to handle this, he didn´t have experiend, yes he was helpful because I felt better, but he didn´t know what to say. and I dont know if I have to start all over again, if going is not like confessing the same for the second time? I think this is gonna me more difficult for me and the BP so I am confused my bf supports me but he said it is unecessary to confess this , he was ordained to the melchizedek priesthood two weeks ago. and he tells me not to bring this subject again because he feels God forgave him and he doesnt have to do anythin else, and he doesnt want me to remind him of the past. ???