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  1. dance (the jig starts here)
  2. My husband and I feel the same way! A good portion of it is us just not wanting to watch it and there are much better shows out there to watch.
  3. It's stories like wordnerd's that give me great fear to leave my children in the car, with my first on the way it's one of the things I have worried about most. I don't believe weather really matters or if the parents have just "ran in to pay for gas" that still leaves chance to someone stealing the child. Windows down and just running in I probably wouldn't call but I would be watching VERY closely. Windows up? no idling car? and all the kids are under 12ish at a place such as a grocery store, calls would be made! I also wouldn't feel bad for them if they came out to their car with a broken window and cops standing around. On cold days there is just as much risk leaving them in the car; it can still become too warm, but it can also become much too cold.
  4. It's been a question I remember being asked when I was 12 to go do baptisms... It's one I was asked last year when I got my recommend to be married. It may have been phrased slightly different, but from what I remember it was in there with all the other questions.
  5. I don't quiet see how the O.P. not having logged on in such time would really matter. As this shows up when Google searched and others may still read through for opinion. Through after reading it felt like a bunch of argument had just happened. I do agree with Motoki that marijuana whether legal in your state or not it is against federal law. Thus still making it illegal no matter where you reside within the US. It is very possible that your particular Bishop may okay it, but from where I see it and the feelings that come from it you still have to answer the question "Do you obey and follow the laws of the land?" in a temple recommend interview. With it being against federal law I don't see a way to answer that question with "Yes, I do". Making it not matter what your Bishop says on it being okay or not. Also to respond to most answers of "Ask your Bishop" You need to remember that your Bishop is still a human being and we are all capable of wrong choices and sin, if we were perfect we wouldn't be here anymore. In the mission in my area and where my husband served, mission presidents wouldn't approve baptism of those who used MJ even with holding a medical marijuana card. In the end I suppose it is every persons own choice and judgement will happen for their actions depending on what choices they make.
  6. I pray that one particular guy will understand exactly how I feel for him, so I don't have to work up the guts to tell him.
  7. If you lived within an hour drive from me. I would gladly come remove them for you. Asking only for the wood as pay ^.^
  8. Wow, I'm not really sure what to say except wow and thank you of course! So many different(in my eyes) yet all the answers have the same meaning. Though I understand everything thats been said this question still lingers in my mind, I'm not quite sure why perhaps I just need to take it completely in make it something I believe instead of just listening to it. But thanks again!
  9. Maybe this isn't the right spot for this, maybe no one can answer it, heck maybe there isn't even a answer to this question. But, how do you become that person that that person you want to marry will want to marry? I don't feel like I should be changing who I am for someone, I mean I've always been told that people should love me for who I am. Then again in church they say you have to become the type of woman (in my case) that the man you want to marry will want to marry? Then again, how do I know what kind of girl he'll want to marry, Boys are really confusing. Actually this whole love thing is just nuts. Does this even make sense? I could just be blabbering nonsense that works in my head as thoughts and doesn't work in other peoples heads. Hopefully someone can help! Thanks in advance!
  10. I do wear them. Ive been asked about them, mainly get asked about the let it burn shirt, and even by family member that are members.
  11. Our institute makes t shirts every year. the past two years they've had a picture of our temple the name of the time and institute of religion on it. They are pretty sweet. before that they had one that said "let it burn" across the front and on one of the sleeves it had the burning bush.
  12. In singles ward isn't there only EQ? =]
  13. Wow.... I like watching way I want to be in the middle of that!
  14. I like snow as long as I have plenty of free time and money to snowboard!.... fog is NOT good weather. well unless I don't have to drive in it.
  15. So, we can get baked now and its not against the word of wisdom? When did they change it?!
  16. Okay, now who knows how to make my computer play dvds again =] I think thats the only thing that really drives me nuts anymore.
  17. So I might have dropped off the face of the planet for a while. Just rereading everything again =x and I'm going to try REALLY hard to let this stuff make sense in my head and fix it. Thanks again for all the input!
  18. Agreed, nothing better than a Dungeness! =]
  19. I think its medication by garbage
  20. Me, You and My Medication - Boys Like Girls
  21. Doesn't matter anyway, the word isn't "me" anymore =]
  22. Country Boys and Girls -Tim McGraw