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  1. Actually you can do something for us: tell everyone you can about our question and answer service and tell them all that they have to do is comment on our blog at FAIR's Rising Generation Blog Plus we need more people to help us out so if you know someone who'd like to join us please encourage them to. The link is Contact | FAIR's Rising Generation Thanks Maya! :)
  2. Merci! Thanks a lot Personne! We really do try. :)
  3. Thanks Maya, I wish your sons would get involved with FRG too, we could sure use their help. I know that not everyone is interested in this kind of volunteer work. Hey, maybe if you urge your sons to try out our question/answer service then maybe FRG can do some good for them. what do you need? | FAIR's Rising Generation Any questions will get answers. :)
  4. Thank you Pam. I'm not sure, I'll have to ask my dad. Most of my family came from Arizona though.
  5. I'm glad you asked! Yes, FAIR does stand for the Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research and yes Scott Gordon, President of FAIR, is aware of every activity of the Rising Generation program. John Lynch, Chairman of the Board for FAIR, is our primary contact with our parent organization and he keeps FAIR up-to-date on our activities. John's also been critical to the growth of FRG. We're totally official. :)
  6. Hey Guys, I'm totally new here. My name is Erik and I'm 18. Are you guys at all interested in a site where you can get good answers to hard questions? I know I've had my share of hard questions, it's part of growing up. Well, this group I'm with called FRG is filled with member who want to answer your tough questions--any questions--about life and living the Gospel. Will you give us the chance? Not many people know about us yet, could you spread the word? If yes, check out the site at what do you need? | FAIR's Rising Generation Thanks! I look forward to getting to know you guys.
  7. Hey, I'm Erik, and though I'm not a full-time missionary...yet...I am very much involved in a good cause. The Lord asks all of us to be actively engaged in a good cause, and I am. My cause is called FAIR's Rising Generation and we are a NP Organization that focuses on supporting LDS youth. Yesterday we launched a new service and we need help spreading the word. Please come ask us a question! We need the online LDS community to give us a push so that we can start helping people. If you're willing to help, visit this post on our blog: what do you need? | FAIR's Rising Generation Thank you! Since this is this is my first on the forum I guess I'd better say some more about myself. My name is Erik Slack and I'm 18. Pretty much everything I'm doing right now in my life is to prepare for my mission and life after it. I'm looking for a job and trying to save up as much as I can. I'm also studying the scripture, Preach My Gospel, and a ton of other books so that I'll be able to serve more competently. I'm good with computers and I love talking to people. If you want to talk to me, please feel free to send me a message. Thanks again!