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  1. I am new to this site but I really needed some where to go and hear from people who have the Gospel in their lives. I have been a member for a little over 3 years now, I was actually married and 8 months pregnant when I was baptised by my active member husband. Anyways, my husband fell off the deep end so to speak at the end of October 2008. We were having some tough times, he was still in college, and I was in my 3 year of my teaching career. He decided to have an affair with a girl from his college. It was pretty bad for me when I found out but some how he came back from some very serious depression and turned himself around. We actually lived separately at our own parents' homes for two months. I had our daughter with me and it was just sad with her but she was a little too young to understand much of anything thank goodness. He actually got a sign or answer to his prayers as to what he should do and it turned out that he did miss his family and had to pay for his actions. So he was disfellowshipped for 6 months as of right now. It made him realize that he may miss going to the temple with his youngest brother before his mission. The actual advice that I need is how to forgive not him but a friend that I thought was a half decent person (male friend). This friend has helped my husband out with jobs and such but when I called to ask him what he knew about the affair he told me he had no clue. Turns out the guy was lying to me about it, he did actually know and he was supporting my husband's actions. He was also conversing with "the girl" as well. (who he had never met before) How do you go about forgiving this person who is being part of the problem?