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  1. Welcome, reall cute kids.
  2. Lonesome Song - Jamey Johnson
  3. This is all very confusing, and this is what is kinda hard for a person coming from no real religious background to a faith with pretty specific beliefs. I always knew what I believed and was strong in it, now I am trying to place in words what I believe so I can compare it to the Latter Day Saint beliefs.
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    Howdy, welcome, I'm sure we can answer any questions you have, please don't hold back. just under three years ago I was in a similar situation as you are in looking for a religion I could follow and would know to be true in my heart.
  5. Just joined myself, had the same feelings about the site being populated, so far I think its pretty well visited daily. Welcome, and congratulations on the wonderful kids, I have a 9 month old myself and she has her moments.
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    Wait it out.... That's kinda what I guessed. I'm pretty ok with it but my wife is going insane. She can't wrap her mind around the fact that we may just have to wait it out. May need help dealing with my wife next. Thanks for your help.
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    My wife and I are having the hardest time trying to get our 8-9month old sleep through the night. We are feeding her some cereal (tried plain and with some fruit) just before she nurses at bed time. I am the morning person so I am pretty routine about getting me and her up about 630-700. We are having her room bright when she naps during the day to keep naps short (read it on some website). Its not quiet in our house during the day and we have a fan and a radio going at night for some white noise. Any suggestions.
  8. Hey, Name is Matt, my life has changed so much in the last two years, I converted to the Church in Sept 07 , got married in Dec 07 , graduated from college in May 08 , and had a baby in Sept 08 . My goodness, its is kinda overwhelming that everything came on so soon, I had no idea three years ago that I would have had to grow up so much so fast. I hope to find someone to be able to talk to about these things cause I know I'm not the only one out here going through this. Thanks in advance.