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  1. Yes! Brain flub, happens to me a lot, HA HA.
  2. The young boy in Tulsa is named Colby. His family was losing their home because of all the bill's. The father got laid off, suspicious, after they found out their son had cancer. I went to the hospital with him he is so brave. He put the medicine in his port on his chest himself. GOOD NEWS he went into remission. And the mortgage company agreed to let them not make the back payments and allowed them to pay when they can. next stop St. GEORGE, UTAH
  3. Hi, That is me singing in the video.
  4. Imagine losing your child to an illness and you and your family also lose the home that you raised your child in because of the enormous medical bills. I have met too many people in this situation. It is so hard on the mom, dad and siblings already, but not being able to come home makes it that much worse. I have been traveling the country helping families who have written to me about being in this same situation as my video. "My Name is Julie" About a brave young girl I met who was fighting a rare form of Leukemia. She made a difference in my life. So I wrote the song and completed the video to help other kids like her. She worried more about her family than herself. I have been to many Children's hospitals. I recommend you go and see how you can help. Just ask how can I help? There are a lot of families who just want to know others care. I am from West Virginia, right now I am in Springfield, MO on my way to Tulsa to meet a family with a young boy who has T-Cell. Edward Silver
  5. This is the first time for me on this site. I really want to talk to fellow Mormons. I have been inspired to work through my music to help others. I posted a video of a song I wrote and sang called "My Name is Julie" about a brave young girl who I met who passed away from leukemia. I wanted to talk with others about sharing your talents to help others.