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  1. TheJosmo

    Do LDS ever talk about sex?

    Haha, I've had a roommate say and I quote: "A cartoon character can't get you pregnant." I kind of wish that my parents were more open about sex, outside the context of pre-matital, scandal and sexual abuse. We're kind of obsessed with current events and criminal law =/
  2. TheJosmo

    Costume ideas?

    My mystique last halloween. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
  3. TheJosmo

    24 and unmarried - a poem

    I found a funny article in the BYU Idaho paper on "calculating your age in Mormon years." I can't tell you how many girls I wanted to slap across the face for saying, "OMG I'm 19 I'm so OLD!" 24 is not old, and being single longer isn't a bad thing, even if lonely feelings roll by from time to time. I figure that the longer I'm single, the more time I have to bring the more into my eventual marriage.
  4. TheJosmo

    Do LDS ever talk about sex?

    As a 20-something student at BYU Idaho, I must say yes. Yes, we do. My roommates, neighbors, etc. often talk very frankly about it, even the Molly-Mormon types. It's something we all look forward to on our wedding night, it's a source of anxiety, and it has the potential to really damage ourselves and our loved ones if used incorrectly. Sometimes we even get the giggles at some less-than-spiritual music lyrics. Especially the ones sung by Ke$ha.
  5. TheJosmo

    wanting a little perspective.

    I would take a decent non-member lightyears before a dirtbag with a recommend. To settle for scum would be far more damaging for me and whatever children are spawned from such an unworthy man. A non-member spouse would also cause some grief, but there's a pinch more hope and the existence of genuine love. I guess in this situation being an old maid would be ideal?
  6. TheJosmo

    Need tips.

    Sometimes, it's just hanging out in a public place and meeting friends through friends. And kudos on giving the YSA another shot. Even in the dumbest, worst, lamest, stupidest ones, you can usually find *one* person to talk to with a bit of effort. (Even if that one person is the second councilor.) Learn the intimidating but rewarding art of striking up conversation with total strangers. Choose some hangouts, events and clubs to frequent, whether it's the local record store or a LARPing guild. When approaching people, failure and awkwardness are definite risks if you're out of practice. Just keep chugging along and you'll get the hang of it. Embrace the awkwardness!
  7. I've been in institute, even though I completely flunked Seminary.
  8. I've gone on dates with guys who have aspergers or were timid. Sure, I had to be the one to ask them, but after the first two waves of awkwardness, we had tons of fun with thought-provoking conversations about criminal psychology and precisely how and why Miyazaki movies are the best things since sliced bread. Suave, smooth dudes are overrated, and tend to have a short attention-span. So don't worry, there are girls out there who have a taste for guys like you, even if it takes a little looking to find them. If you get some meddling friends, I'm sure they'll eventually find you a girl with a good head on her shoulders. G'luck!
  9. TheJosmo

    Just got a call - almost died!

    It's like their own personal brand of heroin!
  10. TheJosmo

    Language to avoid in Japanese?

    すみません, I didn't have access to my handy word processor at the moment. If I don't have it, my computer refuses to type in Japanese. Anyway, I think the use in April Fool's day is okay, but I'm still not exactly sure. For the most part, "baka" seems like something to avoid in polite conversation.
  11. TheJosmo

    So Shy

    As a former chronically shy person, I found a good start was to try smiling at people, wherever I went, holding open doors, and nonverbal things like that. I had to practice in the mirror to develop those facial muscles, but once I became more approachable, having people approach me made me feel more confident and my shyness just melted away over time! =)
  12. TheJosmo

    Language to avoid in Japanese?

    Normally, you want to make sure you are not too blunt or direct. Instead of saying "I don't want this," you would say, "This is a little..." Words like "chotto" and "ga" are staples of polite Japanese, as well as general polite endings, pronouns, and verbs. Less polite Japanese is used between family members and close friends. As far as "baka" goes, I once said in class, "Takusan no terebi wo miru to, atama ga baka ni narimasu." Or, when you watch a lot of TV, your head becomes stupid. My sensei told me that using "baka" is only appropriate in joking, which I clearly was. Sarcasm is not very well understood in Japan, but is becoming popular in the younger Japanese.
  13. TheJosmo

    Right leaning celebrities

    Did my user pic give it away?
  14. TheJosmo

    Right leaning celebrities

    Chuck Norris! He writes for Human Events and wrote a book about kicking America into shape. XD
  15. TheJosmo

    Is modesty out of style?

    Who decided butt cracks looked cool? I'd like to meet that person, then give them a wedgie.