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    What song is currently stuck in your head?

    Satellite - Lena Meyer-Landrut
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    intercultural marriage?

    Thank you all for your help, for sharing something personal or your experience. :) There has been a huge discussion here, in Germany, in that ward about it and I feel the need to be more informed. My friend also is doing some research but we could not find any official church statement about intercultural or interracial marriage. Thank you for the links! @wingnut: it was indeed helpful! thank you. @funky town: a very good quote, thank you :) I never heard about this site... it's not from the church, is it?
  4. Hello everybody. I have a close friend who has been involved in a conversation about marriage last weekend where someone else told her that the church stated somewhere that one should marry someone from his or her own cultural background. She asked me about it but I could not find anything about this in particular. Do you know any sources with a statement like this or have you heard talks or statements of members concerning intercultural marriage?? Thank you!! Connie
  5. ConnieM

    Hi new member facing a lot of turmoil

    Hi there, going to the military or serving a mission both is a big commitment. And both possibilities are quite tough. Make sure you're doing really good before you take a step like this. And I think you should go and find new friends. Get to know people and try to build up relationships so that you have someone to stand by your side and lift you up. Everybody needs that. Especially in a time when you feel depressed or fight hard against addiction. Take good care.
  6. ConnieM

    Please help

    Hello Celia, did you already go VT yet? I think VT is a great opportunity to get to know the sisters and bond with them. The message does not need to be a long part of the conversation but if you share your testimony with the sister you visit, I'm sure it's gonna be successful. :)
  7. ConnieM

    Word usage in Modern Scripture

    Thank you. This helps to clarify the term. Translation is such a difficult thing... I mean, I cannot find a good translation for agency into German. Perhaps that's why they stick to the term "Entscheidungsfreiheit"?
  8. ConnieM

    Word usage in Modern Scripture

    You're right. It gives me only German words that would not have anything to do with free agency as mentioned in the scriptures. When I looked up "Agency" in a dictionary this is the result: This shows that agency covers at least these 5 meanings and in the German language these different meanings have their own words. 1=Behörde, 2=Agentur, 3=? no equivalent, 4=Vertretung, 5=Wirkung oder Hilfe. Do you think that one of these definitions helps to understand the word agency in relation with the gospel? Or would you say that the use of the word agency found somewhat a new definition in the church? Because most of the translations in the German dictionary list words meantioned above but not one that can be truly meant in Doctrine and Covenants. And... the word agency developed from the latin word agere, agentis meaning to act. Well... Selbständigkeit (synonyms would be for example: Unabhängigkeit = independence, and Selbstverwaltung=self-government) literally means that someone is able to stand by himself = selbst stehen. And developed into a meaning that refers to someone who can do something by himself and does not need help. Entscheidungsfreiheit can be translated into English as freedom of decision-making. In many German dictionaries you cannot find it! In German we often put some nouns together to describe something if we lack a word for it. So in this case it could be that there was no true equivalent to agency and that's why they came up with this...
  9. ConnieM

    Word usage in Modern Scripture

    This is interesting. :) I'm German and I cannot contribute something now... But I love to read more about it!
  10. ConnieM

    The Veil...

    I like the article. I have to say that I still have questions about this topic. Oh, I don't mean that I have doubts... I'm just curious! Bruce C. Hafen explained: A) The veil does two things: 1) It keeps us from remembering our premortal past. 2) It keeps God, his angels, and their activities hidden from our sight. This is clear. But I have a question. Do only human beings have a veil or does every living thing? We know for example that the earth was born out of water, baptized and received the Holy Spirit, will burn and die and resurrect and be perfected. Would you say that the earth has a veil? I would guess so. And I would furthermore guess that Nr 1) describes the task of the veil every human has whereas Nr 2) could describe what the veil of this earth creates. B ) This is interesting. It says:a) If they won't listen to the prophets here on earth, b) they also would not believe if they actually would be allowed to see. Believing is such a fantastic topic. Well, it does not make a difference to the people who don't believe whether they see or don't because it would not change their state of belief. This means it only makes a difference to the believers. C ) I also think that it is interesting why we have to learn by experience. I know we have to in order to undertand and progress. Bruce C. Hafen said the Lord Jesus Himself had to learn by experience. I think we can learn a lot of theory without experience but we can hardly learn to use this theory if we don't try it. And since our goal is not only theoretic but very much concentrating on action (creating lives and worlds...) we need to prepare for it by experience. D) Wow, never thought of this before.
  11. ConnieM

    Speaking of creepy

    Wow, I'm surprised. And I'm a German... lol. We don't have any musical with our Frau Merkel... :)
  12. ConnieM

    Scripture Marking

    A few years ago I tried to mark scriptures with different colour each topic when I realized that most of them rely to more than one topic. Now, I rarely colour anything anymore but underline things that strike me and if there is a scripture that really got me thinking I will either draw an exclamation point next to it or write down my thought.
  13. ConnieM

    The Veil...

    Thanks for the link. I will read it...
  14. ConnieM

    The Veil...

    I talked with an investigator and the missionaries about the plan of our Heavenly Father and thought about it. I think the plan of our Father is not only wonderful and fascinating it also is very logical in many ways. I'd like to find out more about the veil and wondered if anyone of you studied this topic and/or can help me to learn more. Why exactly do we need the veil? Who will finally experience the veil to be taken off? And when will this happen?
  15. ConnieM

    What does "For ever" mean?

    Hey there, I looked the scriptures you quoted up in the German Bible and found out the following: Well, every time it says "for ever" in the English King James Version it says "als feste Regel" in the German passages. It does not mean "forever" if I translate it into English. But "as a rule" meaning a rule that is firm and unshakeable. I know that the German text is not the original one but it might be interesting to compare the two.