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  1. Yes, it's just that one page :) And I meant all the mobile apps. I will change the wording, thank you for your feedback. :)
  2. I'm not really comfortable with discussing particulars of my research methodology while I'm still conducting my research. I am taking steps to address the things you have concerns about, though. Thank you for taking the survey :)
  3. Hello :) I was hoping some people here could help me out! I am conducting a research survey for my special project for my master's of library science degree. The survey is for LDS Church members only, about the use of media by Church members. If you could go to and take the survey, I would really appreciate it. It's only 19 questions and does not collect any information that could uniquely identify you. I am trying to get responses from all over the place, and I thank everyone who takes the time to take the survey in advance!
  4. The nearest YSA ward is an hour away from me, and there is institute about 45 minutes away but it is only for people 18 to 30, so I am too old.
  5. My visiting teacher is a very nice lady, and I probably should get together with her, but she is a mother in her 50s so I don't know how much we would have in common.
  6. First of all, thank you for your posts, netgood and LDSValley. :) Lest you misunderstand, the people in my ward are very, very nice people who are very friendly to me. But, since most of them are parents of little kids or busy career people, they don't really have time to hang out or a lifestyle that has much in common with me (31, unmarried, no kids, graduate student). I am also geographically separated from almost all of my friends from outside the church, so I really treasured my time with the sisters for social reasons.
  7. I am really bummed out right now. For the past year, we have had female missionaries in our ward (different ones, obviously, but always with one staying and a new one coming in). Now, they are being double-transferred out and I am really upset. I only joined six months ago so all I have known is sister missionaries and I am really upset that we will be getting elders now. I don't relate well to young boys like that (they scare me for some reason and make me feel really shy) and anyway, it would be really hard for them to meet with me since I am a single woman and they would always have to have a guy with them to meet with me. I will really miss my weekly meetings with the missionaries. How do people deal with this? It's so depressing.
  8. I was just thinking, "I'd love to have more people to talk to on Facebook" :) If anyone would like to befriend me, this is me: Me!
  9. I'm 30 myself, and I wish I could go to Institute. In my area, though, the cutoff for Institute is 30, and it's also 45 minutes away from me. A lot of stuff seems to close me out, as a 30 yr old woman who isn't married.
  10. I am a new member (almost two months now! ) and I was just thinking about something that I keep forgetting to ask my missionaries. :) I have heard that young people in the church are encouraged to keep journals by articles in the New Era, etc. Does this extend to adults as well? And if it does, about what percentage of adults in the church actually do keep journals?
  11. Definitely. And in my case, it was very eerie, because the things they were berating me about were exactly the type of things that would hurt me the most -- basically, trying to equate my religious beliefs with hatred/prejudice against people, and also trying to convince me that the church will force me to stop doing all the things I love and turn me into a boring housewife-bot. It was like the person knew how to hurt me most -- and they don't even know me that well, so it was really weird.
  12. Thanks :) That does seem to be the case -- I have a lot of people who are neutral to fine, but then there are startling, upsetting incidents, like the one in the chat room -- I really felt like I was being rebuked by something really awful, through this person. It didn't even sound like them.
  13. I stayed in the chat because other people were talking to me too, and I was sort of talking around the people berating me. I will be participating in ward activities when they happen, since I was baptized today I might have more things I can do. It's a little hard for me because I am too old for things aimed at young single people, but I'm not married so I don't have much in common with most of the women my age in the church and in life in general, who are mostly married with kids.
  14. Hi all :) Just to update -- I was in fact baptized today :) It was quite nice -- even with the holiday, a good number of people came and we had a nice service with cake afterward. I was touched that people actually shifted their fast around in order to be able to have cake with me. :) I am disappointed though, that it was fast and testimony meeting this week and so I'll have to wait a whole month to bear my own testimony. Ah well, I will have time to think of what to say...
  15. Hee hee...this only proves you've never seen it