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  1. SundaeSarah

    Is there a Missionary Preparation Instructor Manual?

    There is a Missionary Prep Manual for students: Institute Student Manuals
  2. SundaeSarah

    What to do for Mother's Day

    In the 3 wards I've lived in in the past 15 years, they have always given out a 4" potted garden plant. One ward was geraniums, the other 2 were marigolds.
  3. SundaeSarah

    How do I live with myself?

    being gay doesn't bring excommunication. intimate abstinance, if you are single, is required from every member in our church. There are people I know who have never married and are still virgins and will remain so until death unless they marry ........and some of them are in their 50's and 60's. There are many widows and widowers who are chaste now that their spouses are gone. It's a matter of choice and what you believe to be right. Repentance is a principal for everyone.
  4. SundaeSarah

    It's snowing!!!

    Winter starts this weekend with a trip to Mesquite, NV for hubby's annual softball tournament. Then make T-giving dinner for the whole family. Lots of 4 wheeling on the sand dunes or in the snow if we should get some. It's lots of fun to go up in the hills dragging the grandkids in sleds looking for Christmas trees. Here in the desert of Utah we have a pretty dry climate, but it can get cold. Wish I could trade something for some pecans. No fruit or nut trees will grow here. I'll also be training our new baby cria (llama) to not be afraid of people. She's 3 days old tomorrow. I"m also doing high speed wood carving and sandblasting, so I"ll be concentrating on getting that business going too. I'm also going to paint the guest room.
  5. SundaeSarah


    Still sunny and warm and dry here - high today of 25*C or 75*F. It's only rained about 4 or 5 times since May. I miss green and cool and wet and cloudy!! Beautiful picture of the red fence and trees and snow. I"ve never seen a red fence.
  6. SundaeSarah

    Is this child abuse?

    It seems that she is not as isolated as the video clips claim. I wouldn't want my daughter to be a kumari though. - Nepal's No.1 News Portal
  7. SundaeSarah

    Temple vs. Non-Temple Wedding

    you said that your issues now are going to church and paying tithing. What is stopping you from those? That is surely an issue now. As a long time single before I got married (38) let me say that after you get married there are many more things that will come up that will make it harder to go to church every Sunday 'just this once we'll do this instead of going to church...' Paying a tithe is easier to do too when it's just your income. Being married seems to have many more places for the money to go. I would say you both need to establish your basic habits of going to your meetings and tithing before you get married. And you mentioned that his moral issues happened when he was married.........boy oh boy, would I be leary of that. It seems that anyone that can rationalize cheating on his spouse has more to work on that just an oops moment. I agree with those that said that waiting 6 months and doing those things that will make you Temple worthy will be a very worthy goal and well worth the challenge of being sure and marrying in His holy temple. JMO
  8. SundaeSarah

    I guess it would go here.. ? on Quiverfull

    I would take it to mean a lot of kids. I understand the term 'quiverful' to be the same as a full life with lots of family doings, and you probably have LOTS of doings with 7 kids! I"ve never heard of the Quiverfull Movement though. JMHO
  9. SundaeSarah

    Artist Needed

    I need an artist to draw a soaring eagle for me. The kind with outstretched wings. I've looked all over the clip art sites, but can't find one I can use. I need it to be a pen and ink drawing. I'll be using it for a back window engraving on my husbands truck, so I don't want anything copyrighted. I'd like it be be realistic, not cartoonish. I will pay you for this service. Please leave me a message if you can help. Thank you so much. Sally
  10. SundaeSarah

    The best side dish, to go with....

    you know, any time it calls for tuna you can use chicken instead. I"m not a tuna fan either...............Shepherd's Pie sounds good. How about a fruit salad with it? You can use some cool whip and cream cheese and mixed fruit. Have you ever made funeral potatoes for a side dish?? They do that a lot here in Mormonland. There are quite a few versions on the internet and everyone likes them. We are having a family luau later this fall and that will be one of the dishes I"ll make! Have fun with your dinner Dana!!
  11. SundaeSarah

    Help with Home Making properly

    Keeping house is easy in theory. Have a place for everything, and when you pick up, put things away. If you have more stuff than space, then it gets a little hairy. Either create more storage or toss a lot of things out or put it in storage. Home cooking starts with the basics. Meat, veg, fruit, salads and dessert. There are so many recipes online, you can find them and follow the directions. If you want a spaghetti recipe, do a search for one. Need to know how to make oatmeal? Just follow the recipe on the box, etc. The canning and freezing. I used to do more than I do now. I find canned from the store (especially when they have a sale) is much easier. There are older sisters in your ward that can - ask for help some day in Relief Society. The Ball and Kerr web sites also have info on canning.
  12. SundaeSarah

    A marriage that never happened?

    Where are you looking for this information? Since you found her death info, I'd try to find her obituary in the local paper. That may list any relatives still living and who she married and perhaps her parents and where she came from and some dates. Relatives often attended the funeral too. Who bought the grave site? The cemetary may have some sort of record about that. There may also be other relatives buried in that same cemetary. When was she born? If before 1930 you could possibly find her on the 1930 US Census if you know her maiden name. The obituary may have a name of her brother, and that would give you a maiden name. If not, you may still be able to find her father in the 1930 Census or any older siblings..........hope that helps a little and gives you somewhere to look. Regarding her son Vincent -- if he's still living then information about him and any living people will be hard to come by. The records of living people are protected for privacy reasons. That's why you can't find you either! That's the reason we don't have access to any census after 1930.........all those ppl may be living. The 1940 Census will be available to the public in about 15 more years.
  13. SundaeSarah

    What should I do with my life?

    To answer the missionary question, you must be a member for 1 year before you can become a missionary. You are not required to serve a mission. Good luck with the GED - you might want to take some vocational tests that help determine where your strengths and interests lay. Praying for guidance is also a very good idea now and for the rest of your life.
  14. SundaeSarah

    Book of Mormon geography, where did it happen?

    I"m still weighing in on this question. I've listened to Rod Meldrum and read his books - he gives some convincing evidence. It would be nice to know once and for all, but the jury is still out on this one.
  15. SundaeSarah

    STILL do NOT know what to do!!!!!!

    when I was a nanny, I lived with the family. If that's not possible, then try to find a girlfriend to share a small apartment with and share the costs. That way you won't have to live with your dad if you don't want to.