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  1. At the end of the day, as hard as it is, we all need to remember that people who do wrong by us / the Lord / anyone else, they will get their "reward" for their actions. Don't let her lies and disgusting behaviour shake your faith. She has agency, and she's abused it. Who ever gave her a temple recommend had agency, and he's clearly not followed the councel of the spirit, or, perhaps he did and some how she'll learn from all this, maybe be touched in the temple and make a turn around. The latter sounds pretty unlikely, but either way, don't let it bring you down. You've done what you can, trust the Lord with the rest. She'll get what she deserves. It's not the Lord whois imperfect, or the gospel; it's leaders who aren't in tune with the spirit. It's people abusing the trust of leaders, or set bad examples. Remember Heavenly father knows how everything will turn out. Just trust Him.
  2. There are probably other more technical terms for it, but this actually sounds alot like Night Terrors. Basically it's when the brain is still going, but the body is still waking up. You can hear, maybe cry out, see etc; but you can't move. Sometimes you feel like something scary or ominous is in the room with you, because your brain is still sorting through / processing everything it is hearing and has been hearing. Even things you were dreaming. Often it happens when you're exhausted, or under alot of stress etc. Ask for a blessing. See your doctor about it. It's nothing life threatening most likely, so don't panic. But do ask for a blessing. Hope this helps
  3. I'm hoping some one knows the quote or account i've been trying to find. Please help LOL. I am giving a talk on prayer on sunday, and part of an account i'm giving relates to this account i read in an ensign. I was certain it was the august 2003, but i have had a looked through and can't seem to find it. I'm sure it was by Boyd K Packer. About when he had a child who was gravely ill in hospital & had been praying that the child would survive. And one day when the doctor came to do his rounds, he went for a walk to have a think about things, and began thinking about the fact that the child surviving may not be the lord's will, or what was best for the child. so he said a prayer leaving it in the lords hands, and afew hours or so late the child passed peacefully away. Does anyone remember this account? can you tell me where to find it pleeeeaaasse it you can, i would really really appreciate it. thank you!
  4. My husband and I argue more than a little regularly. So i can completely sympathize with you. Most of our arguments revolve around the fact that our 2 & 3 year olds throw the odd (random) tantrum, or have times where they don't want to listen. This is normal behavior for a small child, but he says i encourage it and that that they'll end up deliquents when they're older because they do it now. Not rational, but that's how he is. Because i'm patient with them, he deems it as my not caring about it. Anyway, point being, some marrieds argue never, a little and often. It's not unique to you guys, don't feel like just because you have differences you can't get through it. there must be a bottom line reason for it. Don't rush out and get a divorce or annulment. Go and talk to your bishop, and talk to a marriage councellor. If you can find one that is a member, then that's even better. Work through it. Not just because you think it's a sin to divorce, but because you did get married, and you obviously loved each other just the tiniest bit at the very least, to go and marry in the temple. If your marriage is important to you both then really work at it. If he won't go along and see some one, then find out a night when he'll be home and have your bishop just "happen to stop by", and do it that way. If you know an LDS marriage councellor, do the same thing there. It won't get better if you both fight, and think the other doesn't care, and you let it go on and on. Also, don't let family interfere. it's their job to worry and love you & be concerned, but it's none of their business at the end of the day - only yours & your husband. hope everything really works out. :)
  5. That's great, there are some wonderful helps there. I agree about sections 88, 76 & 133. I high lighted most of 88. I was really slack with my scripture reading until ... oh, about a month ago But i made this goal / committment for this year (and onwards) that i would read / study the scriptures every day for a minimum of half an hour or 5 chapters. I've mostly kept that goal except for 2 nights where on one i only read 2 sections & the other i only read 4 (because i left it late, but i made up for it the next night). At the beginning of the year i was half way through Alma. I'm now in D&C 107. I have a question (another question), this will sound dumb. How do you really know when you are reading or studying. What is the difference. Do you feel it more than know it, or do you have to follow every footnote? Because i feel like i'm getting alot out of it, i ponder on a lot of it, mark note & everything. But because i'm getting through it so fast i'm wondering if i'm doing it right. Any suggestions?
  6. I've been studying D&C for personal study. I was wondering if any one else is studying it, or even if not, if any one wants to talk about their favorite parts, or have some kind of discussiona about it. I'm not sure i have the study / reading thing differentiated. also, i'm not so good at having gospel discussions - i get shy and worry i'll sound dumb. I thought this would be a nice place to have one My husband is an RM and kind of a scripture mastery master, so i feel like i need a degree in the scriptures to approach him, he's never very engaging thanks
  7. When you discover the secret to it, let me know too :) I live in a rather small branch of about 120 active members (including children). There have been afew new young couples move in, but i am extremely shy and find it hard making friends. I do try as best i can but i know what you mean, when you try and make those connections, but no one seems interested in whether you're there or not
  8. Good grief. I just laughed harder than i have in ages. My kids & hubby are asleep in bed and it was all i could do not to bust out laughing out loud. I poor girl i do feel sorry for the mess, but that is a classic story.
  9. i doubt it's speculation. there have been quite afew posts in the past about husbands who do the same thing. whatthe has probably already been to him and he's either denied having a problem, or he's told her to get over it. If it's an on going problem & it's been happening for a while, have you been to your bishop? is he one who is likely to help, or blame you. If he's the latter go to your mission president or who ever is next up in the chain of command. Ring the church head quarters & report your husband and bishop if that's what it takes. No person in the position of authority has the right to act the way some of the leaders act - EsPeCiAlLy considering everything the prophet has said Condemning pornography. And despite what the husband says, it's a sad fact that once he's hooked on porn, he's more likely to start looking else where for excitement. Look what happened with CoGuy. i truly hope everything works out. we're all here if you need to talk.
  10. GB-UK that's funny. I've known missionaries who've played pranks like that, so i had a good laugh at that too. I thought the whole movie was great. I laughed & cried & could really relate to the struggles & need for personal faith. Richard Dutcher has a real gift. I can't wait to see the next movie.
  11. Found this and thought it was cute. Wise Parables From Children A first grade teacher collected well-known proverbs. She gave each child in her class the first half of a proverb, and had them come up with the rest. Their insight may surprise you... • Better to be safe than.....Punch a 5th grader. • Strike While the.....Bug is close. • It's always darkest before.....Daylight Savings time. • Never underestimate the power of.....Termites. • You can lead a horse to water • Don't bite the hand that.....looks dirty. • No news is.....impossible. • A miss is as good as a .....Mr. • You can't teach an old dog new.....math. • If you lie down with dogs, you'll.....stink in the morning. • Love all, • The pen is mightier than the .....pigs. • An idle mind is.....The best way to relax. • Where there's smoke there's.....Pollution. • Happy the bride who.....gets all the presents. • A penny saved is.....not much. • Two's company, three's.....the Musketeers. • Don't put off till tomorrow put on to go to bed. • Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry have to blow your nose. • None are so blind as.....Helen Keller. • Children should be seen and not.....spanked or grounded. • If at first you don't succeed.....get new batteries. • You get out of something what you.....see pictured on the box. • When the blind leadeth the blind.....get out of the way.
  12. the jokes have been really good. i loved that one about the skunks fighting over the pickle. i put this in a post some where recently, but it's one of my fave's at the moment. Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? Laman: To usurp the authority of his older brother chickens and to take possession of their coop. Brigham Young: Because this is the right place in the road. Thomas: I don't really believe the chicken crossed the road. Noah: Are you sure there weren't two chickens? Lilburn W Boggs: I don't care which side of the road the chicken's on, you have permission to kill it. Elder's Quorum President: It was the 31st and he had to get his Home Teaching done. Relief Society President: That's where the refreshments were. The Doctrine and Covenants: "The duty of a chicken is to cross the road when there is no other poultry present." Mark Hoffman: Would you like to buy the chicken's original diary documenting his crossing of the road? Lamoni's servants: We don't know why it crossed the road; all we know is it's wings had been cut off. Martin Harris: I have never denied seeing the chicken cross the road. Temple Square Guide: The acoustics are so good you can hear the chicken cross the road from any seat in the Tabernacle. President Merrill J Bateman: I'm not so much concerned that the chicken crossed the road but that its feathers were not knee-length. Gerald Lund: Not only did this chicken cross the road, but his whole family crossed the road as well. The grand, panoramic story of this chicken's family will be told in my soon-to-be-released 36 volume set "The Cluck and the Glory." Nephi: It is better for a chicken to cross the road than a nation dwindle in unbelief. Lorenzo Snow: As the egg is, the chicken once was; as the chicken is, the egg may become.
  13. hopefully some one more knowledgable than me will correct me, but basically it has to do with the fact that it was out lawed, and because we believe in being subject to president's rulers & magistrates etc (article of faith 12) they obeyed the law. if you have a set of scriptures with the book of mormon, doctrine & covenants & pearl of great price there is something in there at the end of D&C that explains it. so basically the men who had several dozen wives kept those wives, but no one else from that point on could take on multiple wives. also, the first wife was for time and eternity, but i believe the rest were just for times. can any one add to that? i'll type out the declaration if no one adds anything soon. hope this helps though. i nearly forgot sorry. i didn't really answer your question properly. it also has alot to do with the fact that up to that point that was what the lord required. then after that point he didn't, if that makes sense. there were probably 20 women to each man back then. so i think it had alot to do with them having the opportunity to be married, have children or just be looked after in general (like widows etc). alot of the marriages were just plutonic (i think that's the word i mean). hopefully this helps too
  14. (q)what's big, white and swings through the trees? (a)tarzan the fridge
  15. It's a bit trivial, but what are your favorite jokes at the moment? i like dumb jokes, so one of my favorites has always been one i heard in high school ... (q) what's big, white & sits in the corner? (a) a naughty fridge