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  1. Sure i will message me your e-mail more than happy to.
  2. people see what they want to when a justification is required.
  3. Assumptions assumptions assumptions you have shown your true colors. And your place as a true christian. Thank you for making my point for me. I had hoped mormons were different or just misunderstood but as you stand as a self appointed representative of your faith I can take your example. Thank you.
  4. Provide me with a security certificate. Give me some assurance that it is private. Come on this is an open forum people don't be stupid. Message me an e-mail. You people OF FAITH have already made assumption as to the validity of my character where is my assurance that you of good morals. Isn't there in your holy book a parable about he who casts the first stone? You wanna call me a liar fine man up and at least let me hear your voice when you do it. I guarantee neither one of you would if we were face to face. Internet anonymity goes a long for people like you. Man up or shut up.
  5. What have you explained to me? Nothing you have shown me that you are fanatical automatons with little to no capacity for thought outside of the group think of an organized religion. Please. Do better your dear and fluffy lord expects it from you. Until either you or Funky One man up and offer some contact info (I will provide you the information you request) Shut up and keep your high and mighty crap to yourself. I am done with both of you empty shirts who just want to preserve your good ol' boys club here.
  6. Don't remember the Salem witch hunts and trials that might have happened a little earlier than 1960 huh? If all those people weren't killed for practicing black magic and witchcraft as the people of the time understood it to be evil why were they killed then. A rebellious knitting circle? I think they had very well defined understanding of black magic then and we still have this understanding today.
  7. Agnostic. I know there is a higher 'power' I personally have issues trying to quantify it though. It has cost me a lot of sleep and maybe a little sanity over the years but here I am.
  8. How do you come by this? A schizophrenic has measurable reactions to hallucinations that to every one else are not there but to the patient they are very real. You can also medicate some one with a hallucinogenic substance and get the same reaction so not sure your conclusions are quite valid. Neat perspective though thank you for taking the time.
  9. I have already in many posts told you I can and will but not on an open forum where every one and their brother has access to my information. You say you feel the need to debunk me and defend the faith huh? Who are you that you believe you are high and mighty enough to do this. Makes my point about ego. Do you really think the mormon religion needs you as a defender when they have so many well trained/educated apologists? I always enjoy these self appointed defenders of the faith that more often than not exhibit a very non christian attitude while defending christianiy. Oxymoron anybody? Like I said Funky One I will provide you my credentials (once again that I have no faith in the christianity that they are based in) but it will happen in a way that I can be sure you aren't an internet criminal. Deal with it. Maybe the reason you are so defensive and on a crusade here is the weak saint you speak of who you are worried about reading faith destroying material here is you. And just to be very clear I tell you and everyone here that I have no faith in christianity right? So how do you get that I am claiming some authority when the credentials we are speaking of are based in christianity? Seems like quite a erroneous leap of assumption on your part doesn't it?
  10. Yeah i found some holes in his logic too. Thank you for taking the time to watch the video and comment. :)
  11. No I sound like someone who has lost all faith and feel like I have wasted a lot of my life but I cannot stop searching and have admitted so. Lets see who do I claim to be. A agnostic seeker who likes to ask questions. I am willing to provide my credentials (that I don't even consider valid as I HAVE NO FAITH in the christianity that they are based in) you wanna call me a liar be a man and at least do it over the phone. I am totally willing to call you or have you call me. Your choice. Be a man don't hide behind your computer. Don't want to do this then shut up and keep your 'oh I will validate you to the world if you can prove yourself to me' crap to yourself. I have shot down your assumptions about me so far and I will keep doing it because what I said is true and I will prove it to you. If you are man enough. Personally I don't think you are. But if you prove me wrong I will validate your manhood to the world.
  12. Whats wrong no high and mighty response yet. Come on dude your letting you readership down.
  13. You got a high opinion of your self if you believe the world needs YOU to validate ME. In the end I don't give a hoot if an internet dwelling geek like you believes me or not. We will never meet you have no impact on my life other than a minor annoyance here. So wanna talk man up lets talk on the phone.