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  1. Anatess, one day I will certainly do a trip back and see where I was born/found. I would love to find out who my family is. Maybe find out why I was given up and left. I guess that would mean, though, that I'd be meeting relatives... And that part overwhelms me a bit.
  2. Thanks! I'm in and out, in and out
  3. I've been looking through the pics of my matches and I'm not seeing any resemblances but that would be a head trip to find someone who looks like me!
  4. I’m wanting to find relatives and complete my biological family tree.
  5. That is why I wouldn’t meet any of them. Haha. I just want to find them online and complete my family lineage.
  6. Oh wow. That is great. I’d be happy finding anyone who is part of my immediate family or close to that circle... auntie, uncle, grandparents, siblings... parents
  7. Should I just boldly start messaging people on there? Is that appropriate? I don’t have any good information to contribute to any of them... Short of messaging people and explaining my birth story, not sure where to begin...
  8. Were you able to connect with your mum?
  9. JAG, I was adopted in the Philippines. I was found by a local and brought into a small “hospital” in a very small town. There was never any record of my bio mother or father. The signatures on my birth certificate are of the doctor and his wife who took charge of me, is how I understand it.
  10. I was adopted in the Philippines.
  11. I was gifted an Ancestry DNA kit and I just received my results back. It confirmed what I already suspected regarding my ethnicity -- I am 100% Philippines! Now, I am wanting to discover more of who I am but I'm not sure where to start because I'm adopted. To make things more complicated, my birth certificate does not list my biological parents because I was orphaned, so I literally have zero leads into finding close relatives. I did spend the $100 to unlock my matches and the closest relative is 4th Cousin; I looked at their family tree, and because I have no names to work with, it meant nothing to me. What does someone in my situation do?
  12. No, I don’t know the answer. I have a million things going through my head. There’s at least two people in this thread that feel something like this could work. That said, I lean towards it being a high risk relationship, but do I know the answer? No. I think JAG outlined it pretty well and I agree. He is not thinking things through. While we share the same long term goal of a committed relationship/marriage, I don’t want religion and he does, and that’s an issue.
  13. Good to hear. Two babies but not quite baby-babies anymore. Oldest is 7 and youngest is 3!
  14. Ugh. Those are the worst kinds of Mormons. People aren’t projects. If I even get an inkling that is what he’s doing, I’ll be gone so fast. I don’t think it’s responsible to get involved with someone just because you want to change them.
  15. If he requires me to attend church and such, we won’t be a good fit. I support him attending, that’s fine, but I have no interest in participating. Right now he claims that he doesn’t care if I participate or not. ——— I think the good advice I am getting is that this whole situation is setup for failure. I agree. Thanks for everyone’s thoughts.
  16. Thanks for your in-depth reply. I am fine with others choosing faith and attending church, however, as an atheist I have zero interest in participating in any extent. I suppose further discussion will need to be had if we decide to see each other again, but I don’t want to attend church services, but I am fine if he does.
  17. I’m happy to meet him but I’m more or less just trying to decide if there’s any point in meeting. I’m very up front about my wants and needs, and I’m not going to compromise on those. It sounds like we’re likely not a good match long term but maybe this could be a nice friendship.
  18. I have been divorced for a little while and I'm finally at a stage where I'm ready to start meeting new people. I've gone on some dates but haven't been excited about any one person to continue seeing them exclusively. Recently, a few weeks ago, I met a man who I seem to have a lot in common with. We started off with app messages, then text messages, and now we're doing video chats. It didn't come up right away but I have learned that he's an active LDS and wants to remain active. I told him that I am not a member and that I don't plan on converting but he still wants to meet and see where things go. What is the motive here, do you think? We met on a dating app, so I assume he's wanting some sort of relationship that leads to marriage. For whatever it's worth, I have not gotten a creepy vibe from him, and our conversations remain clean and interesting. I'm just baffled a little, I guess. Anyway, from my understanding, it's frowned upon for members to pursue non-members, mainly because core beliefs don't align. And I'd bet that most of you would advise him to run far away from a non-member... So I'm a little confused. Do these sort of relationships ever work out?
  19. Bodies are sexualised regardless of gender. However, women's bodies are largely more sexualised than men's bodies, and women pay the price for men not being able to control their thoughts and actions. We are told how to carry ourselves and how to dress, instead of, the dialogue addressing the issue that men are responsible for what they do.
  20. It doesn't matter if you'd wear a cardboard box, it should never be a requirement because you are not responsible for other's thoughts or actions. The focus of stopping unclean thoughts and sinful actions should be directed to the offender. What can the offender do to stop being a pervert or offender?
  21. That is pure crap. Men are not more susceptible to sexual desires.