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  1. Ruck

    Share your recipes

    I made this for Mothers Day for my wife, mom, and mother in law. They all loved it and my wife has me make it alot. Be warned though, it makes a lot and tough to cut in half. So its perfect for after Sunday church leftovers. Fiesta Taco Pasta Salad 14 oz bag Fiesta Pasta 2 lbs. ground beef 2 pkgs. taco seasoning mix 1 15oz. can refried beans 1 lb. Velveeta cheese 1 14.5 oz can Rotel 1: Brown ground beef. Drain and add taco seasoning mixture, following the package directions. 2: Cook pasta until tender but firm. Drain and add ground beef and refried beans. 3: Melt cheese and add Rotel. Add to beef mixture and combine. Reheat to desire temperature. 4: Serve over shredded lettuce and chopped tomatoes or with your favorite tortilla chips. Add toppings such as green onions, sliced black olives, avocado, sour cream, salsa, etc. It says it serves 8-10. When we make it, we have it for a Friday night dinner and then after Fast Sunday, once we get home we have it for dinner for Sunday night. Sometimes there is enough left over to take for lunch on Monday.
  2. Thats awesome. I drove by it a few weeks before the fire and noticed how beautiful it was. A few weeks ago I drove by after the fire and was sadden how it looked but the fact that it is becoming a temple is huge.
  3. Ruck

    General Conference, How will you??

    Radio more than likely. I have a bunch of chores to do around the house so I will have that going unless I get my TV antenna put up then it will be on the TV. On a side note, I went to my Bishop with a few problems and he gave me the advice to write down the questions that I would like to find the answers to prior to conference. As I listen to the speakers, watch how the answers will come to me. I would like to just pass that on to others who might be having some troubles.
  4. Thats my answer. Meeting with the Bishop shows that you are willing to make the changes and working towards making it all better. Ask the Bishop what you would have to do to be worthy of performing your child's baptism. It is a few months out, so you better ask now then wait. Good luck.
  5. Ruck

    Salt Lake City

    My wife and I spent our honeymoon in SLC. If you can get it, get the Plaza hotel in downtown SLC. The hotel is across the street from Temple Square and cost a lot less then what the others did. It was a very nice hotel also. As for things to do, my friends and I always: -Visit Temple Square -Hogle Zoo -This Is The Place Park -Malls (There is one nearby the Plaza, just ride the Trax to it) -Hale Theatres -Clark Plantarium
  6. -Ultimate frisbee was a big one. -Game night at the Bishop's house. This was a fun one. The Bishop was a very successful businessman who started with nothing and has a great company now. We would play games like Monopoly and he would give us advice on finacial situations so we weren't all in debt. -BBQ with nonmembers. The whole goal was to bring atleast one nonmember or nonactive member to the park where we had a BBQ and got to know everybody else. -Indoor soccer. Look up the rules. Lots of people had fun with this. I can't think of any more right now. Its 5 in the morning and I have to get to work haha. I will write down some more later.
  7. Ruck

    Family Issues

    My brother use to live a few streets down from us but he is moving out of the state. As for my wife's family, most of them live 30 minutes away except her parents and they are all over the world since her Dad is in the Navy. Thanks for the advice I was given already by everybody. A part of me feels like I need to take it upon myself to fix everything but I just didn't know how to go about doing that. Maybe somethings aren't suppose to be fixed.
  8. Ruck

    How Does One Explain Other Religions?

    There was a discussion about this once in my Priesthood meeting and the general belief was that it was the work of the Devil. The Holy Ghost works to bring people towards the church but the Devil works towards seperate churchs. Somebody may want a church that has a leader that gets revelation. As that person searches for the truth, somebody might find the Pope. Since the Pope meets the standard, that person accepts that as the true church. They were looking for the right thing, just the Devil worked towards making it difficult to find the truth. It is important to stress that we must pray to God and Christ if the LDS religion is the true church. That is the only way we can gain a testimony of what the true church is. That is a big reason why that is one of the questions to be a member of the church, get a temple recommend, etc.
  9. Two quotes of advice: The first was advice that my wife's grandpa gave me my wedding day. This is advice for you alone. He said, "There is three rings in marriage. The engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the suffering." But the second quote of advice is serious and comes from a few different people throughout my life. Remind both of them that they come from different backgrounds and were raised different ways. Both need to remember that when it comes to issues dealing with each other that they are dealing with the feelings of another person and to take that into account next time they talk. They might have to give some ground with each other, but you hate being stuck in between the two and refuse to take sides.
  10. Ruck

    Family Issues

    Before I start, I just want to say that its a lengthy read. If you do read it and just want to comment that my life is messed up, then right on at least I'm not the only one to think that haha. I would like your opinion personally. In July 2008 I got married to my wife. Everybody said that I rushed the decision because I was only 19 at the time, but I had too many friends die young that I decided to live each day like my last. I fell in love with my wife and I was going to get married and get sealed. I would have my family and have them be mine forever. In Nov 2008, I was sealed. Both my marriage and my sealing seemed to be at the disapproval of my mother but she supported me. I always got the feeling that she didn't like my wife, but I felt that it was more or less the "nobody is good enough for my baby" attitude that she seemed to have towards all my other girlfriends growing up. Well last year, my parents got a divorce. Totally shocked me. They had their problems, but they usually worked through them. Personally, in my eyes, the problems really started when she got on Facebook and started meeting friends. Then she would go on "trips" to see lost friends and family. The worst part about it was the fact that she went from Utah to Missouri for a week, getting back on the day that her first grandchild was going to be born. Luckly she was here in time to see my son born. After my son's birth and before the divorce was final, my brother got married in a haste. He knew the girl for probably two or three months. I had no big issues with it, just I wish they knew each other a bit more. At that time, I wrote both my parents a letter about my reasons to get married and start a family. I gave them the letter along with a copy of the Proclamation to the Family. Sadly, both saw it as a reason to push my religion onto them. My mother finally left Utah and went to live in Oklahoma with her boyfriend. My brother and his wife had a daughter, which my mother never returned to see. When people ask her why, she says that she isn't running away but just needs a new life. My father started dating a close family friend, who was basically like my brothers and I sister. Glad he is dating but hate the fact of who it is. We work together, and when I ask to borrow his truck to take something to the dump or borrow a tool to get a home project done he says no. When my wife's family offers to help, he gets offended that I didn't ask him even after times I have. The worst of it all is my father adopted my brother and I when we was around 6 and 7 years old. Our biological father was abusive, on drugs, and basically worthless. He has come around to all his kids he has fathered to ask for forgiveness. All the brothers (4 in total) have forgave him except me. I still have major issues with how he left us, and just the various rumors I hear. Also, I know I must forgive him, as Christ would have, but it is something that will take time and I have to work towards. Anyways, my brother has now returned to talking to him, calls him Dad, has his kids calling him Grandpa, and talks about how great he is. Its sad to say but my family has been torn apart. My son hasn't seen his grandma since he was 5 months old. My neice hasn't seen her grandma ever. My brother and Dad don't talk to each other because of my brother going back to the other guy. Situations around my Dad and his new girlfriend is just ackward. My mother's boyfriend wants me to be friends with him, when I have no real desire to know the guy. In my Patriarchal Blessing it says to be an example to my family but how do I go forward doing that? I have talked to my Bishop and he gave me the letter idea. But other than that, he just talks about how big of a heartache that must be and to keep being an example to my family. There is no real person to blame it on, but I keep looking for answers to question I don't know to ask. I guess I am looking for how to move forward from here. Any advice will be appreciated.
  11. Ruck

    Suggestions on Oil Vials

    I have one of the plastic bottles with the dropper but I also went and bought a key chain one. If you decide to get a key chain one, I personally recommend that you don't get one with a design on it. As nice as it looks, all the ones I have used have the design rubbed off by the keys, making it sometimes pointless to have.
  12. Ruck

    Bachelor it up

    So for the next month, my wife is going to be roughly 1385 miles away from me. We both made a deal to try and save as much money as we could while she is gone on food. So asking the LDS Social Network Community, what is some easy and cheap dinner ideas. The main idea is to make some low cost meals for dinner and hopefully some left over for lunch at work the next day. Give me your thoughts.
  13. Ruck

    Mountain West Conference

    I hate to say this but this season was eventually going to happen. You can't always be on top. Just a few notes: 1- The two QB system hurt BYU. The QB is suppose to be the leader of the offense and that offense was dealing with two different leaders. That just breaks the locker room up into two (possibly three) groups. Jake Heaps supporters, Riley Nelson supporters, and those who don't care. 2- BYU didn't plan to play this year without Harvey Unga. Going into this year, they expected to have Unga for the season. After being kicked out of BYU for violating the Honor Code, they have been scrambling to find a new running back. JJ Di Luigi looks to be filling out that roll. 3- Better for this to happen this year then next year. Better for the rebuilding year to happen before we hit Independence play, that way our young team has a year's experience under their belt and will be that "turn around" team we always hear about.
  14. Ruck

    Fighting Depression w/o medications.

    I always found an "out." I am a huge sports fan so whenever I would start to feel depressed, I would go outside and kick around a few soccer balls or hit some golf balls to clear my head. I also love to paintball and would go out doing that a few times. I enjoy the outdoors so I would go on four wheeler rides. Just find your "out." Just take a hobby that you love and do it. It don't even have to cost anything. If it is as simple as read a book, set the environment so that your in a cheerful area. Don't read in your bedroom with the blinds closed and a lamp on, go somewhere else and read, maybe outside. Hopefully I was of some help.
  15. This is a blessing in disguise. BYU needed to pick on one QB and just put all faith in him. I was pulling for Heaps because I saw this year as a rebuilding year and knew that in years like that, you put the younger talent in a tough position such as QB so they can get over the nerves. As for Jake Heaps going on a mission, I don't see it happening. The kid is too much into himself and I see him more as a Steve Young, where he won't go on a mission but with all the exposure he is gaining himself, according he keeps it all in a positive manner, is the same as being on a mission. Take Tim Tebow for example, the way he acted on and off the field is the way Heaps should act. Tebow was credited that way for his religion and way he was raised. If Heaps could become that new Tebow, that could essentially be his mission. Also, Nelson can't claim for Medical Extension. The rules state the following to qualify: -the student-athlete’s injury or illness was incapacitating; -the student-athlete’s incapacitating injury or illness occurred during the first half of the season and before competition in more then two contests or 20% of the season’s scheduled contests (whichever is greater); and -the injury or illness is supported by contemporaneous medical documentation Injury happened in game three of the season (which beats the two contest rule) and since they play twelve games, three games count for 25% of the season.