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    New non-Lds member

    Welcome Michael from another Michael and also a guitarist!
  2. michaeljohn

    The People before Adam

    There were humanoids before Adam and Eve, just not humanoids suitable for spirit children of our Heavenly Father. Animals had spirits before their Earthly existence as did all other forms of creation, but only the human family could house the eternal spirit children of God.
  3. michaeljohn

    Giving Blessings

    I'm so, so happy for you. Always trust the Spirit!
  4. michaeljohn

    3 Nephi 17

    Could you please itemise the symbolism?
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    Thank you everyone. I have a question, how do I put a quote below my avatar? No problem, it's showed up now lol!
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    I hope I enjoy this froum as much as I enjoy my other forums.