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  1. I have seen it done both ways. I have experienced both ways. My biggest problem as a sub was having the activity I needed to teach the class. I now teach 2 classes of CTRs at the same time. Most of the children I have taught at one time or another. I prepare for 10 children. I have had as many as 14 in this class. That was a combination of 3 classes. (4-6) I always fix a coloring page. The LDS site is just great. I adjust teach. If I prepare a lesson using a fixed activity for the 10 and I get 12 children then I bring out the coloring page. I then ask one of the Leaders to make copies for me, please! The way alot of the lessons are set up I can use the other activity for another lesson or send them home the following week as review. Our 4 year olds have had alot of subs this year. I have worked with alot of these sisters or brothers that do sub in this class. They know I have something if there is not something already prepared in the manual. :) Since I have taught in several of the classes I have a file full of clipart pages and coloring pages from the LDS site. All Church approved materials. I went through and donated extra copies to the Primary Leaders. Suggestion : Collective Primary File for Clipart and coloring pages that can used for the subs. This can help your subs prepare for a class quickly.
  2. The month of October is a big fund raiser for the Volunteer Fire Dept. my Hubby has been in for forty years. We have two houses and a outside maze. I help with the monsters . We have the crazies in the first house. We have the movie monsters in the back house and the maze is full of zombies. I do the make-up :) then I help the ladies in the concession that puts us in the right place to watch all the fun. LOLOL I do not go back into the houses and maze after I do my painting and help with the make-up. Nope, no way, no how....:) it is just too scary. Funny story: Five men go into the first house and come out running and laughing. Two of them sit on the ground. I asked them what they thought was scary. One of them confess that he dropped in the third room and crawled the rest of the way as fast as he could. He went through 6 rooms on his knees. :) I do not think his friends are going to let him forget this one... They then started talking about bringing their girlfriends back. I looked at the young man on the ground. I asked him was he coming back. He said no way she was worse then he was about these things. He would never get her out of there. She would drop and start screaming. lololol I also remember when we had one girl come out of the house after her boyfriend made a fast exit. She came out the house saying over and over , "He just left me there!" One of our firemen caught up with him at the parking lot and reminded him that his girlfriend was still at the house and not to leave. This is all done in fun and for a good cause. It is put on by the firemen, school groups, and members of the community.
  3. I wonder if I am just looking at the bird out my window or is he looking at me through the window.
  4. I wonder if the roads are really big fences that keep the ants in an area. I am not wondering about the ones that get eaten by the chickens or the ones that use the trees that fall out of the woods and on to the roads as bridges. Dr T once said " I wonder what will come from my being here". I wonder if he knows some times topics like this are needed to provide the wonder in our lives. :)
  5. I wonder if ants ever cross the road.
  6. Primary 2 CTR A I know this is not needed now for you to teach your class. I thought it might help others who might need to know. :) You can find out what manual is being used by going to LDS site and hit resources. When next window pops up ...go to Primary. Then go to side of page and pull up class manuals. It will show you what manuals are being used for classes this year.. Hope you had a good class.
  7. I had this discussion in my class yesterday. I guess I should say at this time that I teach the Sunbeams. (3 year olds) I was telling my "little ones" to get ready for prayer. We were almost there when one of the little boys suddenly informed everyone that not everyone folded their arms when they said the prayer. He then told us that some people put their hands together like this. :) After just a little futher discussion we were almost there again when another little one spoke up and informed everyone that not everyone shut their eyes when they prayed. :) I informed everyone that we will fold our arms and shut our eyes. Now, here comes the guilty part. I looked to see if they folded their arms and shut their eyes. :)) Every eye was shut and every arm crossed. When I saw this post I lost it. I could not stop laughing. My warped sense of humor took over. I could just see you all discussing your veiws just like those "little ones". Lessons learned maybe from an old primary teacher or Mom and Dad. Then another thought entered my head. When I think of prayer I remember sneaking in to watch my grandfather say his morning prayers. His hands would be clasped together hitting the top of his head. I remember sometimes his words were broken with emotion and sometimes no words were spoken. I then would see the constant movement in those beautiful old hands. I think when I say prayers in class or in Sacrament I fold my arms. When I say my private prayers I follow my grandfather's example of so long ago.
  8. It is 78 degrees here with a light rain. The first of next week is suppose to get in the 20s at night and then in the 40s or 50s during the day. It is making everyone sick.
  9. Sorry for your loss. You and yours are in my prayers.
  10. Sunday was such a fun day. I now co-teach the Sunbeams at our Ward. One of our “little ones” was having a clinging day with mother who is doing sharing time. I pick him up and take him to our room and talk to him for a few minutes. On the way back I pick him up. He asked me what was wrong. I told him nothing. He looked at me and pointed to a picture on the wall of "The Lamb and the Lion". Now this same little boy the week before was fascinated about the story of “Daniel and the Lions’ Den”. So I in my great wisdom started telling him that this Lion because of Heavenly Father had no desire to eat the lamb. I asked him if he remembered the story of Daniel and the lions. He nodded and said yes. I noticed he still had a confused look on his face. I took a moment and walked down the hall telling him about each picture we passed by. When we had reached the third picture he said, "Sister is they broke". Now, I was confused. No they are not broke I told him. He then asked me, “not moving?” He looked at the picture again and turned to me and said, “Not talk?” OK, this old woman finally realizes what this “little one” was asking. He thought they were flat screens and that they broke. Trying not to loose it too bad in laughter I explained that these were pictures not flat screens.
  11. Nothingspecial, is there a hint in the name? I sense something more going on here. Sometimes there is more? I was just wondering. I love the Nursery. This calling has been my special blessing through the years. The last time I had this calling I had to ask to be realeased. At the time I had a very sick mother-n-law. I had to start rotating with my hubby so we could at least attend our meeting part time. Just like the PP you are giving certain blessings when you start teaching. If you felt the need to be released you should go to your PP and ask. Sounds to me like your spirit also took a beating. Reading what you tried to do for them sounds to me like you did all that you could do. No body should ever be abused in a calling. There is something wrong and the PP should have stepped in sooner. Try to take up the VT again. Sometimes when we are so down, helping others in another way helps us be stronger. It takes a special person to be a Nursery Leader. You did it for 2 1/2 years. In my books you are not Nothingspecial. You are Somethingspecial. The kids did enough beating on you... stop beating yourself up. Know your Heavenly Father loves you. He knows your heart. Sometimes we are not the answer for these "little ones" sometimes it takes another. Sometimes another hears and feels a need that we do not see. :) I just did a talk on "Gifts of the Spirit". I realize more then ever that sometimes we just don't listen sometimes when we are trying so hard. My prayers are with you.
  12. Ahhhhh but the Blessings :) Try doing Primary with nothing but tapes. Makes the Primary Program very interesting. Every Sunday when I sit with my class I say a prayer for the guy who plays in our Primary. One of my callings was as Primary Chorister. I told the Bishop I knew Heavenly Father had a sense of humor if He was calling me to this. I walked around the house making my children laughing idiots when they saw me trying to lead music. I guess Heavenly Father knew better. :) Guess who became Primary President who had to use tapes. :)
  13. Good to see your post. :) Dr. T. Sorry to hear about your family and Health problems. I will pray that Heavenly Father will take care of you and yours. Football and books what can I say. :))) Football- nothing because I would certainly get kick off here for my comments. . Sigh, books... OK I had to delete what I was going to say. It is good to see you post though. :)
  14. I had this very problem at one time. I was very shy and had low self-esteem. I had some very good people try to help me come out of my shell. I would tell someone I would do something and then before I left the building I was already trying to come up with an excuse not to attend. If they asked me to do something for someone I would do so as long as I could just drop it off and leave. I did not do good in large groups at all. One on one I could do, but just barely. I wanted to so bad. I just could not do it in the end. Then the guilt set in. With low self-esteem you do not have to have someone tell you that you did wrong. You know it. The people around me seemed to have it all together. I really can not say any one thing brought me out of it. I read a lot of self-help books and inspirational stories. Somewhere in all this I realize that it had to be me that had to make the change. No one else could. I went back to Church after over 10 years being less active. A very wise president called me to the Nursery Class. Working with those "little ones" helped me. Those basic concepts of self worth that I taught helped me build my own self esteem.
  15. Our Volunteer Fire Dept. has a Haunted House every year. I help paint rooms, make-up and do face painting for the little ones that can not go into the houses. Sometimes I dress up as a clown. Last year it was painting with black light paints. This year I am doing a lot of Zombies and Doll faces.
  16. Sometimes as a teacher working in Primary you wonder those words ,"Have I done any good today". I think the primary program can be an experience that give heart to those teachers who wonder this. I have two little boys who present a big challenge sometimes. These two seem to be somewhere else when I am teaching. In class we have been really working on making the right choices. Most of my children are 4 year olds turning 5. I play a game with them every Sunday I teach. I watch them during Sacrament and Primary. I see little things both good and bad. (Sharing, Fighting, Being quite during the passing of the Sacrament, Crying, and etc...) I ask each child what would Heavenly Father want them to do if they...? I then point to a Smiling Face and a Sad Face. I let them tell me if Heavenly Father would be happy if a person did this or sad. Then I let them tell me how they would make it right if He would be sad. While we were practising our Primary Program I was trying to get them to focus on what was being said. I decided that I would give them little badges that said CTR on them. I was hoping this would get them heading in the right direction. I had another badge on a stick and would flash this when they were doing something they should not be doing. After the first 15 minutes of practice, I was ready to take them to their parents. I remember asking Heavenly Father what to do. Just a quick was the reply "take the badges". I reach over and removed both their badges. Both of them stopped what they were doing and looked at me. I quietly told them to "Choose the Right". Their little faces started frowning. I then told them they had a Choice. They both looked at me and nodded their heads. I waited a few minutes looking at them. I then smiled and put their badges back on. The rest of the story. Primary Program went great. After the program and in Primary I over heard the boys telling some of the 3 year olds about the badges. One of them told them it was CTR. The other explained it ment choose the right. Then one of them said it makes Heavenly Father Happy! The other said, and Teacher Happy! Yes, indeed. Teacher is very happy. The "teaching moment" was for me. Listening to the Spirit while I teach. I do not stand alone in that classroom. He is there. Do you have a teaching moment to share? I would love to read them.
  17. My first calling was Nursery Leader. I like working in Primary so I can say my Primary callings. :)
  18. I always sent a letter out to my "little ones". In the letter I always listed my goals for my nursery. I asked them to bring their "little ones" a few times before they are suppose to be there. In the letter I always asked about Family. ( Mother, Father, sisters, brothers, and any special people who might be taking care of them) I had been in the Nursery a number of times and a number of years. :) This helped me talk to the child using names and things about their families when I am trying to get them to stay. This letter also let them know what the rules of the Nursery were. One of the rules in my Nursery was if you stayed you must take part in everything. I do mean everything. I put songs on the walls. Lesson schedules on the wall. I followed a routine. I gently told all the adults the first few times that their "little one" needed to see them take part so they would know that they should. I let them know this was a classroom. I let them know my goal was to ease them out of the situation. That I would try to distract their child when they start to leave. If their child kept crying then we would go get the parent and try to get them distracted again while the parent was there. Then we try again to let the parent leave. If this did not work I asked the parent to stay, but I would still work with them to leave. The longest I ever had to go with a parent was a month. Sometimes I would suggest that both parents take turns. When the parent would leave I would simply tell the child that they had to go to their class. I would then point out to the child that their parents class did not have all the great things we do. That child that took me a whole month to get to stay was the Bishop's daughter. :) On the fifth Sunday she walked in and told her dad that she would see him later. Never had another problem with her not wanting to stay. Sometimes to be honest our "little ones" are just not ready to leave us. Just because they have turned 18 months does not mean they are ready. They are like little sponges at this time. One minute they will not let you go and then suddenly you wonder if this is your child. I stress to my parents that the child's feelings are very important to me. I have been blessed. The few times that I have had the problem you mentioned I treated it with a sense of humor and told the parents that we need to follow our schedule. I told them that I would used bubbles for distraction while they all get away. The other method I would use for distraction was singing. I would tell the parents or parent who brought their child or children feel free to stay in the Nursery but they would have to sing when ever I did. LOL Then I pointed out the songs and told them no excuse. Then I broke out the bubble machine. Bubbles tend to go everywhere. lol It did not take long for me to clear a room of adults. The "little ones" wanted to stay. My daughter says I have a voice that only children love. lol Maybe it was the bubbles and maybe it was my singing.
  19. I have a very good friend who is a beautiful example of this. She has such compassion for others that serving others is like taking a breath. It is a natural part of her. She once told me that sometimes she feels like some people have trouble recognizing compassion. A lot of people think she is crazy or stupid just because she is doing what she feels her Heavenly Father wants her to do. She told me that the only time she has trouble is when she starts second guessing her actions.
  20. What do you believe? You are a member of the Church now. Do you believe in the temple work? As a convert myself I did somethings in the Church because I know this was commanded. Then as I grew stronger in the Church and developed my own testimony I realize what I was doing was what my Heavenly Father wanted me to do. I also work in the Family History Center and know the Church is doing everything it can do. At some point we as members must realize that the Family History of Families is just that, Families. You stated that you do not know who did this. Yet someone did summit this to the Center. These names are not just "picked out of a hat so to speak". Somewhere family is having their family work done. Your family line has come in play because of common ground. I urge you to do more work and find out where those lines have become linked. I was working on my line and did not know that my own grandmother had 2 brothers. I was so young when she was with us I did not remember them. My parents have passed and I do not have anyone I can ask. I also have the problem of divorce between my parents. Somewhere up my line names were summitted. The blessing of computers have link families that we do not even know we have. In the right light know that this can be a good thing as you work and come into the knowledge of your family. Just_A_Guy has made a good point. The Church is and has been working on setting policies for such problems that modern technology was shown us. Robb8547, you have to remember that even our Dead have a choice. They can accept or reject the work you do for them. I hope that you move forward with your work with your Family and with your understanding what Temple work is.
  21. :) I have read enough of it to take it home. I guess I will let you know what I think of this book. Thanks
  22. " The Devil Colony" by James Rollins just came into the store. It looks interesting but I do not want to read a lot of "Mormon Bashing". Mr. Rollins states that he has always been fascinated in the Book of Mormon and early America. Any comments ? Thanks
  23. My mother raised 4 children as a cook. To be honest until I went to school I only heard the the n-word. I worked sometimes cleaning tables. At that time I heard only that word used by both races in the kitchens. It seemed to me that more people were upset because of those "colored" and "white" signs then the n-word at that time. We are in a different world now. Words of yesterday do not mean what that once did. It is really getting hard to keep up with what is correct to say without giving offense to someone now days.
  24. I am from the South. I can remember when the n-word was just a race of people and not a dirty word.
  25. Even if you think you already have your answer, don't forget to pray. I agree with the others. Two dates do not make a life time. Get to know what his standards are. If he does not have at least the same standards then you might be setting yourself up for failure.