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    zippy_do46 got a reaction from Sunday21 in Teaching Moments   
    Sometimes as a teacher working in Primary you wonder those words ,"Have I done any good today". I think the primary program can be an experience that give heart to those teachers who wonder this.
    I have two little boys who present a big challenge sometimes. These two seem to be somewhere else when I am teaching. In class we have been really working on making the right choices. Most of my children are 4 year olds turning 5. I play a game with them every Sunday I teach. I watch them during Sacrament and Primary. I see little things both good and bad. (Sharing, Fighting, Being quite during the passing of the Sacrament, Crying, and etc...) I ask each child what would Heavenly Father want them to do if they...? I then point to a Smiling Face and a Sad Face. I let them tell me if Heavenly Father would be happy if a person did this or sad. Then I let them tell me how they would make it right if He would be sad.
    While we were practising our Primary Program I was trying to get them to focus on what was being said. I decided that I would give them little badges that said CTR on them. I was hoping this would get them heading in the right direction. I had another badge on a stick and would flash this when they were doing something they should not be doing. After the first 15 minutes of practice, I was ready to take them to their parents. I remember asking Heavenly Father what to do. Just a quick was the reply "take the badges". I reach over and removed both their badges. Both of them stopped what they were doing and looked at me. I quietly told them to "Choose the Right". Their little faces started frowning. I then told them they had a Choice. They both looked at me and nodded their heads. I waited a few minutes looking at them. I then smiled and put their badges back on.
    The rest of the story. Primary Program went great. After the program and in Primary I over heard the boys telling some of the 3 year olds about the badges. One of them told them it was CTR. The other explained it ment choose the right. Then one of them said it makes Heavenly Father Happy! The other said, and Teacher Happy! Yes, indeed. Teacher is very happy. The "teaching moment" was for me. Listening to the Spirit while I teach. I do not stand alone in that classroom. He is there.
    Do you have a teaching moment to share? I would love to read them.
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    zippy_do46 got a reaction from seashmore in Tips On Marking Scriptures   
    I too had a problem with marking my scriptures. I was so careful with them that even though they were several years old they looked brand new. Then I accepted a calling where I had to go to several Wards. Something I notice in my travels. I observe several people who treated their scriptures like old friends. These people would pull out their scriptures without an invitation. You would see something on their face when they wanted to write something down. I have seen them do this with laughter, sadness, and wonderment. Some I saw just marked what ever scripture that was being quoted. Some just had a special look that I would see from time to time. They would often give their scriptures an extra squeeze or a gentle pat. I asked myself what would my children see when I was gone. Would they see that my scriptures were "old friends" or would they see scriptures that look only slightly worn? Would they see my concerns, my needs, my love of the scriptures? The first time I marked my scriptures I had tears that dropped on the pages. When I looked down I thought," Some day one of my children will find these tears and wonder why I cryed."
    OK, you can see what kind of member I am going to be. A story with every reply. I will try not to do that. I just could not say I color coded my scriptures! lol When I have more then one subject using that scripture I put a straight line by the scripture in the other color. I have a list of colors and how I coded in the front of my scriptures.
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    zippy_do46 reacted to pam in Are we seeing the end of Internet Explorer?   
    Could you all start speaking English?     At least I understood Internet Explorer.
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    zippy_do46 got a reaction from mirkwood in Just So You Know   
    The month of October is a big fund raiser for the Volunteer Fire Dept. my Hubby has been in for forty years. We have two houses and a outside maze. I help with the monsters . We have the crazies in the first house. We have the movie monsters in the back house and the maze is full of zombies. I do the make-up :) then I help the ladies in the concession that puts us in the right place to watch all the fun. LOLOL I do not go back into the houses and maze after I do my painting and help with the make-up. Nope, no way, no how....:) it is just too scary.
    Funny story:
     Five men go into the first house and come out running and laughing. Two of them sit on the ground. I asked them what they thought was scary. One of them confess that he dropped in the third room and crawled the rest of the way as fast as he could. He went through 6 rooms on his knees. :) I do not think his friends are going to let him forget this one... They then started talking about bringing their girlfriends back. I looked at the young man on the ground. I asked him was he coming back. He said no way she was worse then he was about these things. He would never get her out of there. She would drop and start screaming. lololol
    I also remember when we had one girl come out of the house after her boyfriend made a fast exit. She came out the house saying over and over , "He just left me there!" One of our firemen caught up with him at the parking lot and reminded him that his girlfriend was still at the house and not to leave.
    This is all done in fun and for a good cause. It is put on by the firemen, school groups, and members of the community.
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    zippy_do46 reacted to NeuroTypical in What is the best service you have ever received?   
    Does it have to be church related?
    My wife was on bed rest while pregnant with our second kid.  A lady from her mom's group created a website to track and organize volunteer mommies who were willing to babysit our first kid, so mom could rest and daddy could work.  Mommies could go to the website and schedule a day, I logged in and found where I was taking my kid that day.  After it was all over, over two dozen mommies had participated - in and out of the church.  Kid #1 had a blast.  Mom got to avoid the activities that threatened the life and health of the growing life inside her.  Dad got to go to work and keep the bills paid.  
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    zippy_do46 reacted to classylady in What is the best service you have ever received?   
    My family has been given so much service.  I'm so grateful.
    One of the sweetest services given was from my RS President and another lady in our ward. After the death of my 19 year old daughter, my time was consumed with taking care of her 2 month old baby and getting funeral services prepared. I had no time for anything. They took my 12 year old daughter to help pick out and buy a dress for her sister to be buried in. What a wonderful and tender act of service. My younger daughter was able to participate in a last gift for her sister.
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    zippy_do46 got a reaction from Dr T in I wonder...   
    I wonder if the roads are really big fences that keep the ants in an area.  I am not wondering about the ones that get eaten by the chickens or the ones that use the trees that fall out of the woods and on to the roads as bridges.  
    Dr T once said " I wonder what will come from my being here". I wonder if he knows some times topics like this are needed to provide the wonder in our lives. :)
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    zippy_do46 got a reaction from Palerider in I wonder...   
    I wonder if ants ever cross the road.
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    zippy_do46 reacted to pam in I wonder...   
    I wonder why someone needs to buy Palerider a new car when he works at a car dealership.
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    zippy_do46 reacted to Dr T in I wonder...   
    I wonder why animal alphabets teach, "A says a a a a a a ape" and B says b b b b b b bear to teach the alphabet sounds based on the phonetic sounds of the letters and when my son tries to remember W for whale he keeps going back to D for DOUBLE U?  It says D but it says w w w w w w whale.  
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    zippy_do46 reacted to skippy740 in Avatars   
    And I think it's high time we get a "groan" button too!
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    If I can figure out how to do this....there is hope for everyone......oh yea