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  1. I haven't quite figured out the site yet. But when I find that area, I'll be sure to post! Thanks!
  2. Perhaps if you take the time to go to see the ice sculptures and snow sculptures it will all be worth it!
  3. I'm back to the Sunday morning session - Pres Monson is talking about the "warm fuzzies" he received. Conference is a wonderful feast!! Adding to it was the opportunity to not teach this week and be able to listen to the sessions one after another all week!! It is like every day is like attending the temple! When winter arrives up there, are you going to be prepared for the freezing cold? We were there for New Years, to attend the Ice Festival and see the snow sculpting! It was beautiful - but I thought my toes were going to freeze right off!! lol I had bought a pair of Australian rough out boots, with a thick fleece lining, in the States before we came to China that year - back in 2006. But, in Harbin, those boots didn't even begin to keep my feet warm!!! I don't envy you being in Harbin! Our two years in Qingdao, were just about snowless. I don't know what BJ will bring. . . Hope you get to come down sometime - it might be a good experience to be able to attend your virtual branch on this end of the microphone!! lol Effe
  4. The local members attend the Beijing 2nd Branch. The 1st & 3rd as well as the virtual branch are for expats. I am sitting at my computer listening to conference. We have been listening to all the sessions of conference over and over this whole holiday week. Effe Simpson
  5. He is there every week!! I usually attend the 1st Branch here in BJ. When you have special meetings like last week, then I attend your meetings. Bruce and I even had the opportunity to speak in the virtual branch once, I think it was back in June or July. Do you teach at a high school or university? Do you plan on returning in the fall next year after taking a break to head home? Where is home? Effe Simpson
  6. Hey, I don't know you - but you know my husband. . . Bruce Simpson, your EQP in Beijing!! Hello!! Isn't China fantastic?!!! Effe Simpson
  7. My husband and I have been in China since August of 2006. First with the Kennedy Center for Internationals Studies at BYU with the China Teachers Program (CTP) for two years, teaching in Qingdao at Ocean University of China. Upon arriving home we received a call to return to China, this time for 23 months as Humanitarian Volunteers. We arrived back in China in February of 2009. As LDS Charities representatives working with a local charity here, The All-China Women's Federation (ACWF), is a lot of fun. The ACWF has asked that we teach at the China Women's University, which has 4,000 girls and 39 boys. Which is great! Most senior couples when they elect to serve have to pay for their own "M" - we don't because the university provides us with an apartment, maid service to clean every week and change the sheets!, and we receive a wage to teach - which is sufficient for us to live off one income and bank the other! Can't beat that with a stick!! So, we are here in Beijing teaching, serving, NO PROSELYTING, active OR passive - PERIOD!!! But there are those that have a spark in their eyes! And there are those that have dull eyes. Life is absolutely wonderful!!!! Oh, we have 7 grown children, 15 grandchildren. . . . and they all support us and cheer us on!! How can we lose?