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  1. That would be great if I could do it that way. My only concern is that they won't cancel it until right close to the day of the new marriage. I know they don't like to do it too far in advance just in case we ended up not going through with the marriage and then I'd be left without being sealed to anyone. I'm not sure they'd cancel it then give me 3 months or even 6 weeks at that, to plan a wedding or make reception arrangements. How far in advance will they typically cancel a sealing? I know both my boss and my neighbor had to have the temple presidency call President Hinckley the day of their weddings to make sure they had the clearance to remarry. Luckily theirs both had gone through.
  2. Hey everybody, I'm new here and just had a question and if anybody has experience or advice for me I'd love to hear it. I am getting remarried and am trying to get a sealing cancellation from my previous husband. I know that the First Presidency doesn't like to cancel a sealing very far in advance of the new marriage, which makes it really hard to set dates and plan a wedding. My bishop isn't very helpful because he has never done one before, and let's face it in general men don't really understand what is involved in planning a wedding even if it is going to be a very small ordeal. Reception places/photographers/florists etc. need a little advanced notice for things. How do I go about planning for things? People I have asked just tell me to plan things and hope that it goes through, but my fiance wants to wait until my previous sealing has been cancelled to start any kind of planning. Is that even possible to do it that way? Thanks for your help!