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    Utah Drivers- revisited

    That reminds me, because they wont let you in people tend to stop on the on ramps to wait for an opening (yeah right). I've almost been in multiple wrecks as I get up to speed to merge into traffic in Utah only to find that the Utard in front of me has stopped on the onramp and I am on a collision course at 65 mph.
  2. mdfxdb

    Utah Drivers- revisited

    Drivers ed is required in CA. The problem with UT drivers isn't the speed, rather it's the inconsiderate nature of how they drive. In NORCAL, where I'm originally from the speed limit is mostly advisory, but people do not drive like it is a NASCAR event or they are qualifying for the indy 500. I rode my motorcycle 1,600 miles through Idaho, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada last year, and by far the most dangerous part of the trip was I15 between SLC, and Provo. People drive like animals passing on the right, and cutting people off. No regard for anybody's safety. Seems a very Selfish part of the country with regards to driving and the safety of others.
  3. mdfxdb

    dating advice needed.

    MisterT sounds like he is da-man. you should totally follow his advice. those things worked well for me when I was dating.
  4. I wouldn't fixate too much on the name per se. The name "Jesus" was not an uncommon name, just as it is not an uncommon name now. The isrealites were very aware of the "Christ" which has a totally different distinction. This can't be a real problem for the investigator can it? He/she is hung up on whether or not Nephi was able to name Jesus, and is not worried about Ether 9:19, and the elephants, horses, cumoms?????
  5. Your list is complete, as per what we know from the book of mormon. it is impossible to know further than what is given to us. Keep in mind that the bible we have today is nothing like what it was then. you might even conjecture that the translation of what was taken from the golden plates of the book of mormon and given to us as the list of books is actually an approximation of the functional equilivant of what we know as the bible, and not what they actually had. It had to be told to us in a manner we would understand, and relate to as our scriptures in existance.
  6. mdfxdb

    What did the lions eat?

    If God can gather animals into an ark, and see to it that they don't go totally nuts, then surely he can see to it that they aren't hungry. They probably didn't eat otherwise the resulting mess (poop) would have been unimiginable for a small family such as Noah's to logistically take care of.
  7. mdfxdb

    The Limits of God's Power

    As to whether or not God was a man like me is a subject for perhaps another thread. I do not have any expectation that God needs to explain himself to us. However, if he chose to do so, then he could, and it would be a rational explination totally in conformance with natural laws as he understands them and conforms to them. Why do his works have to be a total mystery or "miracle"? I believe that even though we may not fully understand how he does or did some of his "miracles" that does not mean they are not fully explainable to us given a proper understanding of his constraints and what it takes to overcome said constraings.
  8. mdfxdb

    The Limits of God's Power

    Just because we cannot expain scientifically what or how God does something does not mean he is not constrained by physical laws. There are no such things as miracles, only those things which are beyond our current understanding. To say that we can understand perfectly, and explain scientifically how he does those things would be arrogance on our part to even try to attempt, but that does not negate the laws of nature. Something as simple flight would have been considered a miracle in the not to distant past, does this negate physics, or gravity? I would state that we have harnessed our understanding of the restraints of those laws in order to achieve our objectives. God works in the same way. Do you not think that if he chose he could explain exactly how he does what he does? Or do you think he would just shrug and say "I don't know it's a miracle"?
  9. mdfxdb

    The Limits of God's Power

    I just read through this thread, and maybe I don't fully understand what the posters are saying, but i'll give the gist of my understanding. It has been stated that God is omnipotent, and as such he can do crazy things like make 4 sided triangles. I firmly believe that God is omnipotent, but he is in fact constrained by natural laws that either have always existed, or he created. God himself clearly states there are things he cannot do or he would cease to be God. For example, can God defy gravity? I think the answer is no. Take that as you will, but fill in any other natural law and ask yourself if God can change them. I believe he cannot. However, God does know how to work within the constraints of natural laws to accomplish the things he would have done, just as man has learned to do. We can fly, does any one doubt that God can fly? We have learned to work with the laws of gravity, and overcome the constraints presented to us in order to accomplish flight. Why can't God do the same thing, and still have to obey the laws of nature? Saying that God can and does have a better understanding of the laws of nature, and knows how to overcome their constraints is not saying God is not Omnipotent. It is saying he has greater understanding of those things. We do not need to have a perfect knowledge of how he does everything in order to believe he is Omnipotent.
  10. mdfxdb

    Need advice on getting remarried in temple

    Can't you just get married and then sealed when it is final? Marriage is a civil affair, sealing is religious.
  11. mdfxdb

    Ok. I'm needing help.

    I'm with the wait crowd, if it is right then it will happen. Your situation as you described smacks strongly of rebound. If it were me I would question anyone that would accept a proposal after 8 days...(what is the real motive?)
  12. mdfxdb

    Buying a camera

    as stated previously is a good place to go to get reccomendations, they have a search function which really narrows the field down to price, battery type, mega pixels, , camera style, and tons of other criteria. It is not an overload of information if you set your criteria correctly. Also, you can't go wrong with a canon point and shoot, best buy has them for the amount of $ you are willing to lay out. the only real problem you may run into, is size, cameras, like phones are getting smaller and smaller. Newer almost always = smaller.
  13. mdfxdb

    What Do I Do Now?

    I've got to agree with will227547 on this one. You need to get rid of the internet. it's not essential, and obviouslly causes more grief than is necessary. I don't know you, except by what you have posted here, but if you find this "addiction" is interfearing with other parts of your life, then you will need professional help.
  14. mdfxdb

    just found this forum

    thought i'd make my intro, found this forum on the internet, and it strikes me as interesting, seems to be an intersting place to exchange thoughts, and ideas.
  15. mdfxdb

    Missionary Blogs

    I don't think you need to worry about "harming" the missionaries. If they are within the rules of thier mission to blog, then I guess it's ok. If they are outside the rules of thier mission then they are in public domain and as such have to be responsible for their own actions. imho, those blogs are not at all appropriate both from the standpoint of privacy, and where do they get the time to do them?
  16. mdfxdb

    Missionary Blogs

    I agree, missionaries should not share those types of things on public domain, regardless if names are changed to protect the innocent. How do missionaries have time to blog anyway?