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  1. Yet, despite this and "manipulative" as posted by another, the OP decided to stay with this "bad" man and make 2 babies. The OP declares"When we were first married, I was much more affectionate. I appreciated him more, said nicer things, did more things for him, etc. And it's stopped." There is plenty of blame to go around here I think.
  2. mdfxdb

    Sins & depression

    Bold by me. I call B.S. on the whole thing. If she struggled with addiction for 4 years, then her parents are aware, and if not then they are either the worst parents in the world, she is a liar, or the whole thing is made up
  3. She was clear with you on where she is. You are very young. There are lots of women out there without this type of baggage. Find one of them. Sounds too simple right? Well it is that simple. Go and date lots of other women. You will find the world is full of beautiful women who want to get married, and don't have the type of baggage this one carries.
  4. Here's my idea: - Move away, let your family fend for themselves. They are taking advantage of you. You are entitled to your own life unencumbered by guilt associated with their perception that you have to take care of them at the expense of your own happiness. Lose weight, find a priesthood holder, get married, live your own life. You are not abandoning them. They are adults who have lived their lives. You can only abandon small children and pets.
  5. If you recognize all those things in yourself, then work on changing yourself. At this point you are a long ways away from calling it quits. You need to be in a position where you can honestly look in the mirror, and say I have done all I can do to change myself, my attitude, my treatment of others (all to the better). If he can't react to those changes then it might be time to leave, maybe. Don't make the mistake of expecting him to change. He was good enough to marry, good enough to make a baby with, and despite everything you chose to make another baby with him. You have a deep obligation to him and your children to make it work. There must be something there otherwise you wouldn't have made 2 babies with this man.
  6. mdfxdb

    How much would you support married children?

    That being said. If someone wants to get married and do grown up stuff, then they need to be treated like grown ups. If a parent has set aside, or committed a certain amount of $ towards education, then it is appropriate for them to keep that money flowing post marriage of their child. However, they should not subsidize any type of lifestyle of the married couple, just because things are tough for newlyweds. If my child wants to get married, then they get no more $$, other than what I may have set aside for their education only. They need to figure out where to live, how to eat, etc, etc.
  7. I'm not sure how corporal punishment benefits a 18 month old..... You need to set some boundaries. Real things he needs to change, or get help with. Also, look in the mirror, and look closely. Are you giving your best? I wouldn't leave/bring up the big D word at this point, but I would at a minimum seek out marital counseling from a qualified professional. If he wont go, then you should go for yourself. Decide now what your deal breakers are, and make sure they are good ones. Make sure to communicate your deal breakers with your husband.
  8. My handbook reference was in reply to a comment regarding members supposed thoughts on the matter. In official church capacities, the handbook is very clear. I'm not sure it applies to dealings with non-members. In general men and women cannot be friends. There are studies which prove this out. All other statements/anecdotes are exceptions.
  9. handbook 2: 13.6.24 A man and a woman should not travel alone together for Church activities, meetings, or assignments unless they are married to each other or are both single.
  10. mdfxdb

    Stop coming to Utah?

    um....Zion isn't Utah.... Utah isn't Zion
  11. Spend real $$$ on a really good Attorney. Don't listen to everybody. Don't pursue/not pursue anything unless your Attorney instructs you to do so. Protect your assets and your rights. I would give your wife the same advice..... since she clearly doesn't want to be amicable, then you have to let it not be amicable.....
  12. This: History has demonstrated a need for a hedge against tyrants.
  13. I think probably not. Like many cultures I suspect, (at a young age), maybe even as early as 3 years old he was carrying a sword/weapon of some sort and practicing with it. He was obviously educated, and as such his education would have been in military exercise and war along with other disciplines. I think it reasonable to surmise he excelled in military exercise as well as academic. He was clearly a natural born leader, as well as a spiritual man. His being asked to be a general in his early twenties speaks more to his training, preparation, and experience more than anything. Likely he had fought, many battles and distinguished himself as a commander well prior to being asked to be a general.
  14. mdfxdb

    Holidays and paganism?

    Most holidays have their roots in "pagan" days, or days of celebration for other religions i.e. non christian. When the Catholic church (defined as all embracing/universal) came to preeminence, they tried to encompass all the traditions and replace the meaning of various days of celebration with Christ centered meanings. They were trying to be all encompassing, and universal...Catholic I think they were pretty successful. But, yeah, most of the holidays we celebrate have no historical meaning for "christian" churches. No one really believes that Jesus was born on the 25th of December do they?
  15. mdfxdb

    I feel like we're in a cult

    This, because in light of what the handbook of instructions states, things are being administered poorly at best. Of course I am choosing to believe everything that is said by the OP. If it is true, then a change needs to be made. Inactivity is not the answer of course, but the husband does need to learn to say no. Also, they don't "need" anyone for anything. Regardless of how important we think we are the work will go on, and we need to take care of our families.
  16. mdfxdb

    I feel like we're in a cult

    Sounds like your branch president/presidency need to read the handbook. They are out of line making someone feel guilty, and discounting their feelings of being overwhelmed.
  17. mdfxdb

    I feel like we're in a cult

    handbook 2: as referenced from 19.1.1: Although service in Church callings requires sacrifice, it should not compromise a member’s ability to fulfill family and employment responsibilities (see 17.2.1). Before calling a married person to an assignment that requires a significant time commitment, Church leaders consider the effect of the calling on the marriage and family. 17.2.1 Family Circumstances When extending callings, scheduling leadership meetings, and planning activities, leaders consider the family circumstances of members. Church service and participation always entail a measure of sacrifice. However, strong families are vital to the Church, and members should not be asked to make excessive family sacrifices to serve or to support programs or activities. One family circumstance to consider is the Church calling(s) held by a member’s husband or wife. Individual families should not be overburdened with Church responsibilities. Another circumstance to consider is the overall time demands that members face in supporting their families and taking care of other personal matters. In some areas of the world, members of necessity work two or three jobs. These are legitimate considerations for leaders to weigh in extending callings, scheduling leadership meetings, and planning activities.
  18. I don't have a problem with the policy. It is not any more exclusionary than restricting someone from joining based on any of the other disqualifiers we have. In many ways it is in the best interest of the child to have them wait until they are out of the house to make those kinds of decisions. Families break apart over religion all the time, and they aren't even gay. Why put more wedges into a potentially otherwise stable household? When the child is an adult they can choose their path with out the 24/7 influence of their "parents". Not only that but we wouldn't consciously baptize someone with a predisposed agenda would we? Or baptize someone whose parents would try to influence/butt in now that their child is a member, and they feel like they have a say in things. This policy probably avoids more legal problems than anything.....
  19. mdfxdb

    Muslim/Mormon Relationship

    Concentrate on your mission. A quote from my mission: "The first half of your mission you are afraid your girlfriend won't wait for you to return. The second half of your mission you are afraid she will....." Concentrate on your mission. The world is full of women.
  20. This is why you should hire a CPA to do your income taxes. Even "easy" tax returns aren't easy.
  21. Addiction Abuse Adultery Sounds like he checked at least two off the list (more than once). Maybe even three if you consider repeat offense as equating Abuse. Follow Omega's advice.
  22. mdfxdb

    Girlfriend help

    Dude, let her go. Don't make one of the biggest mistakes men make when they are seeking women. Don't be her knight in shining armor. As previously mentioned, you can't save anyone. Heck, you do not want to save her, trust me she will not thank you for it. The behaviors you see now are only an example of future behaviors, which will likely escalate and / or get worse. Let her live her life and become someone other dudes problem.
  23. mdfxdb

    Men Serving in Primary

    Men are the perpetrators in 96% of sexual assaults.......... I would not move to make any changes as written. I think they've covered the bases.
  24. mdfxdb

    Church releases picture of seer-stone

    OK, so how did he do it? Seer Stone, Urim and Thummin, Direct reading, and recitation? Which was it? How should we teach it in church? What illustrations should we be showing to depict said translation?
  25. I'm sure you would know. You only have water for brushing your teeth, but on the other hand you only drink diet soda..... lol..