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  1. An example of somebody who could possibly be in Outer Darkness would be JS. A person would need perfect light and then complete rejection to be condemned to Outer Darkness. I would be willing to bet it has happened under a hundred times throughout history, if at all. It all comes down to faith... If I believe The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true then everything that comes from it must be true.
  2. How do I endure corrections from other people well? I tend to struggle with corrections, even when they are done to help me.
  3. I just find it ironic how when it looked like he would get off that people were saying let the system sort itself out. Then when he got arrested they started saying the system is flawed. Not talking about your post Sicily, but many other posters on here.
  4. Everything else= What Joseph Smith Jr revealed I am not arguing that everything after Joseph Smith Jr. must also be true. Despite the fact that many quotes by Joseph Smith Jr. indicate that this is the correct church. If I find those I will post them in this thread. If you will stay with the majority of the Twelve Apostles, and the records of the Church, you will never be led astray. Joseph Smith, Jr. If The Book of Mormon is true then Joseph Smith Jr. is a Prophet of God. The Book of Mormon was not found by a random guy. That is the only argument that could really hold any weight. Although it is easily refuted by the fact that The Book of Mormon claims great authority. The God that is depicted in The Book of Mormon would not let a random guy discover The Book of Mormon and start a religion. That then establishes the fact that God(representatives included) must have revealed The Book of Mormon unto who he chose. We can easily figure, undeniably, who he revealed it too. The way we figure it out is who revealed The Book of Mormon to the world. That would be JS. The below scripture indicates Joseph Smith Jr. revealed The Book of Mormon to the world and it is a historical fact. 34 He said there was a abook deposited, written upon gold plates, giving an account of the former inhabitants of this continent, and the source from whence they sprang. He also said that the fulness of the everlasting Gospel was contained in it, as delivered by the Savior to the ancient inhabitants; JS History 1 Now that we have established that The Book of Mormon was revealed to JS by God, lets prove he is a Prophet of God. We can do this by knowing that the God depicted in The Book of Mormon is righteous Which would then mean, he would not reveal it to somebody who would lie. If he would not reveal it to somebody who would lie then JS can be counted as credible. That would then make his declarations that he is a Prophet credible. Another way we can establish that JS is a Prophet of God is by The Book of Mormon. In The Book of Mormon it repeatedly talks about how prophets led the people of God. If that is the case it follows that God would always have prophets lead. Having a quorum of the twelve is in both the Bible and Book of Mormon. That wold mean God has always wanted prophets to lead. That proves that God would only call a Prophet to lead his people. If he is a Prophet of God that would also mean his revelations are true. Part of a Prophets duty is receiving revelations for the people of God. That would mean the revelations came from God. Which means the revelations JS brought forth are true. Notice I did not say his individual actions, but the revelations he brought forth. Now you may say, "well only some of his revelations are true or none, yet he is still a prophet." All we have to do is work backwards to see that it is all true or none of it is true. If the revelations are not true that would mean he is not a Prophet of God. The moment he starts giving false revelations he is not a prophet. If he is not a Prophet then the claim by The Book of Mormon and him, that a Prophet should receive the book is false. That would then mean The Book of Mormon is not true. In addition, if he came out with false revelations then he lies which means the whole claim that The Book of Mormon is true falls apart. I don't think the missionaries were told to stop teaching "it logically follows" because it is not true. Rather, because, many people like to cherry pick the gospel. Teaching "logically follows," would then isolate many people who would join the church.
  5. I agree with that, I did not just choose this church because I like everything about it. Some of the stuff is not favorable to me: how the old testament God appears to act, priesthood denied to blacks and a mall being built to name a few.
  6. The outer darkness only consists of apostates who know undeniably the truth of the gospel. Which would mean only those who have seen God or Jesus Christ in person. Not talking about those who have seen them spiritually. Which means that it would, essentially, be followers of the devil. Even people like Oliver Cowdrey or other Saints who fell out did not have a perfect light. They did not get the doctrines Joseph Smith Jr. came out with "verified" by Heavenly Father or Jesus Christ. The majority of spirits in outer darkness would be the 1/3rd that chose to follow the Devil instead of enter mortality. In that case, I have no sympathy, they are followers of the Devil who had a perfect light.
  7. I have not started keeping a journal and regret it everyday. My Sunday School teacher told me something that hit me once, "a spiritual experience recorded is like living it over and over." That is why I should be recording all my spiritual experiences. In addition, I wish I would have wrote a journal about my conversion step by step. How neat would that have been for my children? It would have been really neat and yet I still don't write one. I feel pretty ashamed sharing this...
  8. "In the revelations the doctrines of the gospel are set forth with explanations about such fundamental matters as the nature of the Godhead, the origin of man, the reality of Satan, the purpose of mortality, the necessity for obedience, the need for repentance, the workings of the Holy Spirit, the ordinances and performances that pertain to salvation, the destiny of the earth, the future conditions of man after the resurrection and the judgment, the eternity of the marriage relationship, and the eternal nature of the family. Likewise the gradual unfolding of the administrative structure of the Church is shown with the calling of bishops, the First Presidency, the Council of the Twelve, and the Seventy, and the establishment of other presiding offices and quorums. Finally, the testimony that is given of Jesus Christ—his divinity, his majesty, his perfection, his love, and his redeeming power—makes this book of great value to the human family and of more worth than the riches of the whole earth." Thus we see how carefully the Lord is preparing every detail to carry out the full plan He has designed for the guidance of His children on their journey through mortality. The population growth indicates He is sending many more of His spirit children to earth to have a mortal experience. Technology makes travel and communication accessible to all corners of the earth, and, most important, He is protecting and preserving His holy scriptures for our guidance. My encouragement to you tonight is to study the doctrines of the Lord's Church. With all the mountains of information being fed to the world today, how comforting it is to know that the Lord has preserved His dealings with His children as contained in His holy scriptures. Here is our foundation of truth. It will stand the test of time. It is the doctrine and His revealed covenants we must take upon ourselves that will lead us back to His presence. It is the only course that will lead to life eternal, which is surely the objective of each of us. This is my witness to you in the name of our Lord and Savior, even Jesus Christ, amen. Apostle of Jesus Christ L. Tom Perry
  9. I don't see anyway around it, if The Book of Mormon is true then everything else is also true. No doubt, you have probably heard that already. Nonetheless, think it out and try to come up with a way it would not be true if The Book of Mormon is true. Everything Joseph Smith Jr. brought forth must be true, which is the majority of the D&C. Don't mistake me as telling you not to question. Joseph Smith Jr. would never tell Saints not to question or gain knowledge nor would I. “A man is saved no faster than he gains knowledge” ― Joseph Smith Jr. “By proving contraries, truth is made manifest.” ― Joseph Smith Jr. I would also recommend reading D&C 88 one of the best chapters. If you read through our whole cannon and compare they are interwoven. Doctrine and Covenants 88
  10. As minds become free, they will act free. I guess I am a prime example... The first one is exactly what I say. If God is love he would not torture people in hell for all eternity. No offence...
  11. The guy appeared to falsely testify like three different times during his bail. They better keep him far from the stand.
  12. Don't you think that is the case for everyone who reaches the Celestial Kingdom? We will all look back at our experiences on earth and laugh. That does not negate the fact that we or those who only live an hour still suffer. Once we reach the Celestial Kingdom everything is beneath everybody. Although at that moment the child dies, before he enters the Celestial Kingdom his spirit must feel sorrow. After all, babies are closer to the veil. The child after all did sacrifice an experience God created for us. God being omnipotent could have just skipped the earth life and sent us straight to the Celestial Kingdom. That is what leads me to believe there must be great benefits to mortality. Namely, get a body and gain experience. I really believe suffering and sacrifice help us reach our full potential. That is why we are given so many trials to strengthen us. Without the trials we would not be refined enough to be exalted. I really like the saying, "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger." If God really wanted to he could make everyone of our trials go away. That is not what God wants, he wants us to become like him. That is why a child dying early, either didn't need mortality or the suffering is so great from not gaining experience.
  13. Suffering is not exclusive to sinning and repenting. Although everyone sins and has to repent. I have heard many talks about the Lord giving us trials for our growth. Those trials would count as suffering to us. We are told in the scriptures that everybody who comes to earth wanted to be here. That even includes those who were only here for a short time, a child who dies. With that in mind, never being allowed the blessing of mortality, seems like more suffering then anything else. I also believe that we are appointed to our time of death. That means God knows when we will die and has it planned. For the child who only lives an hour I believe he is a greater spirit then me. That the child did not need to go through mortality.