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  1. The Spanish version of the Book of Mormon that I used on my mission was translated by a prominent member of the Church who was Mexican. As one who speaks fluently a foreign language, I can say that it is not an easy job. Language can be very nuanced. It was interesting to me that the translation used in that BoM used the Spanish word desert for wilderness. I don't think of wilderness as desert, necessarily, but wilderness certainly encompasses desert.
  2. AFAIK this was a single action revolver. Those guns have a loading gate behind the cylinder and any one checking the gun via that gate would have seen the back of a primed cartridge. From that angle there would be no way to tell the type of round loaded in the revolver. One could check the gun looking at the front, but then one would have to point the barrel at oneself. And depending on lighting, it would be uncertain whether a live round would be recognized. I believe that press checking involves semi automatic pistols.
  3. mrmarklin

    Food Storage Assessment

    Eating what we store would be very problematic. We eat fresh vegetables, never canned. And my wife is never going to run a wheat grinder, nor am I.
  4. mrmarklin

    Food Storage Assessment

    We have a 72 hour kit at our second home. This because the area is subject to occasional power outages. Here in CA, most homes don’t have basements, making any serious storage impractical for most families. Not enough room. The real problem in any serious emergency is access to water. Without water one will not live very long. Luckily, in both my residences, the water table is high, and I own a shovel. 😃
  5. Been a long time since I’ve heard a food storage talk. I didn’t know it was still a thing. Here in CA we don’t have basements, so any serious storage is problematic at best.
  6. mrmarklin

    The Holy War

    Only one true “Holy War”. The rivalry for the Axe (a real object) between Cal and Stanford.
  7. mrmarklin

    Judgement and attributing motives

    I’m the owner/manager of an office of around twenty people. If someone is behaving inappropriately, they will be let go. Can’t work here anymore. Their motives and or reasons for the problems are not my problem. If they refuse to correct it, they must be gone. I won’t jeopardize the other employees or the business with problems, even if I’m sympathetic.
  8. mrmarklin

    Charity sufferereth long

    It means: No good deed goes unpunished. 🤐
  9. Probably more experience than you. In 1993 I was in Guatemala when there was a government coup.
  10. Because according to the US constitution, there is a bill of rights. Abridging things such as church attendance, or any peaceful assembly is specifically prohibited. Where, except in a politician’s feeble brain, is the government’s right to mandate me doing anything I don’t want to do in this phony emergency?
  11. I repeat: I don’t obey mandates from wannabe dictators. I won’t argue the merits, but it’s in the US constitution. Obviously, if one doesn’t live in the US there can be different rules.
  12. As a US citizen I do not obey mandates from wannabe dictators. YMMV. Frankly, I’m ashamed that the average American appears to be a sheeple I view the recent advice from the GAs as PR.
  13. mrmarklin

    Men: How do you help around the house?

    My wife and I have a deal. I bring home the bacon and she cooks it.
  14. mrmarklin

    Conference Talks

    Colt, gentlemen. Always the best. The others came late to the party.
  15. mrmarklin

    Is it easy or hard.

    The people that do not live the gospel are doing it the hard way. This is true, no matter how it seems.
  16. mrmarklin

    Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

    Life happens to everybody. Like a poker hand, it’s what one does with it that counts.
  17. mrmarklin

    Hypothetical - mail-order bride

    This pic was posted on quite another forum. Consensus was it’s a dude.
  18. mrmarklin

    Hypothetical - mail-order bride

    Gotta lose the unibrow. 🙄
  19. mrmarklin

    Hypothetical - mail-order bride

    There is only one relevant question here: Is she hot?😃
  20. mrmarklin

    The power and keys of ministry

    John was the Apostle who asked to not die, but minister to the people until the Millenium.
  21. mrmarklin

    Alma 30:7-11

    It's difficult to believe that a 14yo can give consent (in absence of parental supervision) to a sexual act to any adult. Much less someone almost ten years older. While not actually condoning this situation, the law, by mitigating the penalties of such an act, is immoral IMHO.
  22. mrmarklin

    If you inherited 5 million dollars

    Other than possibly being more charitable, my lifestyle would not change. I’d have more invested😀
  23. mrmarklin

    Gold Hits Record High and Surpasses 1,900 Dollars Per Ounce

    The US has over $300 trillion in assets.. Not close to broke.
  24. mrmarklin

    Gold Hits Record High and Surpasses 1,900 Dollars Per Ounce

    Unless you are a market insider you cannot time the market. And even then............. If you want to sell high and buy low, get into a “balanced” Mutual Fund. This is your best chance. And even then...........
  25. mrmarklin

    Gold Hits Record High and Surpasses 1,900 Dollars Per Ounce

    Some of you should subscribe to Recoil magazine and similar. 😆