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  1. It seems like you are uncomfortable with this guys past. Thats unlikely to change. Find another person to marry. You are both very young and there are plenty of fish in the sea.
  2. Ear piercing is very cultural. My wife is from Latin America and piercing is done to female children at around six months of age. The girls grow up with earrings in their ears. My daughter was pierced at an early age, and my granddaughter, whose mother is Mexican, also has pierced ears. She’s now eight. OTOH, my mother never had her ears pierced in her lifetime. A different culture. Hinckley’s comment about the Church having no position on piercing, certainly reflects the growing number of Latins joining the church at that time. BTW, the rule on engagement ring cost is two months salary. A good argument for marrying young, when one’s salary is low!
  3. Tracking is generally a waste of time. Your son should contact local administrators or charities and get involved in service projects. Just wearing the name tag is high visibility and they’re doing the right thing too. Remember that people who are involved in helping others are more likely to be receptive to the Church’s message.
  4. I do not buy evolution theory. I didn't descend from any monkey or gorilla. YMMV.
  5. No stores open in Germany on Sunday now. Yeah, they’re secular
  6. He could, but the stores are closed.
  7. Parse it all you want. All the more reason to preserve one’s virtue for marriage. That way one will never be in the position of being “assaulted”. Sorry, but modern society cannot repeal a 6,000 year history of rules designed to protect, particularly women, in their interactions with the male of the species. Human nature has not changed. Interestingly no one has mentioned the greatest and most effective lie of all. I love you.❤️
  8. It should be said that investing the difference on a 30 year vs 15 year mortgage is heavily dependent on interest rates. Currently they are at all time generational lows. Thirty years ago this advice would not have applied. I had a 12-1/2% variable mortgage and felt lucky to have it! I've learned that everyone is different when it comes to investing. Many people have a low risk tolerance, some are quite the opposite. My biggest problem in the investment area is managing expectations. Most Mormons are taught that debt is "bad". But it is really a tool that can help people in a lot of ways. It think the church counsel is wise in that we should stay away from high interest consumer debt that buys us items that are not necessarily needs. For many of us living on tight budgets this is very wise advice. I've learned over the years that for most of us in the affluent westernized countries we will always have a house payment and a car payment. We need a roof over our heads, and a means to get to work etc. Other debt should be used wisely, Typically in business or investing leverage.
  9. The actions you describe are the crime of battery. Therefore five is the only reasonable choice.
  10. Since I can’t stand any form of socialism, I’m more comfortable with people who agree politically. I know a lot of different religious people, including some atheists who are not religious. I manage to get along quite well with most of them.
  11. Funny you should say that. I’m seriously considering the new Audi RS5.
  12. As a securities license holder I can state that markets are at an all time high. So there is risk. Buy solid stocks that yield a dividend. Those dividends will provide income and protect you against the worst of the downturn that will inevitably happen. But if you hang on and have faith in the US economy, you’ll be OK in the long run.
  13. Every study about the stock market ever done minimizes the effects of timing the market, and indicates that buying and holding with reinvested dividends is by far the optimal strategy. It is a FACT, that the US stock market has yielded average returns of 8% per year, dividends reinvested for well over 100 years now. This is through two world wars and a depression, not to mention a lot of other minor disasters. It is a fact, that the US is the world’s greatest nation and IMHO will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. Don’t plan for the next recession. This is a fools strategy. This is a great country with leading technology and strong international companies. Buy only good ones, of course.
  14. I spent $130 at lunch with my daughter in law and grandchildren today. You,re not scaring me.
  15. I really have to reject the idea that one should live one’s life planning for the next recession. OP has a good job, has a growing family. No reason he shouldn’t buy this new property. If we all lived in fear of the might happen, nothing could ever get done.
  16. In general, the church counsels against debt. But one of the exceptions is a home purchase. Your percentages of payments are in line with your income, so for me this would be a no brainer. Go for it! If it’s any comfort, I’m currently financing three vehicles with total payments of $3,300 per month. The church would not like that! Yeah, they’re great cars. PS. One will be paid off in March.
  17. Like to find a property in WC for $475K. Let me know about it.
  18. If a house is worth $475K, the implication is that it could be purchased for that amount. But I’ll rephrase: I’d like to see a home that’s worth only $475K. I realize that for the vast majority of you the numbers are surreal. And they are ludicrous. My son just bought a 4&2 of 1400 sq ft for $630K. No, it did not have a large lot. This is a starter home here. Luckily he makes $300K+ annually. Payment with taxes insurance etc is $4,000 per month. Yes, it’s expensive here.
  19. I would like to know where in the SF Bay Area one can buy a house for $475k.......... please advise.
  20. I’ve had my share of problems with finances in my marriage. For me, it boils down to personal responsibility. This can be a fundamental incapatibility between spouses, and IMO grounds for divorce if not resolved. One can live in Goa, India for less than $600 per month. But why?
  21. I meet people all the time in my profession. People can be very evil and hypocritical, it's not always easy to discern this. Witness the Utah followers of such charlatans like Denver Snuffer . These things are not problems in life? I submit they are common.
  22. These tests are day to day life. Who lives a life devoid of problems? Not even the very wealthy have this luxury. Steve Jobs with all his wealth could not prevent dying young, although he tried. It's what one does about one's problems that define who one is. Recently some have dealt with tropical storms, flooding and total loss of family, friends and every kind of material goods! Many, if judging by the news have dealt well with these problems. Others probably not so well.
  23. Having children is major. Being married, you don't have the right to decide this on your own. It seems like you and your husband have a good plan. I personally think it's important to lay a proper foundation for bringing children into the world.
  24. Before you make any decision get some counseling even if it's only yourself. This can give you perspective as to what to do. Remember, you have a responsibility to your children over your personal needs. In eight years, you can leave with a clear conscience. We need more information, as you have not told us how your husbands behaviors negatively affects the children.
  25. You need to consider your son. Go back to your husband until your child is 18 and try to have a normal life, despite your lack of passion. Don't be selfish. If your husband is trying to work on his problems he doesn't seem like that bad a guy in other aspects. I personally don't think a make out session is worth the angst of confession to anyone. But don't do it again. You don't know what the consequences of such a confession may be. Don't risk it You owe to your child as much normal family life as possible.