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    mrmarklin reacted to mirkwood in Another "Church Culture Stinks" Article   
    A large majority of the people I have had the "Utah Mormon" conversations with are really talking about one of two things.  Utah valley culture and BYU culture.  The last person I had this conversation with was on a serious anti-Utah Mormon rant.  I got him talking about it in greater detail and he was telling me how awful it was living in Utah.  Turns out his entire living in Utah experience was his four years living on the BYU campus.  I pointed out to him that about 70% of the student population he was having issues with were not Utahns.  His expression was priceless.
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    mrmarklin got a reaction from mirkwood in Another "Church Culture Stinks" Article   
    My current experience mirrors yours, but here in California.  Young people simply cannot afford houses in my area, and consequently there are few.  Even renting in a decent area requires close to a six figure income.
    So Wards have hollowed out and are shrinking.  In other parts of the State this is not true.  There is a building in our stake that was designed for four Wards anticipating what was thought to be future growth.  The building is gigantic.  One ward is in attendance.
    I think the article has little to do with "church" culture and a lot to do with Utah Valley culture.
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    mrmarklin reacted to Traveler in Another "Church Culture Stinks" Article   
    I live in a upscale stake in Utah.  About 5 years ago two wards disappeared from our stake.  Interestingly I have been in every ward in our stake and never moved.  The recent changes were caused by families raising their children and becoming empty nesters.   Our home use to have 7 members, now there are 2.  That is a 70% decrees. We were once in a primary with 200 little darlings - now we have about 25.  The new wards try to balance things but still there are gaps in the age of kids.  Our ward was great for families - now it is great for older couples.  There are some new families moving in with kids - we are kind of a newly wed and nearly dead ward.  But it is great - there are about 15 couples that we travel with.  There are only two that I can cycle and ski with - mostly I ski with my brothers.  But life is shifting.  My generation is dwindling.  My wife and I have lost our parents and all that is left of over 40 aunts and uncles is now less than 5.  Now we are starting to lose cozens.   I would guess about 1/4 of the young families are children of ward members living with parents while they build a home, settle after a divorce or try to get back into life after screwing everything up.  For sure - our ward is evolved over the 35 years we have been here.  
    The Traveler
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    mrmarklin reacted to NeuroTypical in Another "Church Culture Stinks" Article   
    FYI, the ward boundaries into which we moved 20 years ago, now holds like 8 wards in 2 different stakes.  True, much is due to population growth and new children born, but a lot of it is due to new member baptisms.
    So it's not the best idea to take your (or my) experience and paint it too generally across a global church.  
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    mrmarklin reacted to anatess2 in Another "Church Culture Stinks" Article   
    What I really dislike about articles (and writers) such as these is the bubble they live under.  They have zero awareness that the Church extends beyond the streets of Utah.  Saying this is "Mormon Culture" is as ignorant as Bernie Sanders saying Native Americans represent environmentalism...
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    mrmarklin reacted to theplains in Questions about LDS rules   
    In addition to the Word of Wisdom, Gospel Principles says "Our prophets have told us that we should not shop, hunt, fish,
    attend sports events, or participate in similar activities on that day."
    I'm not LDS myself, but if I were, I'd say it is important to follow the guidance given by prophets if it is supported by the
    scriptures.  But personally, I would go on a Sunday fishing trip to share the gospel with a non-believer if that opportunity
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    mrmarklin reacted to mirkwood in Gross Tithing, Gross Blessings. Net Tithing, Net Blessings   
    The epitomy of self righteousness.
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    mrmarklin reacted to CommanderSouth in The spirit as "telepathy"...   
    An interesting thought I had this week while driving home from a holiday visit.
    One idea that has been percolating in my mind lately is that God is real (amazing I know).  With this being the case, while we don't understand all his ways, they are within the natural order of things, at least this is my feeling on the matter.  That in mind, the thought came to me that while talking to my wife that the idea of spiritual communication is very similar to the idea of telepathy.  Another thought that has been kicking around for me lately is that language is finite in its ability to communicate, which in turn always makes me think of Moroni lamenting his inability to articulate like the Brother of Jared.  This idea manifested itself to me through the discussion of language (specifically Christ's role in it's development), which then got me thinking, the spirit speaks to our mind/heart, how is that not really just telepathy so to speak.  I then went a bit further down the road with it and am now thinking that as we live righteously, we put ourselves in a position to "hear" the spirit better, and that isn't just a platitude, it's a physical truth.
    I say all of this because my whole life growing up as a Protestant was that God basically had no rules, he could just do anything and it was magic.  The more I study, the more I think he is bound by rule just as we are.  Granted this kicks the whole "who made the rules" can down the road another step, but it makes God far more approachable.
    Just wanted to throw this out to see what you guys thought about it.
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    mrmarklin reacted to anatess2 in Is it really coming to this?   
    Hah hah.  It's a sign he grew up in the Bronx to pre-WWII German parents and spent more time with the construction crew than high society.
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    mrmarklin reacted to anatess2 in Is it really coming to this?   
    Branding.  Calling Warren Pocahontas to brand her for her fraud is the exact same thing as calling Washington football team Redskins to brand their use of trick plays made popular in Indian football.  Only mindless progressives engaged in outrage victimhood culture thinks of it as victimhood. 
    Interestingly, most people who thinks Trump's use of Pocahontas proves he does not care about native Americans are... not native Americans.  Native Americans are more concerned about the real issue - that Warren falsely claimed citizenship in one of their tribes and used it for privilege.  It's the exact same situation where the guy who promoted that "Oriental" is insulting to Asians is a white dude teaching Asians who didn't think it was insulting to get offended.
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    mrmarklin reacted to anatess2 in Is it really coming to this?   
    And that is because you are a prisoner to Political Correctness.  You are a player in victimhood Olympics your art of speech is subject to someone else's victimhood claim to offense.  You are like the Democrats who think - "you did not vote to give food, shelter, and healthcare to poor people, you must not care about poor people" regardless of the work you have done to promote and uplift poor people.  You are more concerned of "how it looks" rather than "how it is".  You are the perfect example of somebody who cannot see the ugly truth because you're offended by its ugliness so you'd rather have the pretty lies. 
    And you keep on saying things like "does not care about any collateral damage done" or "getting revenge on those he wants" - completely baseless accusations.
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    mrmarklin reacted to anatess2 in Is it really coming to this?   
    You made my point EXACTLY. 
    This is the reason Trump pushes back.  But then, when he does, you whine that he's too mean or he's ending civil discourse or whatever.  You have zero realization that civil discourse ended long time ago and political correctness took its place - uncivil discourse hiding behind pretty words.  The only difference between me calling somebody "Pocahontas" versus "He's going to put you back in chains" is... one is true, the other one is false.
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    mrmarklin reacted to Just_A_Guy in Financial Whistleblower   
    So if my math is right, you’re saying the Church should be carrying a debt of at least $670 billion in order to be as well-run as the federal government is.  
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    mrmarklin reacted to Vort in Financial Whistleblower   
    Doctor Nelson didn't make enough money from his time as a world-renowned heart surgeon, you see. So now he has a sweet gig where, at 95 years old, he spends 80 hours per week traveling around from meetinghouse to meetinghouse helping people, and for this life of luxury he receives the exorbitant sum of around $120,000 per year. If only he could have made that kind of coin during his surgery days! Maybe he could have afforded to retire instead of working hard into his tenth decade.
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    mrmarklin reacted to bytebear in Not believing in the traditional Christ   
    Thing is, LDS teachings are Biblical, and quite plain, if you understand them through modern revelation.   The King Follett sermon is a prime example.  The introduction to the sermon by Joseph Smith says:
    The teaching of Joseph Smith are as plain in the Bible as any traditional belief, if understood through revelation.  Smith didn't teach three heavens from the Book of Mormon or the Doctrine and Covenants, but from 1 Corinthians 15, but with a revealed understanding.  The nature of the spirit world is from 2 Peter.  Eternal marriage and temple ordinances from Genesis, etc. etc.  Some "plain and precious" truths were lost over time, but I believe Smith fully believed in the truthfulness of the Bible, and that our "odd" teachings are plainly taught there. 
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    mrmarklin got a reaction from JohnsonJones in What makes you a member?   
    This is not unusual.  There are many believers that due to personal reasons don't attend church.  But they do consider themselves believers.  We had a member in our ward that was a life long smoker, couldn't give it up.  He came to church every Sunday, and was a very faithful home teaching companion. Oddly, his wife was not a member.
    I belong to a club of several hundred people.  Because of past leadership roles, I know many members personally.  Some have not been to a club meeting in years, but still consider themselves to be loyal members.
    And they are.
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    mrmarklin reacted to Jane_Doe in Excommunication and Sealings   
    Hi @bnthome, I'm an LDS Christian lady married a great generic Christian dude.  We have a little daughter.  
    Ultimately, all covenants are about a person embracing Christ & His ways: they want to be that upright person, walk in His ways, have the goodness that comes from it.  It is first and foremost a matter of heart, with actions following that.  My husband is a great person and husband, but he's not yet formally taken on Christ's name and stepped up to that plate.  
    Therefore, today we are not yet sealed.  Because we as a couple are not yet sealed, today our little girl is also not yet sealed to us (parents bond has to come first).  
    What tomorrow holds is not yet know to us mortals.  But I do have faith that my husband will eventually come to fully embrace Christ, formally take on His name, and formally make covenants with Him.  It just hasn't happened yet today.  And that "tomorrow" is probably not a literal 24 hours from now.  It may not even be during this mortal life.  But I do have faith that it will happen, because I have faith in God and the good man I know my husband is.  
    Likewise is the case with every other person on this Earth: they'll all have the opportunity to come to Christ and be formally one with Him/each other.  Whether that comes in this life or the next.  
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    mrmarklin got a reaction from mdfxdb in Emotional affair and children   
    Delete all evidence of this activity and never tell anyone. 
    You have a responsibility to your children that overrides all other considerations. You need to keep your family intact, if possible. The fact is, you did not have any sort of physical relationship. Over time, any guilt you may feel will be wiped away by the fine family you will raise. You will not go to hell by taking my advice  That’s total nonsense  By raising a great family you will have repented  
    Dont do anything stupid like talking to your bishop. He will likely have you tell your husband, destroying all. 
    Go to an independent counselor if you must talk this out with somebody.  
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    mrmarklin reacted to Just_A_Guy in Beto drops out   
    Seem online:  
    “In a fitting final bit of Hispanic cultural appropriation, “Beto” killed his campaign on the Day of the Dead.”
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    mrmarklin got a reaction from omegaseamaster75 in Emotional affair and children   
    Delete all evidence of this activity and never tell anyone. 
    You have a responsibility to your children that overrides all other considerations. You need to keep your family intact, if possible. The fact is, you did not have any sort of physical relationship. Over time, any guilt you may feel will be wiped away by the fine family you will raise. You will not go to hell by taking my advice  That’s total nonsense  By raising a great family you will have repented  
    Dont do anything stupid like talking to your bishop. He will likely have you tell your husband, destroying all. 
    Go to an independent counselor if you must talk this out with somebody.  
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    mrmarklin reacted to Lost Boy in Daughter got her mission call   
    My oldest daughter got her mission call.  It was a long time coming.  She always wanted to serve a mission, but she developed pretty bad depression her senior year in high school and ended up not graduating.  Basically a straight A student dropping out with one semester left to go. 
    It all set in right after her Karate Sensei quit.  The new sensei didn't click with the students and my daughter quit Karate and within two months she spiraled out of control.  Meds didn't help, therapists didn't help.  She had constant suicidal thoughts, but thank goodness she never did anything to self harm.  This went on for several years and it was brutal.  I had no idea of what to do.  
    She eventually found a job teaching Karate.  This was a true answer to prayers.  Slowly she got out of the funk she was in.  Over the next two and a half years she changed dramatically into a new person.  On her own started really studying to gospel.  She was instrumental in her best friend joining the church.  And she saved money the best she could because she wanted to pay for the mission herself.
    So she finally got her call.  And yes, she would have been happy to serve wherever, but like her old man got called to one of the top three places she wanted to go.  I am so happy for her.  After the struggles she went through, it is hard to think of a better place to go.
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    mrmarklin reacted to JohnsonJones in The future   
    This may be off, but the differences in the picture above is that in One of those places they live in a nation where free speech is a constitutional right under the government of the Nation that is over them.  They are allowed to voice what opinion they want, even if it is with a party that has traditionally been against the Constitution.
    The other is in a place where they are trying to fight against a Bigger Mother nations that is greatly influencing their local government to extradite people out of their area for courts and other ideas, and are facing extreme police brutality.  Their Mother nation is known for censorship, gulags, and quashing rebellions and ideas of freedom.  30 years ago that nation rode over protestors in tanks.  They probably have not had a direct situation like that simply due to the Agreement made with Britain and the fact of the world having massive numbers of reporters there currently, or otherwise there'd probably have been a repeat of it today or recently if they could have.
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    mrmarklin reacted to Just_A_Guy in Would you list a mission on a resume?   
    Like @mirkwood, I had to list it on my background check/work history forms when I applied for the bar; and I’ve applied to a few government jobs where I had to account for my entire adult work history.  In those cases I’ve listed the mission to account for that period of my life.
    Otherwise—I don’t think I had it on any resume I’ve done since graduating law school.  The closest I’ve come is something along the lines of “Portuguese proficient (resided in Northern Brazil, 1999-2001)”.  
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    mrmarklin reacted to anatess2 in Suicide and the Law of Chastity   
    Textbook manipulation... robbing you of agency through extreme guilt tripping.  There is literally a lot of options - if you're in the USA, the best one would be to take her to a hospital and tell the admitting nurse she's suicidal.
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    mrmarklin reacted to NeuroTypical in Suicide and the Law of Chastity   
    Fixing someone's suicidal thoughts with premarital sex?  Yeah, no, not the best idea.
    "I tried everything else but nothing worked" - her problems are not yours to fix.  They are hers to fix.  
    If I were you, I'd postpone the wedding, read a bunch of books on suicide, attend some premarital counseling sessions.  I would not marry someone with unresolved suicidal issues - it's not fair to either of you.