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  1. Punk rocker im not saying we dont have good people, because we do. But if you look at it that less then .5% of the world knows the truth that God still talks to man and modern day revelation, and that Gods church is on the earth again. I think the world is far past the evils of Sodom and Gamora. Sodom and Gamora were contained cities. The whole world has pretty much become that now. There are good people yes. But we are far, far out numbered.
  2. Currently we are not asked to live by the law of consecration. But i believe one day not far off, when times are going to be rough for everyone, everywhere. Yes we will be asked to live the law. "Zion shall be of one heart and one mind, and there shall be no pour among them". One day i know that we will need to live the law of consecration. I look forward to this day because it means that the coming of the lord is nigh. If you are afraid of sharing all that you have with your brothers and sisters try to detach yourself from these temporal possessions.
  3. Yes there is evidence. Actually when i was in priesthood a year ago one of the general authorities showed a slideshow that showed how natural disasters have been happening more and more frequently over the past 10 or so years compared to the past 100 or so. And it has been prophesied that weather during the last days will be more dangerous and it will begin to breakdown. Hence we have all of these global warming nuts who think that we are killing the planet. But in a way man is, the more and more wicked we get the more nature turns on her people.
  4. Well maxel and Stidgeion it looks like you two are the only ones who somewhat agree with what i have said. Yes people have always prophesied of the end of the world and all of them were mainly crazy people. The only reason why i bring this up is because i have noticed more and more prophecies being fulfilled at an every increasing rate. Thats all im really trying to say.
  5. You misunderstand my whole thing. I'm not worried at all!! I was just curious to as how other people felt.
  6. I am an 18 year old boy, and i have often heard of the signs of the times. I think they are becoming more and more relevant in our day and age. I have thought about the days of Sodom and Gamora. These cities were described as vile, evil places. Where the commandments of God were not obeyed or upheld. Men and women both committed acts that were abominations in the eyes of God. I look around and i see that Sodom and Gamora are not only cities on this planet currently, but they engulf the majority of it. I see men cheating on their wives, wives cheating on their husbands. Sex has become an act that is committed among teenagers and in some cases younger and committed by older people as well. Man has corrupted the true purpose of sex, which is meant to bring man and woman closer, when the right covenants have been made. Alcohol and drugs both illegal and prescription drug problems have become wide spread and plague the spirits and bodies of our brothers and sisters. Addictions to drugs, alcohol, sex and pornography have destroyed countless lives and brought down many families. I see the once great nation, a chosen land for God's children, which is being brought to its knees by those who we entrusted to uphold our values and lead this country forward with the same great values our founding fathers had. I remember hearing a quote that in the Last Days the constitution will hang by a thread. Now more then ever we can all see that to be true, as we are lead down a path that we did not sign up to go down. I feel that the days ahead are going to be tough for us all, domestic and abroad. I think it is time for all of us young and old to prepare for the rough times ahead. Just recently my whole family, aunts uncles and others have all felt that the time has come to prepare their food storage and gather the supplies that have been deemed necessary by our church. In these dark times we all need to cling to this gospel and feed our spirits so we will be able to endure what lies ahead. I am nowhere near perfect, i have many flaws and am only a teenager but i can feel and see what lies ahead. In my opinion which i truly feel is somewhat right, we are not only approaching the last days but we are immersed in them. I would just like to know your opinion of what Signs of the Times you have personally seen and how you feel about what i have spoken on.