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  1. I was born in Soldotna and we lived in Anchorage for a bit as well
  2. Just signed up and am now doing the whole intro thing. This looks like an excellent forum for sharing our interests and beliefs as they relate to the church and the gospel. I was "born into" the church. My parents became reactive again just about a year or two before I was born. They lived in Alaska at the time. I really wish I could remember that, we moved to Idaho when I was 5. Oh well, someday I hope to go back to Alaska and tour around. Since then I've lived in Idaho, Utah, and Nevada. I'm currently working on a PhD at Utah State University, which I hope to finish soon. I've been in school forever it seems. My wife and I have 5 wonderful children who keep us super busy. We love to see them learn and grow. It's great!! One of my passions is board/card game design. I love creating new ideas for board games, trying them out, refining them, and over and over again. Recently I have been focused on LDS/Mormon themed games. I think that games based on the gospel can provide a great teaching and learning opportunity, especially with children. Anyway, I find that there really aren't a whole lot available right now. So, I decided I'd like to help change that. I've got a blog where I talk about such things: Mormon Game Design. It's a lot of fun writing about these things and finding out what others think. I really enjoy it. I'd love to get a group together on here that are interested in games. Any way of connecting with others and sharing ideas, it's fantastic! So, there's the "what about me and who I am." Mike