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  1. Being sealed will be a huge blessing to you. Keep pushing for it and welcome to the site. I too am a convert and you can hear my story below:
  2. Welcome to the site. I have a video that may be useful as you come across people struggling with life:
  3. Welcome Aaron, you seem like a good guy. These two videos I created might help answer two of your questions/goals above. I hope you enjoy them:
  4. Welcome all Star Trek junkies. I hope you find what you are looking for here. I believe you will.
  5. rren


    Very warm welcome to you.
  6. Hey, congrats on your decision to serve a mission. You will find people like me just waiting to find the truth. You can hear my story here:
  7. Welcome. I would really love it if you watched two of my videos. I think they are very applicable to your life's story. I hope you like them.
  8. Welcome! You will really enjoy the great people here.
  9. EQ Presidency and Missionary Prep Instructor (most rewarding calling I've ever had)
  10. Always nice to meet a new convert. The Book of Mormon is a powerful tool.
  11. Bave3, I think both of these videos will help you immensely. Please take the time to watch:
  12. Hello and stay focuses on your mission. The Lord needs you dedicated fully to His work for these two years.
  13. Your mission will be the experience of a lifetime. You will find lost sheep like me who found the gospel 12 years ago. Click on this link. I think it will excite you about what possibilities lie ahead for you on your mission.
  14. TonkRogerio, welcome. I hope my story can help you. Please click below:
  15. rren


    hagop, welcome. Please click on this link to learn more about my journey with the LDS faith.
  16. I just created a new video on YouTube about "Finding Hope & Strength Through Trials" through the gospel of Jesus Christ. I would feel grateful to those who watch it and welcome any and all feedback. Here is the link: Feel free to pass it along to anyone going through hard times.
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    I was stuck in PA this week because of the storm. You guys are stealing all our great snow. Welcome to the site. You will like BYU, I went to grad school there.
  18. I hope you find what you are looking for here. Welcome
  19. Most LDS scholars concur that Shem and Melchezedek are the same person.
  20. Vinnie, joining the Church was the best thing I've ever done. Many good things are in store for you.
  21. H Lulu, welcome. If you are looking into the Church, you should click on this link below. It shows how and why I decided to join 12 years ago. I hope my story can help you in some way.