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  1. A good amount of this appears to be circumstantial evidence. Like I said, I use Verizon wireless, a national cellular data carrier across the US. I spoke with my computer friend and he said my "IP pool" would be the same. Not sure what that means but there you have it. He said also look at the "user agent" or something. Either way, I'm tired of defending myself. Conclusions have been drawn, I've been accused and found guilty. I've been labeled by those whom I thought were my friends. As such, I feel that I can no longer comfortably participate here. I'm sure many still believe that I've been here concocting elaborate stories for my amusement and that I and all these other pseudonyms are the same; we are not. Perhaps some will delight at my departure and pat themselves on the back assuring themselves and their peers that they were right and that judging and hanging me before the facts were even presented was right. Know that I am not the same as these other people, none of what was posted has been fabricated, and that you've successfully drove a member from your ranks based on loose circumstantial evidence and accusations. I had been tried and found guiltly long before this thread. Amazing, at no point have I ever attacked or degraded anyone here and have tried to offer empathy and sympathy. I've been attacked and accused of several things here by various members long before the moderators ruled in. Celebrate, cry, laugh, do whatever. Know that you've unjustly judged me and ostracized me without merit. I'm disappointed but life goes on. I'll move on to those who are more welcoming. I expected more. "Faith is an oasis that cannot be reached through the caravan of thinking." -Sarah
  2. I would very much like the moderators to expedite this investigation process so members, who I thought were my friends, would stop making accusations regarding my character and who I am and am not. It's ridiculous, offensive, and incredulous.
  3. I am not FriendofBrotherBear, period. Look into your darn [email protected]#$
  4. That's insulting and uncalled for, especially from a moderator.
  5. Please, I use the Verizon Wireless Network to post and I use Linux as well. A friend turned me on to it. Let me know if I can post some data you can use. Pam, thanks for re-enabling my account. I'm not really computer smart so my good friend (who's a computer guru) helped me set all this up. He said I didn't have to run antiviruses or anything! Neat! So, I have no idea who this 'friend of' is, they're certainly not my friend. Also, it looks like there's really no unique information that I've not posted before openly. For example, my cats, hoarding, my location, etc. I'm more than angry at what they posted especially at this time in my life where I was going through all these struggles. I have no idea what would compel someone to make up these lies. Now, it appears because someone who is evil decided to seed all these lies you'll now be suspicious of me in the future. I don't really think that's fair. I don't know of anyone named Mike and to be honest I'd like to punch the guy if I found him. To be honest, I'm a little sad I feel like some trust got stolen from me for something I didn't even do. Sure I may not have met all of you in real life but to some extent I felt we were friends and there was some implicit trust. Now it seems that's erroded and for no reason other than some [email protected]#$ decided to purport to be my friend. -Sarah
  6. Just wanted to say I'm going to be in the hospital for a while and probably won't have any kind of Internet access and likely won't really feel like doing much. Just wanted to thank everyone for their love and support here and wish you all the best. I hope to be out in a few months or so. Please keep me in your prayers and thoughts. Thanks so much for everything, this has been a wonderful place and I feel that I've made many friends here.
  7. Thanks Pam, I'm not so optimistic. They said the blood work came back abnormal and Tuesday I go in for a PET scan.
  8. Hormonal imbalance (estrogen) as a result of a abnormal growth on my pituitary gland... pretty worried now to even start drawing conclusions.
  9. Went to the emergency room last night and just got back. Prayers please. At least I've found out why I'm starting to lose some of my hair and I wish it were flea dip or genetics that were the culprit. It's never fun to face your own mortality. Right now I'm kind of an emotional zombie.
  10. This one is pretty concerning and it all started two weeks ago and has gotten worse. When I would brush my hair I'd notice the brush got a little full faster than normal. I didn't think much of it but my girlfriend pointed out to me that on the crown of my head I'm looking a little thin. Well it's gotten worse, and worse. I know stress can cause hair loss but I'm not worried or stressed. The ONLY thing I've done differently is about three weeks ago I put some flea killer on my four cats. Wonder if that's it, they like to sleep in the bed with me and one actually sleeps on my head sometimes.
  11. Too funny! Funny thing happened to me once, I was pouring my heart out online to a guy and we really hit it off. Well come to find out he was one of those bots! I was talking to a computer the whole time and didn't even know it!
  12. In a hypothetical situation, this friend has been a good friend at my ward and he's worried about the social impact and doesn't want to be ostracized. Again, all hypothetical. From my point of view, I wouldn't ostracize him. Hypothetically, we're friends and would not date in the future nor marry.
  13. These is purely a hypothetical question, but humor me if you will. I'm asking hypothetically to protect the names of a friend who expressed interest in Christianity. From what little I understand of Methodists, what is the proper procedure for LDS conversion if this even makes sense? Please don't jump all over me, I'm happy LDS, this is hypothetical. Thanks!
  14. I was just being silly, nothing wrong with guns or sports. :)