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  1. Nikkie85

    Missionary Girlfriends

    Be young and date around! I dated the same guy from the time I was 17 until I was 21 and we didn't get married and I really wasted time that could of been dating and hanging out with friends. When he comes back see where you stand.
  2. Nikkie85

    New Reality Show Features . . . Polygamists!

    You might have been joking but I think this is kinda of a good point. I think it is hilarious that people are so accepting of gays and lesbians but totally freak out over polygamy. I am sure I will get flamed over this but if we are going to let everyone marry who ever they want how can we put a number on the amount of people that are involved in the marriage.
  3. Nikkie85

    What price a woman's hair?

    Growing up in the South my grandma always told me that my hair was my crowing glory. I spend a good bit on my hair. I get it colored every eight weeks or so and that costs me about 75 with a cut. I use basic shampoo and conditioner not the cheapest stuff but not the most expensive ever. In the mornings I blow dry my hair and then roll the top and straighten the bottom. My hair is pretty long so I do put volumeizer in it and use hairspray when I done. I am currently pregnant so I doubt once the baby gets here I will do so much to my hair. I do like getting fixed up and stuff so I would say I do spend a good amount on my hair and make-up.
  4. When dh and I went to the DC temple it was packed! I live in NC and go to the Columbia SC temple and it is always busy on Friday nights and Saturdays.
  5. Nikkie85

    Any ideas for a YW lesson?

    I am the Mia Maids adviser and lately I feel like the girls need some direction. Maybe talk to them about being a good example to their friends and following the good examples of their mothers, aunts, friends etc?
  6. Nikkie85

    Christian shirts with crosses.?

    I was giving my opinion. In no way did look down on anyone. I am the only LDS member in my family and I am constantly surrounded by crosses worn by my family members and friends. I would prefer to imagine Christ as living then I would bloody and hanging on a cross. Just my OPINION. And yes I think "carrying/baring your cross" is more symbolic than literal.
  7. Yes you will have to convert and then after a year if you are ready you can be sealed to your spouse for time and all eternity.
  8. Nikkie85

    Christian shirts with crosses.?

    Gordon B. Hinkley said, "And so, because our Savior lives, we do not use the symbol of His death as the symbol of our faith. But what shall we use? No sign, no work of art, no representation of form is adequate to express the glory and the wonder of the Living Christ. He told us what that symbol should be when He said, “If ye love me, keep my commandments” (John 14:15). As His followers, we cannot do a mean or shoddy or ungracious thing without tarnishing His image. Nor can we do a good and gracious and generous act without burnishing more brightly the symbol of Him whose name we have taken upon ourselves. And so our lives must become a meaningful expression, the symbol of our declaration of our testimony of the Living Christ, the Eternal Son of the Living God. It is that simple, my brethren and sisters, and that profound and we’d better never forget it." Ensign article The symbol of our Faith That being said I think it is distasteful to wear crosses and I think the saying "Carry your cross" is more figurative than literal. Just my opinion.
  9. Nikkie85

    Nobody To Seal To?

    I am in this situation kinda...I am sealed to my husband who is a member. I think you said that yours is not so obviously you cannot be sealed to him. No one should really push you to go to the temple. If you are progressing in the church there is nothing wrong with getting your endowment. I wouldn't worry to much about the sealing part that will all be sorted out in the after life. I guess you could be held responsible for not getting endowed/making certain covenants but I think that would be between you and HF. Going to the temple should be something that is prayed about and you should make sure you are ready to uphold the covenants you are about to make.
  10. Nikkie85

    Christian shirts with crosses.?

    Honestly I would not wear a cross or hang them in my home. If the savior was killed with a knife or gun would we wear them around our necks? I am so thankful for the atonement but for some reason I tend to see it in the Garden. The cross to me reminds me of torture and death. I like to think of Christ alive and blessing the children.
  11. Nikkie85

    Tithe and Garment

    In my personally opinion you should pay you tithing as the church states you should. Paying tithing has greatly blessed my life. As far as the garment they fit well?
  12. Nikkie85

    Prometrium during pregnancy?

    I haven't taken in pregnancy but I have taken it to start my period. I have diabetes and PCOS so it took us two years to get pregnant. The first trimester seems to last forever! I am 23 weeks and still worry about something going wrong. I have had some major bleeding due to a extremely sensitive cervix which really freaked me out. I hope everything works out for the best for you two!
  13. Nikkie85

    Baby Blessing At Home

    My nephew was blessed at home. His dad is a convert and was terrified to do the blessing in Sacrament meeting. I cannot wait until my hubby blesses our baby (once he born). I love Sundays when a baby is it reminds me that the mother even had the baby.
  14. Nikkie85

    Is it just me?

    I am a Mia Maids adviser and I encourage my girls to go to college and fulfill their dreams. I am 25 and pregnant with my first child. I have a great job that I love but I am ready for the next stage in my life. I cannot wait to stay at home with my baby and be the one to raise it! I honestly could not imagine handing over a 6 week old baby to daycare...but those are my feelings. If you want to go to college and have a career than do it! You are a young lady and the way you feel about staying home and being a housewife might not be want you want right now but it might be some day. I don't find the Church sexist at all...I find it to be the truth. We are happier when we are fulfilling our divine roles...being a mother and a wife. There is a time and a season for everything. Your kids will not be at home forever and then you might want to focus on a career or you might put off marriage and children until you are older. You have so many options and don't have to decide what you are going to do with your life right now. Just study hard in school and live the gospel will know the right path for you.
  15. Nikkie85

    Approved colors?

    I hate tan suits...I think they are flat out ugly. My hubby has to be clean shaven every Sunday and were a white shirt. The bishop told him that all men who hold callings should be neatly dressed and look tidy. I love my hubbys beard and I hate that he can't have but it is what the bishop expects. Hubby is the EQ president so he even has to dress up for his weekly meeting...but he usually wears khaki colored dress pants and a white shirt and tie.