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    Welcome onboard Jubilee :)
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    Appropriate Gift for Partner for Valentines

    Good thinking - but I am looking for something a little less obvious. Something that could be worn in a number of scenarios without always protruding the religious undertone of the item (as crosses are in Catholicism). I also like the St. Christopher's idea - but that (I believe) is linked directly to keeping safe while travel (a very thoughtful gift when serving in the military!). I had one as a child. Keep up the good thoughts - Ive been stumped for days! :)
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    Hello all

    Thanks... but you asked for it: Im sure I will have many questions! :)
  4. I would like some advice: my girlfriend is a member living in the US. I on the other hand I am a non-member and I was raised in the UK. I feel my girlfriend at times finds it hard to reconcile the reasons behind our differences in religious practice/beliefs/knowledge. Whilst alot of it is attributable to the fact I have been a non-practicing believer, I also think part of it is to do with the cultural religious differences between the UK and US: the UK I find is less strong these days in the practicing element of worship and indeed perhaps a stronger tolerance of other religions. My travels in the US have shown a strong focus on Christianity in the communities - with many regular worshipers. The UK on the other hand - London in particular - is a thriving melting pot of a range of religions and religious worship. I welcome discussion on my comments and indeed suggestions as to how I can better discuss these differences to help develop my girlfriend's understanding of my background and the reasons for differences in the level of practice/belief/knowledge. :)
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    Appropriate Gift for Partner for Valentines

    I am a non-member and have recently entered a relationship with member of the LDS church. I want to find a special gift for Valentines (with Christmas being too late) and wanted some advice on appropriate jewelery. My girlfriend and I have had several conversations about differences between LDS and Catholicism - something we do to try and give me a better understanding of her faith. She has particularly commented on how LDS focus is away from the cruxification of Christ and so there are less reference to this in the images used by the LDS church. My question is: is a crucifix on a chain inappropriate? If so, is there something of similar religious significance that is obtainable as part of a piece of jewelery? I would like to give something to her that she can relate me when attending church, praying at home, etc. Sorry for the long story and I hope to hear suggestions from you all (direct to my forum mailbox would be great). :)
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    Hello all

    Hi everyone! I have registered to learn more about LDS. My girlfriend is a devote worshiper and I feel it is important to learn more to grow closer to her. Whilst I believe in god, I am not a member of the LDS Church and havent been a traditional active worshiper. Right now I feel happy in learning more with my curiosity in my level of faith, which has arisen as a result of my relationship. Id be particularly keen to speak to people who have non-LDS partners (or are indeed the non-LDS partner). First post over :)