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    Okay how about this then- Why not worship any previous God's as well as our own? Since you say this one should be worshiped, then why not the others?
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    I just don't get it. I don't get how heavenly father is a God who was once a man, who was then exalted, because that means that there must be an endless line of the same thing. Which also raises this question in my mind- Why worship this God? Why not the "original". I've asked others but nobody can give me a straight answer. This is the only things holding me back because i just don't know what to think about it
  3. The ward i go to is filled with amazing people, the only problem is that it is so unorganized! For example, our last scouting trip- We were going to camp out on the Bishops private beach, so we al met up at church to wait for the scoutmaster. He arrives and guess what he says?= " we need rides to get there". What the heck? He should have asked a week earlier and found us rides, but he didn't, and it wasn't the first time that he has done it. Also, things like church partys and extra meetings aren't ever told on time, and everyone is just totally mixed up. And worst of all, it's the only place around, and i just can't see myself going here if things never work out like they are supposed to. Honestly, i don't know what to do....
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    How to keep on going when diagnosed with disease?

    Hey saldrin, how do you eat all of those calories a day? i can't find anything healthy that has a lot of calories in it so i can get that many, i end up eating only a few hundred a day because, now that i stopped eating as much, i can't stuff much down anymore.
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    How to keep on going when diagnosed with disease?

    Thank you so much suzie! i had no idea that was even possible, it's just so scary knowing nothing about the future, ya know?
  6. I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and ever since i've been scared about it. I got it because it runs in my family and because i'm obese. I'm scared to the point where it interferes with everything i do, and example is this: (My thoughts)"Why try to learn this song, i'm gonna die soon anyway, maybe even lose an arm, or maybe my eyesight" and then i just feel horrible(a bad gut feeling) for the rest of the day. I can't stand it anymore! I am doing what i need to do to either reverse or better control the diabetes. I excercise, eat better, and i have already lost 50 pounds since like 6 months ago. I was 333 pounds, and then i started losing the weight now i'm down to around 280 and i'm gonna keep going until i'm at least 200 pounds and i am hoping that will help/solve the problem. It's just so horrible having these self-pitying, scary thoughts about the future. What should i do?
  7. Do you ask someone to consider you for a calling or do they just kinda ask you if they feel you are right for the position after praying about it
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    Understanding Exaltation

    yeah that does help a lot, it was sort of a subject that was sorta thrown at me very fast so i couldn't quite understand it. thank you for the reply
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    Understanding Exaltation

    Hey guys. I'm 16 years old and i have been going to an LDS church near my house for almost a year, and when i turn 18, if i still want to, i will be baptized. The one thing that is really stopping me is exaltation- it is just a hard thing for me to grasp and understand, it just doesn't sound right to me. i figured maybe one of you could sort of water it down a bit so i can try to understand it more, i want to know why i should know that it is right, because so far the only reason i believe in exaltation is because i believe this church ir true and therefore it's doctrine must be true as well
  10. I feel like im starting to lose faith. I'm seeing people go out and have fun partying, etc. I feel like im missing out. I know God's will is more important than having a little fun, but in todays society that kind of garbage is being shoved down my throat more and more! Obviously i love having such strong morals and faith in these times when it is getting harder, but i fell as is it is slipping gradually. How could i keep the faith other than studying scriptures, because i already do that:confused:
  11. So they can't get into the temple? I always wondered what one could do so that your family isn't left out of such an amazing thing. Maybe some kind of party or whatnot before or after the actual marriage?
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    EVERYBODY should see this video: it changed me

    No this video isnt LDS, but it does have a great point, and i think everyone who sees it can learn from it
  13. YouTube - The Fire (FULL) by Nate Pfeil
  14. You are totally right! if i stick with it, i'd actually be the first generation of my family. Thats an amamzing blessing and i never looked at it as such. Thank you all for your wonderful advice! God Bless
  15. Actually thats not a bad idea, thanks. I know a family friend who attends most sundays, maybe ill just sit with her. But it's really the whole family stuff, like family home evening, having parents that are actually in the church and who approve of you going, etc. that really makes me feel left out