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  1. That is a great question. A few things: 1. Punishment for something I feel really bad about. Maybe "justice" would be a better word. 2. Assurance that my repentance is acceptable to God.
  2. So a few months ago I did something wrong but wasn't sure if it was wrong enough to have to talk to the bishop. But the idea of being unrepentant horrifies me so I told him. He didn't "dismiss" it per se, but called it a "hiccup" and basically went on to give me the impression that I would have been just fine repenting on my own and didn't need to talk to him. He told me that if it happened in the future that it would be okay if I took care of it "on my own". I might sound crazy, but I recently did this wrong thing again. I feel so guilty! It was nearly identical in nature to what happened before. I feel like it's too bad to not tell the bishop. Of course, no one ever WANTS to have to talk to the bishop but I feel so unsettled about it. Again, i just know it was wrong and I don't want to unrepentant. Any thoughts?
  3. I do believe it is okay to, in general, pray for our animals. Praying for their owners is always good, but I don't see anything wrong with having a prayer with the welfare of an animal being an end in itself. However, I am thoroughly convinced that they should not be put on the prayer roll. I don't know if I can really elaborate more than saying that I think it is made apparent in the temple that the prayer roll is intended for individual people, and not for anything else (such as worthy causes).
  4. Hi everyone! I'm Juliet and I'm new. Quick history: -baptized at 16 -only member in family to date -served a mission in Independence, MO -am now 22 -about to get my bachelors in feminist studies at UCSB. thats all :)
  5. It also says in the white handbook not to share past transgressions with others...this is probably what you're remembering. :)