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  1. McCarthy actually had substance to his claims.
  2. its the ultimate expression of online anrchy at least within the bounds of US law, but yes, to quote a certain force user; "you won't find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy."
  3. Nausicaa of the valley of the wind the original Phantom of the Opera (B/w no sound) the Forbidden planet princess bride the great race
  4. I"ve seen lds themed games in a couple stores. however i have yet to play one. there probably is a market for it but i doubt that there's a big enough of one to make a living off of.
  5. we had abc calling people to violence not too long ago.
  6. I've been accused of pedophilia and being a murderer. fortunately the guy was so toxic no one took him seriously. Hugh nibley was accused by one of his daughters.
  7. one tool shop in town which had the name of Hooker's Appliance for the longest time had the name in giant letters without an apostrophe and Appliance in small letters under it along the side of the building
  8. wow its been a while since i've seen that guy. came across him doing an animusic webcrawl. impressive stuff. (also look up the OK Go band). and yes i enjoyed that very much.
  9. if i ever have that opportunity i think i'll put down "royal majesty" for my pronoun.
  10. to the title. that ship sailed a looonng time ago.
  11. omega is probably right... but i wouldn't put it outside the realm of possibility. if that were to become a thing it would most likely be something that people with special needs could do.
  12. those steps are good. probably also have her contact her bank and credit card services to place a hold on her accounts. let the bishop know. out of the personal info the most useful is the phone numbers, the second most useful is the addresses. as for the computer copy any save files that are necessary to keep and scan them then it's going to need a wipe and reinstall. If she has the software that came with the computer you could probably use or microsoft website to find how to reinstall the OS. you'll probably want to check and see what programs she uses, and if they aren't part of the package see if she has the installers for those around somewhere.
  13. well i wasn't too far off... I was guessing world war Z.
  14. looks like the undead mad scientist guy from "wrath of the lich king"
  15. then you go through the process in the spirit world and someone here will do the baptism in your name, which you'll be offered there, and you'll be able to get back on track.
  16. by their fruits shall ye know them. i don't think the question is whether or not that one is sincere... but possibly more of one of how sincere? how bad do you want to have that knowledge and if you did what would you do with it? that it has stuck with you all this time shows that you have more sincerity than a bunch of people i could name.
  17. in one ward we had a guy who's way to respect was to wear the full scottish regalia, which was part of his family tradition or something. I thought it was neat.
  18. probably more the local culture and tradition than anything else. better to have pants than nothing at all........ if that is how you would dress in the presence of the Lord then i don't see a problem with it. if it was the bishop or the guy who leads the congregation may have to ask him why and let him know that is your best wear. generally the attitude i've seen is that we'd rather have you with us than not, with clothes being lower priority (as long as they are decently modest anyways).
  19. because those were specifically pointed out. Coke may or may not depending on the situation. hopefully we won't abuse this to the point where they have to do the same thing they did with tea and coffee.
  20. this is a case where someone has gotten carried away to focusing solely on steadying the Ark of the Covenants.
  21. this is probably one of the best demonstrations of why we need and need to bear a testimony:
  22. one trust god. two if you have the opportunity to take a mission, take it. don't worry about the biological cloc... but if you do take your worries to him. if he was able to help out Abraham and his wife, he can help you.