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  1. 'jour, vous dites "God is very faithful, i've seen many people whose loved ones didn't come around till the very last minute, but so often, seems like more often than not, they did come around." Exact, c'est un Dieu incomparable.
  2. Hello, I come to bring some new to you, since the great jump, I do not go too much to the church, in six hours I will be there, I slept very little with heat . I am afraid, I know that I filled not too my obligations. I change area, in one month, and I wondered how I would smell it low, if the members were accessible all like here. It will be easier to go to the church, I would live alone.
  3. hello, I use yahoo as well as google, I find that they are complementary. pardon de remonter ce post.
  4. Cela vous amuse de vous moquer d'autrui ? Ne vous a t'on pas appris à respecter son prochain, même si il est étranger, non ? Je suis désolée, mais cela c'est mal orthographier. Au revoir. ps: J'hésiterai avant d'écrire la prochaine fois et d'ouvrir un nouveau topic !!!
  5. attention, I saw on the net a scam in the book of Mormon, do not buy it is free.
  6. hello I arrive a little late so sorry.Since that the death came into my house, i prayed at the time I believe in god .. I had religious education, later, except a baptism (others) but my view has changed. I see the life differently.
  7. you want something ? (to drink)
  8. Hello, In this world there are people who are agnostics or atheism. When I open my Bible, I think that if there is written that there is an existence somewhere. there are many religions in the world, I think it's not for nothing. Who would have written these books if god does not exist ? There is none like unto thee, O Lord! You are great, and your name is great in strength ... It was he who made the earth by his power, who established the world by his wisdom, and who, by his intelligence, has stretched out the heavens.
  9. hey..i think you're welcome here
  10. really ? I will say that after having done so, I fear it puts me at the door. i hope I will be healed and that I will not make asthma
  11. ..strange post! ....only the Lord knows...
  12. Thank you for your message .. I'll try to compose , in fact I don't arrive to be firm, they asked me if it was a good thing to be baptized, if I read the Bible and what I think, and if Jehovah loves me and wants me happy