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  1. You asked if we could do the site in Finnish and the answer is YES YES YES. Check out We are currently working on Romanian, German, Dutch and Spanish. I would love to add Finnish. Angela
  2. This opens up a can of worms! Wow, what a mess!
  3. I moved away from my family 7 years ago. Everyone I knew and loved lived in Utah! Every aunt, uncle, cousin and friend. And I found myself 750 miles away. For 7 years I was completely disconnected to all the people who I loved and who I had grown up with. Until I found Facebook. Now I speak to my cousins on a regular basis. I found out a cousin got married this week. I found out days later. But if it weren't for Facebook I may have found out years later. Now that would have been embarrassing. Am I mad at my cousin for not calling me? No, I am sure she was wrapped up in all the excitement. But I was glad that I was able to congratulate her personally and to wish her well. I am grateful for Facebook because now I stay in constant contact with my parents, my siblings and all my extended family members. I know what is going on in their lives and I don't feel like I am in exile from my family anymore. When I go back for the yearly Christmas dinner I will feel like I am in the loop. Are the warnings worth considering? Absolutely! But I don't want to throw out the baby with the bath water.
  4. I think I agree with most of the posts above. I think I can see where she may have gotten confused though. I have heard that Bishops are encouraged to only use music that is in the Hymn book for Sacrament meetings. The purpose of this rule is to ensure that the music performed and or sung in Sacrament is appropriate. However, I don't think the rule applies outside of Sacrament meeting!!!! I think that any music that is uplifting spiritually and/or does not detract from your ability to have a positive relationship with Christ is wonderful. Otherwise, what would I ever run to. I would be in big trouble if I tried to run to music produced by the church. Angela Scriptures 4 Kids
  5. Yes! You will never feel completely free and you will always question how complete your repentance is if you don't. The Lord put together a process of repentance that includes the Bishop for a reason. If you truly are repentant and if you truly want to feel close to Heavenly Father then you will want to follow through with all the steps of repentance with as much exactness as possible. Remember, the purpose of the bishop is more for you than for anyone else. In addition, going to the Bishop will help you stay accountable to yourself. You won't want to do it again so it will be an incentive to not slip up again. He will also be a support to you and can be there for you to fortify yourself so that you can avoid making the same choice again.
  6. You know when I first considered whether Christ was married I was in Jerusalem with Truman Madsen. I heard people discussing it with Truman and what I heard at first upset me. Truman was of the opinion that Christ was married. But as time went on throughout the trip, I became more and more convinced that Christ was married. There are so many things that say to me that he was. By the time the trip was over I was completely at peace with it and I had many manifestations of the spirit of why it was so: 1) Everyone, including Christ, must have all the ordinances in order to be exalted. = he was married 2) Christ experienced everything we must experience = he must have experienced marriage 3) I think the marriage where he provided the wine was Christ's 4) I think that the washing of the feet with Mary was an ordinance that was being conveyed in the scriptures. I could keep going on. But I think that it just makes sense. If Christ really is JUST LIKE GOD then there is no question he was married. But again, I think that God protects those things that are most sacred. I think that throwing it out there that Christ was married would have set up his wife to be discussed and treated with disrespect throughout the ages. That is just not how God works. He protects the sacred. Christ's wife is simply being protected. Angela Scriptures 4 Kids
  7. I'm a mother of 6 who lives in Arizona by the way. How about you? Angela Scriptures 4 Kids
  8. I'm learning how to navigate too. I think when you join the site you start out as a Junior Member then as you post more and more you move up in the ranks. I think that is how you can tell who are new and who are active members of the forum. Thus, we are both Junior Members. What are you hoping to find here? Me, I just like participating in Gospel centered conversations and I look forward to making friends. Angela Scriptures 4 Kids
  9. Welcome! You are going to love it. I have only been here a few days and I am already making friends! Angela Scriptures 4 Kids
  10. Welcome to the forum. I am new too! I just started hanging out here in the last few days. I am already making friends. It's great here! Angela