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  1. Hey guys, So, I was sitting through a lesson today and I realized that even though I've been a member for 9 months I don't know some basic things! The first thing that bothered me was "Baptismal Covenants". I vaguely remember the questions asked of me, namely, do you believe in Heavenly Father, do you sustain the First Presidency, do you follow the WOW, are you engaging in homosexual behavior, ect. But I realized that I don't actually know what I promised Heavenly Father when I was baptized. Could anybody run down for me what those are? The Church's definition of the Atonement. I felt in my heart the pain of the Garden of Gethsemane, and I always assumed that this was "The Atonement", but when used in a sentence as if everybody knew what it meant, that freaked me out. The lesson was on having the Gospel become the center in our life. What does "The Atonement" mean in this concept? Those were the two that stood out to me. Are there any scriptures that lead specifically to those two concepts? Thanks!
  2. Hello Friends! I was stumble upon-ing (?) on the Mormon channel and ran across BYUtv's website. I found that you can watch every episode of their Discussions on [book of Scripture]. Since this is how I originally got through most of the Book of Mormon, I was delighted that I could watch them again. These series are good for anybody. Whether you're brand new to the Book of Mormon and are shying away from the heavy vocabulary or are preparing for your mission, these shows are a great resource. Be sure to keep your scriptures nearby. They do reference verses and such without reading them but they do display the current verses on the screen. Such as (Book Chapter: Verse). That way you can follow along. Here are the links, if anybody is interested. BYUtv - Discussions on the Old Testament BYUtv - The Acts to Revelation: Discussions on the New Testament BYUtv - Discussions on the Book of Mormon BYUtv - Discussions on the Doctrine and Covenants BYUtv - Pearl of Great Price Discussions And I'd like to add one more to the list. Although it's not a series, nor does it cover LDS beliefs, I still think that the Dead Sea Scrolls are important and do own a copy of them. So to round out this list, I'm adding the program covering these scriptures. BYUtv - LDS Perspectives on the Dead Sea Scrolls Enjoy your scripture study!
  3. You don't need to worry about me ever doing that. >_> No medications for babies. Ever. Wait until 2 if possible, right?
  4. He's not technically my "missionary boyfriend" just a man I deeply admire who's on his mission. He comes home in September. I'm practically counting the days. Well, I'm also counting the days because I'd like to go on my own mission and September is the earliest I can do it.
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    Stress severity

    It's anxiety it'll pass. If you can take benadryl, do so when your anxiety attacks start. It will make them almost disappear. Do not go see a doctor unless you cannot treat it with OTC meds and relaxation skills. All the psychologists and psychiatrist that I've ever seen as a patient have all been stupid.
  6. Welcome Marko! I am a convert, and will be getting baptized tomorrow. Welcome to You'll love it here.
  7. I dunno. What I do know is that Deseret Books has it's own Apple iDevice app. So you may be better off springing for one of those. Also don't forget all of the wonderful "official" LDS apps, like Gospel Library. Best of luck in your decision.
  8. Wait. Let me understand this... You want to make an ISO, and use a separate operating system, but without burning a new disk? I would try VM virtual Box, or any other Virtual Desktop environment. Download the desired ISO (Usually a Linux distro) and then follow the steps, and install the ISO files when it tells you to. You should be good to go. If you're looking to dual boot your machine (have 2 OSs on the hard disk) that's not possible without first burning a CD. If you get UnetBootin, you can burn the ISO image onto a Thumb drive/USB key as well as a CD. Also to note that most ISO creator apps are for burning a CD. I hope that helps! Alexis.
  9. Ha ha ha, I just read a very amusing (to me) post. The inquirer was asking why Prince William and Duchess Kate didn't get married in the temple. Obviously they are not LDS. I feel bad for these people that think the whole world is LDS. Granted, it'd be great if it was. But it's not.
  10. Ha ha ha. Thanks guys! I am enjoying the site, as it answers some interesting questions. It also offers a nice review of what the Church teaches. I study too much...
  11. Hey man, welcome to LDS.NET. You'll love it here, I promise! Alexis
  12. Hey Random question for the long time users of this forum, especially Pam and Vort... I ran across another More Good Foundation website that's called Ask Gramps. (Ask Gramps - Q & A about Mormon Doctrine) I vaguely remember there being somebody named gramps on this website when I first came on here a few years ago. Is this the same guy? Thanks! Alexis
  13. I dunno if you're looking for a specific poem, but here's one that's off the top of my head... Piece by piece the little squares get sewn together This is a quilt, nice an big to make you feel better. If you look closely you will see the work that it required The person who made it was inspired to craft this quilt expertly But even still you'll see mistakes because nobody crafts prefectly You see this quilt was made for you by a friend and by her Father For all the times you feel bad and like you shouldn't bother. So when you're feeling low, remember the mistakes in the quilt And remember that the one who built you crafted you like this quilt. I dunno if it's any good. But it's the best I can come up with. Sorry if this doesn't help. Alexis
  14. I see a terrifying clown that's laughing at me. Sorry Vort, but your avatar kinda scares me.
  15. I think the great blessing of Agency is that we can determine what to give to the Lord. If that is in the Word of Wisdom, or Tithing or going to church. We always have a choice. When you look at the Doctrine and Covenants it provides a very basic outline for our lives. The AoF say "We belive all that has been revealed all that is now revealed and that many great things will still be revealed..." If the Lord wants to flesh out the Word of Wisdom, he will do so on His time. For now though, I think it's just a test on how faithful we are vs. how conceited we are. I don't mean to be rude, but I have met Mormons who go "I don't do XYZ because the LORD forbids it!" And then they take out their lunch and it's some very minimal something, like rice or whatever. Sometimes I wonder if he's being the Tax Collector or the Pharisee. (Referencing the parable of prayer in the Temple that Jesus taught.) Oh, I'm rambling again. Sorry. Alexis