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  1. ahriik

    Mormons and video games

    I somewhat agree with The_Doctor. If a game has sex, I won't play it. I also don't really enjoy playing games where you shoot humans. I prefer games in which you shoot aliens and stuff, like Doom and Halo.
  2. ahriik

    Mormons and video games

    I see what you are saying. I think most of you misunderstand. I will never play a video game with sexual content or really heavy swearing. I hate that stuff; it's just not good at all. I do not like the blood/gore in Doom, what I mean is that it's a really fun game, and I like the challenges, not the gore. Maybe you misunderstood when I say I'm not offended by the gore. what i mean is that it is not affecting my personality. my friends think I'm nice, cuz I dont swear and I hardly ever act mean.
  3. In my ward, a lot of the youth play video games. Xbox, Playstation, PC, you name it. We play all kinds of games, from Guitar Hero/Rock Band to Halo. We do occasional parties where video games are involved, and one of my fellow deacons owns a variety of vintage arcade games. Anyway, I find that enjoy playing certain games that my parents don't seem to like. For example, I love playing Doom, Quake, and the Halo games. I also play a little Modern Warfare every now and again. But my parents do not like these games. "violent" and "evil" and some words used by them to describe the games I play. I know for a fact that a Mormon, Sandy Peterson, was one of the creators of Doom and Quake. Anyway, I just wanted to get some opinions from other Latter Day Saints. Are some of the games I play bad? I am not offended by the violence, and I despise games with sexual content or heavy swearing. I just find first person shooters very fun.