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  1. candace717

    Hunger Games and Catching Fire

    I thought Katniss was more likeable in the movie, maybe because watching it makes you realize how young she is and is thus more forgiveable. But I had a super hard time liking her in the third book. I actually just hated everything about the third book, for me the series ends after book 2!
  2. candace717

    Applying to be a Sister Missionary!

    Did you decide to go? When are you turning in your papers? Do you have any more questions about the process- I'm a RM and can help if you do. Also, I have an online store for sister missionaries called Sorella Bella- check it out at Sister Missionary Clothes
  3. candace717

    Hunger Games and Catching Fire

    Love this series! Don't tell anyone, but after my husband and I discovered Hunger Games, I of course put Catching Fire on my library holds list. My husband, however, could not wait. He went to the library, 'borrowed' Catching Fire from the hold stack by removing the sensor. He took it home and read all night, returned it to the library the next day and replaced the sensor. Luckily, he has since graduated and gotten a sweet job so we will be first in line to BUY the third installment.
  4. candace717

    The future of LDS literature

    I think there is a place for well-written LDS fiction. The 'Hearts of the Children' series by Dean Hughes, while fiction, touched me in ways secular books can not. Media of any sort becomes much more compelling when I am able to relate with the characters and their struggles from my LDS background. Not so much when the challenge is, should I keep the commandments and stay true to the faith? as What is the right thing to do in this situation? How does my faith apply here? There are several interesting avenues and topics still to be explored. I think the problem is that the market is not large enough to earn such a great profit that we are attracting the top authors. Avid readers may have difficulty reading less-skilled works. To sum up: It is my feeling that there is an important need for LDS literature, there is always more to be written, but it needs to be written well.