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  1. MisterT

    dating advice needed.

    You are misinterpreting what I meant by professional. I was speaking about psychology and psychiatry professionals. And its quite possible that I am not communicating well. As for autism Vs. Aspergers, well, its my opinion that an adult who was diagnosed with aspergers as a child and who uses it as an excuse for poor behaviour as an adult, is likely just of poor behaviour because they've never been called on it. True autism, or its 600+ other varieties, are something different. I mentioned dyslexia because of the part of the brain which causes this is often also part of the brain which is damaged and may contribute to autism. I don't want to get old, not in the way you're describing. If I'm unable to care for myself fully, I want to cease living. No dotterage for me. I was unable to even dress myself for almost a year once; an experience I would rather avoid by any means.
  2. MisterT

    dating advice needed.

    I don't think I'm being understood in the way I'm intending. I don't want people to pretend to be nice and sweet, I want them to practice at it until it becomes a part of their personality. One of the biggest problems I have in conveying a message in text, is that it lacks the nuances that give it definition and clarity. The gestures, inflection, tone, body language, and spoken sarcasm don't translate well to the written word. I do not wish to live any longer than I am useful. I do not ever wish to see a day where time and a failed memory have robbed me of all chance of or desire for valor, or all memory of; where my fingers have forgotten their strength. I figure I'm about halfway there already. I'm sorry if I offend, I don't mean to. I simply am accustomed to dealing with people in a professional environment when discussing things like this; those in the field would immediatey understand what I'm trying to convey. Oh, last thing. I don't think I've ever felt the feeling of "love" the way most people describe it. I've never been irrationally attracted to someone with a.. burning desire. All my relationships were based upon pleasant feelings and interactions; excellent friendships, but not irrational emotion. I'm likely a little autistic, and I've overcome childhood dyslexia. The only really powerful emotion I've ever experienced was hate and revenge a couple of times during my service; but I didn't like what those feelings prompted me to do.
  3. MisterT

    Which do you prefer?

    I like hominy best in soup, like Mexican Pozole. Great texture!
  4. MisterT

    Enlist in the Army.. The KISS Army!

    I like Pink Floyd a lot; although I prefer Dark Side of the Moon. The Wall never was, and never will be a favorite of mine mostly due to the recording method. I am a bit of an audiophile; I use Beyerdynamic headphones, Polk Audio RTI 12 speakers, ADCOM GFA 555 amplifiers in monoblock form; Sound balancing is done with a Yamaha analogue (tube type) "parametric" equalizer; discrete class A circuitry, as quiet or more quiet than all but the most modern and expensive of digital equalizers. I use a pink noise generator and sampler to tune the audio output to the acoustic dynamics of the room. I want signal reproduction as flat as possible so that what I'm hearing is as faithful to what was recorded as possible. I use a sunfire subwoofer for sub-20hz sound reproduction; which is primarily nothing more than moving air as its below the threshold most people can hear. A Nakamici cassette player, a Bang and Olufsen turntable; both slaved to a DBX coder/decoder, a high-end studio-deck Toshiba monitor CD player; optical cabling where possible and braided copper conductors where necessary. I like to hear pure, clean sound. My favorite recoding and production company is TELARC; true DDD recording and reproduction. You can hear lips being licked, strings brushed from fret-to-fret, the pic slipping off during a strum. The Wall was full of distortion, intentionally caused; whereas Dark Side of the Moon was as clear as they could possibly make it at that time with analogue equipment. One of my most prized posessions is an LP recording of Thelma Huston and the Pressure Cooker's release of "I've got the music in me," at that time the most accurate recording ever made. its almost as clear as a AAD CD reproduction from a reel-to-reel master. The frequency response characteristics from the B&O turntable (an amethyst stylus with a diamond welded on the end) is spectacular and every detail can be heard. RUSH is fun, I wish they'd evolved a littlle more like Boston has. Synthesizers were cool in the 60's and 70's, but less fashionable now.
  5. MisterT

    dating advice needed.

    I think you are very correct. Besides being a trained technical observer, I am a highly trained debator; one of the first things taught about debate are to collect attention and direct it away from the topic by hyperbole or bombastic response. Its not something I intend to do, and its not an emotional response for sure; but its part of my very flawed personality. I have authored nearly a hundred technical articles, and I want to cry when reading them. I've also been published on satirical matters. Painful for me to read too. I don't really like reading what I've written, hearing what I've spoken (especially disgusted by the reprodouced sound of my voice - I sound, to me, like I have a pineapple stuffed down my longjohns), or having my opinions upheld or poo-poo'd by others. In fact, I wish I could just shut up most of the time. But another part of my flawed character requires that I attempt to right the wrongs I see, and it has been my experience that the pen truly is mightier than the sword. Unless someone is trying to stab you with a sword, then I want one too. Or an axe. Better yet, Id like a gun and all my friends to be there with a gun too. Or to just not be there when someone comes looking for me with a sword. You get my point.
  6. MisterT

    dating advice needed.

    My apologies as well; I'm unintentinally bull-dogish when debating anything; nothing personal, its a character flaw. I may be using to many.. flourished words to be easily understood. My general theme is that we all, as we must, overcome our natural desires and conform to the social norms of courtship as part of the dating process. We cannot behave in any way we wish and expect to be selected by a potential mate. We must calm our desires, harness our energy, and intelligently seek out and win the heart of the One we are to be with. Wandering about aimlessly and without a plan leads many people into relationships that are unfulfilling or sometimes even dangerous or spiritually destructive. What have my dating experiences brought me? I have met and known many many women; some have enriched my life, and others have poisioned it. But I value every experience I've had. Some are relationships that I will cherish for as many years as I breathe, and although we were not suitable as partners, I hope our friendship will be maintained through the vail and into eternity. Others I cherish as a reminder of what I can become when not strictly following the dictates of my conscience; that I too can be destructive to the spirit of another if I do not consciously control that part of my psyche. I have known physicians and surgeons, a Judge and several minor Jurists; lawyers and executives, along with maids, waitresses, nanny's, and nurses. None were of any more value than the other, as all were all the beautiful daughter of some mother and father. I've had great relationships, and not so great one's. I was married for 14 years and had 4 lovely daughters. I currently am not dating because I lost my company last year and I've had to concentrate my finances to surviving the current economic depression. Yes, I am very lonely, but I haven't the ability to care for more obligations at the moment, so it would be disengenuous at the moment to date; as the purpose of dating is to find a spouse, and I cannot handle the added expense of maintaining another mouth. When I am more financially sound again, I probably won't date again, at least for a long while. I'm more interested in building relatioships that aren't of a marital nature so that I have the emotional support I need to carry me through the turbulance of courtship.
  7. MisterT

    dating advice needed.

    I use a lot of hyperbole and allegory when making a point. First its more interesting and easier to read, and second it allows sarcasm and humor; imagine how.. droll my 'bombast' would be if I presented every position dryly and precisely accurately scientifically and psychologically. I don't believe for a second that people should be 'fake' in their dealing with others; I am saying that people put on a mask of civility and courtesy daily, as they should. The Natural Man is a hideous being; we all learn to act differently when growing up. Hopefully. That's what's known as 'behaviour modification,' something we strive to help our children with daily. And convicted criminals. And pizza delivery boys. Its very appropriate to change the way we behave based upon our surroundings; I'd hate to be hanging out with my mates and have them all act as though they were trying to woo me; that would be just creepy. I'd much rather they punched me in the shoulder or tried to give me a wedgie; that's how guys show love towards each other. Just the same, I'd he horrified if some guy, or gal, did that to their date. I'm sorry you people take me so literally; I'm trying to actively engage in an interesting conversation that includes spirited debate on a lively topic in such a way that is fun to read and informational to those who haven't had these experiences or educations.
  8. MisterT

    dating advice needed.

    Im sorry that you disagree with me and modern psychology/psychiatry. You are not above daily role-playing. You are doing it with this post. It is humanity to cast off base desire and clothe One's self in a costume more appropriate for One's environment. Be intellectually honest with yourself; realize that you have the potential, by not even trying, to be foul; but instead choose to be fair. A choice that is made every day. Some people are able to go their whole lives and stay in character; some people are described by their neighbors as "...the nicest guy I ever met.. never though he was capable of donig that..." Rarely does anyone set out to rebel against Nature and Nature's God, its something that they slip into over time when not actively seeking to suppress their natural desires and instincts. That is the reason for the atonement.
  9. MisterT

    dating advice needed.

    Id, ego, and super-ego - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Nice way to take a sentence out of context and completely change the meaning of the statement. Did you learn this from James Carville or Ari Fleischer? The skill is known as "Reading comprehension," a skill that is in apparent decline lately. The superego of a man sees every problem as a conflict that requires a martial solution; a contest that must be won. As I stated IN CONTEXT, this is suppressed by courtship ritual and behaviour to be less adversarial and most.. spirited. Every relationship is a contest; why else would people say "I was eventually won over," or "He won my heart." One cannot win a contest that doesn't exist. Men also most contest against other suitors for the prize of the woman; a prize she freely makes of herself after allowing courtship and persuit. Don't want to be contested over? Withdraw from society. I'm not saying anything that isn't true; if you think you've above these base instincts, you're lying to yourself. The behaviours of man are as instincual and impossible to overcome as unconsciously breathing. I highly suggest everyone take a college level course on psychology, human sexuality, human interaction, or conflict resolution; learn why it is that you do the things you instinctually do. Maybe then you can consciously suppress the 'natural man' instead of denying his existance.
  10. I was ordained by my former Father-in-law.
  11. MisterT

    dating advice needed.

    "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages. At first the infant, Mewling and puking in the nurse's arms; And then the whining school-boy, with his satchel And shining morning face, creeping like snail Unwillingly to school. And then the lover, Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad Made to his mistress' eyebrow. Then a soldier, Full of strange oaths, and bearded like the pard, Jealous in honour, sudden and quick in quarrel, Seeking the bubble reputation Even in the cannon's mouth. And then the justice, In fair round belly with good capon lin'd, With eyes severe and beard of formal cut, Full of wise saws and modern instances; And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts Into the lean and slipper'd pantaloon, With spectacles on nose and pouch on side; His youthful hose, well sav'd, a world too wide For his shrunk shank; and his big manly voice, Turning again toward childish treble, pipes And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all, That ends this strange eventful history, Is second childishness and mere oblivion; Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything." - Shakespeare Everyone puts on an act, everyday. Each morning we decide who we are going to be. We can decide to be humble that day, or an absolute SOB. Choosing to be kind and sweet is, hopefully, the act we can put on throughout our entire lives. Don't think for a moment that the 'sweetest' person you've ever known can't turn into the biggest jerk you've ever met under the right circumstances. Even Christ pulled out the bullwhip and chased the money lenders off of the Temple grounds. Men and Woman always modify their behaviours when around each other socially and romantically; its part of the mystique of gathering with potentil suitors. Would you even consider being courted by a man who burps, farts, and scratches his.. face while on a date? But you know that's what he does in private, and you also know that's what you do in private. And you know that when you're comfortable with eachother you'll do it in eachother's presence at that point. Or would you prefer a guy who treats you like what you really and truly are, deep down, to his superego??? A woman, like any contest, is to be won at any cost and by any method. I dunno about you, but I'd rather my daughter was courted by a guy who played the courtship game coyly, rather than bringing his club slung across his bare shoulder while his clothed loins squatted to pick her up and toss her across his shoulder, or grabs her by the hair to drag her back to his cave. There are appropriate times for the appearance of such activities, generally after the marraige contract has been signed, and never in a violent manner; but by and large coy innuendo and flirtateous innocent persuit are a much better tract to take. Do you not think that men and women felt the same way a hundred years ago as they do today? That the same urges and personality types existed? Perhaps that's why courting rituals were the way they were; coy glances, innocent remarks, chapperoned meetings, shy courtship; it was all an act back then; why was it OK at that point but not now? Courtship rituals and the maturity of courting couples changes with age. At my age I am past the impetuous and truly innocent hormonal persuit of puberty and young adulthood, but still within the age that it is appropriate to be mysterious, fun, coy, shy, agressive when appropriate, calm, thoughtful, and not necessarily braggadocious, but confident in One's ability to interpret and perform. At your age I imagine a lot of the courtship rituals and games are different; You've already lived quite a bit more than half your life, have had lovers and villians come and go, and are looking for companionship through friendship more than anything else. Or so I'm told by my ladyfriends in that age bracket. Most of my friends are female; most guys tend to either like me or hate me with few in between. They have coached me over the years on courtship behaviours and roleplaying; much the same way as what my mother shoud have when I was a young man. I get people interested in me by behaving in a manner that is attractive, before closing my lethal pedals around them.. oh, sorry, I was just looking at my Venus Flytrap... A marvelous adaptation of life it is!!!
  12. MisterT

    Enlist in the Army.. The KISS Army!

    Who was it that said, when commenting on the blathering of celebrities, "Just shut up and dance, monkey!!!" Was that Anne Coulter? I like RUSH; saw them in concert back in "03" in Kansas City; a few months after KISS and Aerosmith in Omaha. KISS ain't the best music, for sure, and the performers themselves are utter swine (even and especially Gene Simmons - you wouldn't believe what I saw him do with my own two eyes backstage after their concert), but their performance is downright fun; and in comparison to modern pop queens like Spears and her ilk, I find the topics and lyrics of their songs to be much more.. wholesome. Silent Lucidity is a great piece, but its nothing in comparison to Suite Sister Mary or Electric Requiem or Eyes of a Stranger from Mindcrime, or One Foot in Hell, The hands, Re-arrainge you, or The Chase from Mindcrime II. If youve never heard those albums, I recommend purchasing them outright and listening to them through several times before forming an opinion. Instead of a variety ensamble, they're a true Opera, albeit a Rock Opera. The entire album is one long continuous story, told through overtures, movements, and solo pieces. Its a fantastically deep and sorrowful story filled with pity, abuse, revenge, regret, and finally redemption. Universal theme's found throughout all cultures from all times, and especially prevalent in the Scriptures. Being a HUGE fan of Opera (Turandot, Das Rheingeld - Der Valkure, Carmen, The Magic flute, Tosca, being amongst my favorites) I like my stories told in song and symbolism. I also like Kid Rock; not just because of his evolving style of music, but because beneath his drug-adelpated exterior he's a Patriot, having spent millions of his own dollars, without the urging or support of others, to provide entertainment to our Troopers in garrison and overseas; never having sought any publicity or personal benefit as a result. I've also seen him in concert several times, last time as Summerfest last June in Milwaukee, and he is very Pro-American and pro-American symbolism. Yeah, I don't really like people wearing the flag as clothing, but I'd sure rather have that than them spitting on it while they use it as floor covering. Of course, it is just a piece of fabric colored by pigment and has no real value other than as symbolism of ideals and a rally point. I fully support people who wish to burn it, walk on it, spit on it, cover their cars with it, or who cut it u and use it for toilet paper. Its their property after all. Do that to mine and we'll have a confrontation, likely a physical one, but that's for no other reason than you being disrespectful of my property. Anyway, ROCK ON!!!
  13. MisterT

    Trying a Mens Group

    Haha, yup. Or a Formal Ball at the US Naval Observatory,.
  14. MisterT

    Need help keeping the law of chastity

    Eloquent way of putting it.
  15. MisterT

    Enlist in the Army.. The KISS Army!

    Pfft.. hahahaha!!! "Sleep all day, out all night; I know where you're going!" - Song Funk